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I am curious, how do you and your older sister get along... how is she feeling... why do you feel the responsibility of your brother would fall on you alone as opposed to your older sister... oh and def NTJ...
Omg.... just realised that is what the Village People were doing... they were giving subliminal messages to either join the navy or go to the YMCA possibly both
YATJ... she took the day off work, yet it is the weekend.. you woke up at 10:30 (ffs 10:30 half the day is gone) walk out and say you're hungry and expect her yo drop everything because you're hungry, say something about family but only mention a cat , not sure if you have kids or not (because you did not deem them worth mentioning) but if you did that means your wife has already been looking after the kids gor hours... not only are you the jerk but you are a self entitled one at that...
So you knew he was 'straight' and 'hooking up' with him, you developed feelings for him, he told you that you weren't in a relationship, (he told you, yous were nothing and he was into females) you continued seeing him and spending money, then when ended things and apologized you outed him to his parents... and it was only months that you were hooking up eith him...
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