People Narrate Their Provoking Revenge Stories

When we are truly offended or hurt, it's so hard to just "forgive and forget". Some people will do whatever it takes just to get revenge, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's how emotions work. However, it's just too shocking sometimes to know the great lengths people are willing to go through just to get back at their enemies. Here are some of their stories.

39. Park Illegally? I'll Get You Towed

“Yesterday I went to Walmart to return faulty ink cartridges (and also cause it came with two black inks not black, red, yellow, blue) anyway….

I saw some jerk decide to take his huge giant truck and double park illegally on the handicapped spots with no blue placard and another car was parked in the no parking area (like the area with the cross lines).

I have a disability but I don’t usually choose to park handicapped because unless I have a severe MS flare I can walk so I don’t feel the need to park close. Probably the third time this week (I go to that area often).

Sooooo feeling petty – and also annoyed because what if a handicapped person needed it? – I decided to call the non-emergency police line to report the violation and give both plate numbers.

Cops arrive pretty quick, I told them what I saw, they also confirmed no handicap placard for the truck and let me go on my merry way.

An hour later I’m walking out with a bag of needed groceries and a receipt for my refund (customer service had a long line) and I see TWO tow trucks getting the illegally parked vehicles.

It’s at this moment the owners happen to come out.

AND I’m close enough to hear they were yelling. Both try to argue. Cops tell one ‘Ma’am this isn’t a parking space, and there are plenty of open spots further down.’ To which she goes ‘but it’s too far, I’ve only been gone five minutes!’ The guy in the truck also says he was gone for five minutes and the other officer is like ‘That’s funny, cause we got this report an HOUR ago!

Oh and sir’ as she gesture to the irate truck owner ‘do you have a handicap permit? I will let you off with a warning.’ Guy grumbles ‘no I don’t have a permit. Do I look like a cripple?’ She looks like she sighs and writes a ticket and hands it to him.

And he turned red and screamed ‘$2000? Are you kidding me?’ She says plainly ‘Take it up with traffic court sir, not me.’ The other lady got fined 500 dollars for illegal parking and both vehicles were towed leaving their owners calling people to come get them all angry.

I walk to my car snickering to myself and drive home.

Moral of the story: don’t park illegally. Especially in handicap zones.”

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stro 2 years ago
Fines plus towing fees. Heh.
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38. She Didn't Make An Effort To Hold In Her Anger


“This happened to me when I was 19 years old. I got a job as the director of a youth soccer league.

The job was only for 2 months. Still, I had, what I thought, were some nice perks. I had an ‘office’ in the basement of the city hall. It was really a converted storage room with no door on the entrance. I even had my own ‘secretary,’ a woman named Gloria who was in her early 30s.

She was assigned to help me with typing, copying, ordering, and anything else I might need help with. She also worked full-time for the city. For the entire 2 months, I treated her more like a slave than a secretary.

Several times, I could tell that she was angry with me for ordering her around.

But, she kept quiet. After all, I was technically her ‘boss.’ My final day came and Gloria’s servitude to me ended at noon. A couple of minutes before then, she came into my office holding a brown paper grocery bag. She set the bag on my desk.

She told me how thankful she was to be done working with me. Gloria looked at her watch and began counting down the final seconds. When she reached zero, she reached inside the bag and removed a large chocolate mousse cream pie. She stood over me, holding the pie in her hand for just a second.

Then, Gloria smashed the cream pie right in my face!!

As I sat slumped in my chair with the pie buried in my face, Gloria let out all of her pent-up anger and frustration. She told me exactly what she thought of me and didn’t hold back anything.

When she was done chewing me out, she walked out of the room. I learned a valuable lesson that day about how to treat people I work with. I did apologize to her for how I had treated her. She accepted my apology, but she wasn’t sorry for what she did to me.

In fact, she thoroughly enjoyed smashing a cream pie in my face!”

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ang 2 years ago
Must have grown up some since to tell this story on yourself.
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37. We Just Want A Peaceful Flight


“My two daughters and I were the last people on a Southwest flight from Dallas to Salt Lake with one quick stop at Albuquerque. Southwest Airlines does not have assigned seating. There is a single middle aisle with 3 seats on either side. Because we were the last assigned to get on the plane, only single middle seats were left and they were scattered throughout the plane.

My 18-year-old daughter took the first seat available while my 7-year-old and I walked towards the back .. hoping to find seats together. There were none. I put her in a middle seat by herself and she started to cry a little. She was afraid to be sitting by herself between two unfriendly executive men.

I was 6 rows behind her in another middle seat. Because she was so upset, I asked the passengers beside her and those beside me if one would be willing to change seats so that she could sit by me. That would have required someone to change from a window or aisle seat to a middle seat.

They all said NO. I texted the situation to my older daughter and turned my phone off for the flight. It was the quietest flight ever. The guys on either side of me knew that they had behaved like jerks. There was no conversation. Just tension.

In Albuquerque, the guy with the window seat in my row left, and my little daughter came to join me. A seat across the aisle also opened up. My older daughter started her way down the aisle with guys turning their heads to stare. She was and is a knockout.

She sat down in the seat across the aisle from us. The first man who had refused to move was now between us. This guy was in his mid-20s. I could see him processing the beauty sitting across the aisle from him and getting ready to attempt a conversation.

Then I spoke to her. And he realized that she was related to the little girl and the mom whom he had refused to change seats for. And there was no chance he was going to be able to save this situation in any way.

Here was a beautiful girl whom he wanted to hit on… and she already knew him as a heartless jerk.”

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36. I Helped The FBI Get Them


“I worked as a senior duty officer for a security firm that was stationed at a gold mine in California. Our headquarters was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My supervisor got promoted to headquarters, and a new supervisor was brought in.

‘Phil’ the new supervisor, was a jerk.

He ignored regulations, did his job sloppily, and gave me misery, because as the senior duty officer, I was second in command, and he’d found out that a few years before he’d married his wife, I had had a one night stand with her.

His boss, we’ll call him ‘Gary’, didn’t like him. Gary told Phil on his first day of the job, ‘Congrats on your promotion. Just so you know, your first six months on the job will determine if you get to keep it. So do well.

I’ll check on you occasionally, and in six months I’ll give you the results of your evaluation.’

When Gary visited, all was spit and polish. But when Gary left, Phil turned into a frat boy. During this time, Phil decided I was a threat to his job, so he trumped-up excuses and demoted me.

I didn’t lose any money, and I had less responsibility, so I shrugged and soldiered on.

Six months pass, and Phil’s evaluation day came. Gary came in, sat across from Phil’s desk, and told him, ‘In order to make sure your evaluation was sound, I kept meticulous records of all of your infractions.’ He then proceeded to name every day, time, and occurrence that Phil had been less than stellar.

Phil had to ask. ‘How did you get all that information?’

Gary said, ‘From your evaluator. Want to meet him?’

Phil gulped and nodded. Gary went to the door and told the evaluator to come in.

Phil looked like a deer in the headlights when he learned that his evaluator was… me.

See, Gary knew that I was serious about my job. Gary liked me. I did good work. The only reason I hadn’t gotten the supervisor job myself was because I didn’t have enough seniority. Gary had personally asked me to be the evaluator and cautioned me that Phil could never know.

For six months I had kept the secret. Every time he belittled me or another officer, it went into my notepad. Every infraction, every blunder, every stunt. Then once a week I’d call Gary and clue him in.

So Gary, trying hard not to smirk, told me I was free to go.

I’d barely closed the door when Gary started roasting Phil. I could hear him yelling even as I got in my car about a hundred feet away.

The next day, I was a senior duty officer again. Eventually, Phil pulled a fast one and got me fired, an act which made me be able to put him in prison.

Gary ended up getting a better job and departed the company. Nobody was put in to replace him (they just had various people come down from the home office occasionally).

One day, one of the mineworkers discovered a theft of gold. An investigation ensued. The FBI became involved because the gold was transferred to Fort Knox.

They were stymied on how the theft occurred. They had an idea who, but couldn’t figure out a few details.

Meanwhile, I got into an accident with the patrol vehicle (I got stuck). The truck was damaged while getting it pulled out of a wash (a dry creekbed in the desert).

I filled out an incident report, cataloged everything, and informed Phil.

He was supposed to go out immediately and confirm, but he didn’t want to because it was Friday afternoon, and he wanted to go party. He decided to check on Monday instead.

Trouble is, a rainstorm came through and washed the evidence away.

Even with witnesses backing my claim, he said I was lying and suspended me. According to the policy handbook, he was to get me before a board of inquiry within three days. He didn’t get to it for two weeks… and all of it without pay.

When he did get the board of inquiry together, because it was company business, I was to be paid if it went past the three-day boundary. He refused. He also wanted me to take a polygraph. I told him it wasn’t up to me to prove my innocence, it was up to him to prove my guilt (according to CA labor laws).

In other words, having me take a polygraph was against CA labor laws, and therefore unconstitutional. From then on, he said I quit, but I told everyone I was fired. Either way, I no longer worked there.

Two weeks is a long time to think about things.

Then I got a call from the FBI to discuss the gold theft, the day after my employment was terminated.

They asked me how a person could steal from the gold room (I was already cleared as a suspect). I (having worked there for three years and change) told them how it could be possible.

The leads I gave them enough evidence to pin one guard to the crime, but they still had loose ends. I casually mentioned where they could get the info they needed from the logs. I was the former senior duty officer, after all.

They were able to establish a timeline that involved the guard and Phil as co-conspirators of the theft, so both got arrested, tried, convicted, and sent off to prison.

My unemployment was approved by the state, but the company wanted to appeal. They said the firing was lawful under Arizona law. I pointed out I worked in California, so CA labor laws only applied to me, not AZ. They thought I wouldn’t fight the appeal, but I ended up showing up in court, while they decided they couldn’t be bothered to show up.

The judge ruled in my favor. By the time I got my back pay, I was employed elsewhere.”

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35. Publicly Called Out A Nasty Person

“Back in my high school days, I was a cook in a popular fried chicken restaurant that was also a taco restaurant.

I was a good cook. I was fast, could manage cooking enough food with minimal waste, even on busy days, but most importantly, I was clean. I rotated stock, scrubbed the cooler every weekend, and my manager just let me do my thing. It was one of my favorite jobs.

On Sundays, we would typically have 2 cooks to deal with the church rush. One day, Daniel (that’s the nasty idiot’s real name) blew his hand full of snot and wiped it on his filthy apron that was still dirty from his Saturday shift. Jesus, he was a filthy person.

Anywho, I lost my mind a little bit and called him the nastiest idiot I’d ever seen, probably way too loud for the church folk, but he deserved it all the same.

Anywho, fast forward to 20 years later and I stumble across Daniel commenting on a community forum (you know the one) about the health crisis and church.

He made the comment ‘since you feel that way, you need to go live in a plastic bubble. You can pick up the same germs going to church that you can Wal-Mart. Don’t be so naive’, and he accused someone of being triggered about some dumb thing he said.

This kinda annoyed me because my folks still lived back home and this idiot was doing his best to spread sickness in my hometown.

So naturally, I replied along the lines of ‘I don’t think Joe Schmoe (not a real name) is triggered, I just think he’s rightfully concerned that the type of person to blow snot in his hand and wipe it on his apron in the kitchen 20 years ago may not possess even the most basic understanding of how diseases spread.’

Two minutes later I received a dm that said ‘Shut up, you stupid idiot!’ and was blocked by that nasty idiot.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.”

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IAmMeButNotMe 2 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made my night! xD
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34. I Never Had To Hear Her Talk About Him Again

“So this all started in high school in the early 90s. My best friend, we’ll call her Jane, was in an on-again-off-again relationship with a guy, we’ll call Bill.

Jane and I went back basically to birth. She was the bratty twin sister I never had. We lived next door to each other from the time I was 3. We were friends and never anything more. This was a strictly platonic friendship. So we grow up, her family moves, and go to different high schools in different parts of town.

We kept in touch and caught up on everything in our lives. But during sophomore year Jane met Bill in the theater program at her high school. From then on there was no catching up, just listening to the relationship status of these two.

Bill was fine, I guess, but he would go out with Jane for a while, then get bored of her, or tired of her energy, or whatever, and dump her.

Jane would call me, and I’d play the role of the emotional tampon. A month later when Bill got lonely, they’d get back together and I’d hear about that too. For two and a half years it went on that way. At least 10 breakup/get back together stories.

Finally, in her senior year, Bill breaks up with Jane two days before the spring formal. Jane calls me in tears and begs me to take her. I hated going to high school functions. (I’m a high school teacher now and I hate going to them.) But, fine, I’m a friend, I’ll take her.

Because that’s what friends do right?

So I spent two days and all my savings to get myself together for the formal. Because of the late notice, everything in the city had already been rented. So my tux was out of style and a size too small (I’m 6’6”).

The shoes were awful. And the flowers are basically the leftover stems from everyone else. All the while, I’m getting scolded and tisk-tisked by everyone in flower and rental places because I should have planned for this weeks ago.

But all this was fine.

I’d be embarrassed for a friend.

The night rolls around and I pick Jane up. We arrive at her school and I know nobody. The entire night of the formal she tried to parade me in front of Bill to make him jealous or show that she was over him, or something.

All night, that was all she talked about. When she would run into one of her friends it was all they could talk about. I felt like trash because clearly, this wasn’t about salvaging a good time and more about using me as a prop, a tool.

And that’s what I felt like, a tool. But on the plus side, I was pretty sure I’d never have to hear about Bill again.

So two weeks later Jane calls me up. She and Bill are back together. Oh no, no. Oh no. Not this time.

Nope times infinity. So I hatched a plan. Jane and Bill followed a certain pattern. And all I had to do was wait for what I called the ‘Pre-Breakup Call.’ This would be when Jane would call and tell me how immature Bill was being and assuring me that it would work out because they truly were in love.

I got that call about three weeks after they got back together and immediately went into action.

That night I went to a grocery store and bought all the frozen squid I could find. About 11 lbs. I was breaking my back on the weekends doing construction work and had replenished my funds from the formal night disaster.

I blew it all. Then I drove to her house at two in the morning and spent 15 minutes in a shadow behind her fence hucking them into the backyard pool. The deck was littered with them and the pool was unusable. I rained my calamari of vengeance all over her space.

The next day I get a call from Jane. At first, I was afraid someone had seen me. But no, much like I had hoped, she was calling to complain about how Bill had thrown squid into her backyard. Oh sure, when she confronted him about it he had denied it.

But she assured me she could always tell when he was lying. Just like she could with me. I had to put my hand over the receiver so she couldn’t hear my smile. Yes, it was big enough to hear. But that time it stuck.

I never had to deal with a Bill story again. Jane and I are both 46 now, and she still doesn’t know the truth. It’s not that we couldn’t have a laugh about it or anything, it’s just that I don’t want her reconciling with Bill again.”

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Jove 2 years ago
Your story was not a story of revenge, it was a waste of good squid; you could have just told your friend the simple truth. In addition, it seems ridiculous she would automatically blame her flip-flop boyfriend. Also, I believe this was fiction.
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33. My Days As A Pushover Are Gone


“I was going out with a guy, T, for about 3 years. We met at work. He was stationed (he was military) halfway across the country. Before he moved, he proposed to me and I said yes.

So, we had a long-distance relationship. There were times I’d call him and he wouldn’t answer, which happened constantly (I was pretty insecure). He’d always say his battery died. I would tell him I’d like to come and visit, but he’d tell me, oh, just wait a couple of months, and then we’ll go visit Vegas together.

I called his parents and asked if they knew about the proposal, and they said nope, he never mentioned it. I knew he had to be two-timing me, and he was just stringing me along. I even had his ex-wife’s number (I forget how) and she said ‘sounds like he’s stepping out again.’ Apparently!

When he came to visit me, I found some dice in his car with actions on one die (e.g. kiss) and areas of the body on the other (you can imagine what those would be). When I called him once at work, the guy who answered said in the background ‘is that the one who wrote you a letter?’ And I could hear T shushing him – I wasn’t the ‘one who wrote him a letter’ that was some other chick.

I knew what the idiot was doing and I was getting furious, but I stayed oh so calm, acting like I still loved him and wanted to visit soon.

Turns out, T was two-timing me when we basically first met, with girls from work. The partner of one of the girls found her journal detailing the things T and she would do when closing the store alone together.

Another time, a coworker told me T and one of the girls were at a fast-food restaurant together, during the day, while I was at school. And, I went onto a forum for support of those being two-timed – yes, they exist. People would offer to check things out for you to confirm your suspicions if you lived too far to check things out yourself.

One of these wonderful ladies offered to help me by seeing if he was seeing anyone else. I gave her his address and described his car, and sure enough, she told me she saw him in the car with some little blonde chick. I wanted revenge and started making a plan.

For a bit of background, I had adopted a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Boomer, and T was keeping him. When my suspicions about T having affairs started to materialize, I had Boomer’s AKC papers registered in my name. I was putting the plan in place and it was the best thing I have ever done.

It was exam time, and I told my professors I needed to get this guy out of my life. He was abusing me emotionally and verbally – he would yell at me and get in my face when I confronted him about my suspicions when he would visit.

They let me go and make up the exams later – I am ever so grateful. This was consuming my life and I needed to move on.

I drove out there, a 20 hr drive, and he was away at work. I entered the apartment through the unlocked balcony door (it was on the 1st floor) and waited for him to come home from work, on the premise that I had come to surprise him with a visit.

He was surprised, all right. I acted as if nothing was wrong. If I had told him my plans, he would’ve yelled and screamed at me and honestly, I was afraid of his reaction, so I stayed quiet and kept up the facade of the loving fiancee.

We even went to dinner. So lovely.

The next day, he went to work. I called him at work and asked him if he was coming home on his break, and he said no. So, I jumped into action. I grabbed all of my things and packed the car.

I took my beloved dog and off we went.

I crossed the state line and called him and told him I left him. It was the greatest feeling in the world! He was floored! Innocent, sweet little me, why would I leave such a great guy?

He called me over and over and over again. It was great. He called the cops on me, demanding that I bring back his things – oh, you mean MY dog in MY name and the laptop you gave me as a gift? Fat chance, idiot.

Sure enough, a cop car started following me – he had called them on me. I pulled over and stopped at a fast food place, and so did they. I took my dog out, let him do his business, cleaned it up, and walked right by the cop car back to my car.

There was nothing they could do, I had crossed the state line. So, off I went, back home with my dog.

What’s really funny is that he told me the night before about a guy at work who came home to find out his wife had left him, took everything after finding out he was lying to her.

I acted concerned, ‘gee, how terrible for him!’ Hilarious!

I came back home and had a rebound relationship with someone I met from school. My ex called on New Year saying he was thinking of me. Tough cookie, jerk. I hung up on him.

My ‘rebound’ and I are getting married, 13 yrs after our first night together. My beloved Boomer passed away due to cancer after a few years, but I am so grateful to have had those years with him.

I never knew I had it in me to stand up for myself.

I was a pushover and had no self-confidence. I had no feeling of worth that told me ‘you do not deserve this.’ I don’t know what triggered me to leave him finally. Now though, more than ever, if someone messes with me, I will make them regret it.

I’m also living proof of the saying ‘the best revenge is living well.’ I’m so better off now, you idiot.”

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32. I Did Charity In Her Name


“A sister-in-law, who I despised and who had all but destroyed her own (third) marriage, suggested for Christmas one year that, instead of drawing names for the gift exchange, everyone should make a donation to Toys for Kids. Several people (not me) protested because their kids wouldn’t be exchanging gifts and we knew she was saying this just to be righteous and to avoid buying anyone a gift. So we drew names and, of course, I drew her name.

On Christmas Day, everything was joyous and kids were ripping thru paper, as families usually do, and everyone was loud and happy. She opened her gift and found exactly what she asked for: I made a donation to Toys for Kids in her name. The happiness continued for everyone else, but she sat, sulking, for the rest of the day.

To this day, her ex-husband tells me, every Christmas, that his favorite gift ever was when his ex-wife received a gift to charity in her name.”

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31. I Trained The Judgmental Woman About Discrimination

“I was in charge of interviewing staff at a university, and I was the accessibility coordinator.

My job was to come up with a plan on how to make the university more accessible for people with disabilities and to provide training for staff so that they did not inadvertently discriminate against those with disabilities.

For your information, I am a non-white male.

One day I was about to interview the art gallery coordinator at the university, and when I came to her gallery I saw her door. I was about to enter when a young girl (probably a summer student) told me that I could not enter and to just go into a waiting room, and she would try to help me soon.

I could see where the coordinator’s office was, but this lady was preventing me from going. I waited 20 minutes, and it was obvious she forgot about me. So, I walked into the room anyway, and the girl stopped me and asked me if she could help me.

I told her I had an interview, and she said she was not aware of any of her colleagues having an interview booked.

Suddenly, the coordinator walked in, and said, ‘Hi James, I’ve been waiting for you for a while. Where have you been?’ I saw the summer student start to blush and become suddenly quiet.

I think that girl learned not to assume things about people before you take the time to know them. Later, I ended up training her, and all her staff on how to avoid discrimination, and how to show respect to all people they dealt with.

Did I mention that one of those being trained by me about discrimination was the girl who had given me a dose of discrimination herself?”

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Jove 2 years ago
I presume some of the explanations were left out, since this sounds like a poorly trained employee. Also, this is not a story of revenge.
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30. I Confessed But They Can't Prove It

“Several years ago, I was hired as a Business Development Manager by this tech company (we’ll call them Company X) who headhunted me out from a competitor (Company Y).

They were several leagues above company Y, and being young and ambitious – I jumped at the opportunity. I then discovered that they had a high turnover rate, but it didn’t really bother me at the time because I was pretty naive and got along great with most people there.

Company X had somewhat of a small workforce, around 40 people. The CEO, CTO, and General Manager ran a pretty tight ship and were very involved with everyone, micro-managing almost all aspects of the business.

Several months down the road, I had already closed several new accounts and brought in new revenue streams to the company.

Then one day, they announced that they were going to shift the company strategy. It’s been a while, and I can’t fully remember all the details, but the plan was pretty risky, and had everyone on edge, simply because it involved putting everyone under financial strain for almost a couple of years until the strategy matured and Company X would blast off exponentially.

This meant no salary increment, no bonuses, no inflation adjustments, and so forth. For the next potentially couple of years, we’d all be working on a stiff. They promised everyone compensation for their patience and loyalty, but at the end of the day, this was a decision made on their end and we didn’t have any say in it.

A week after the announcement, my General Manager tells me I need to head up to meet a panel of companies who were vendors to one of our biggest clients. The deal was that these companies were required by our client to use our tech if they wanted to keep their contracts, as part of their standardization protocol.

These companies had already installed some of our tech, and my job was to head over and provide training on using our tech, as well as upsell on more of our stuff.

It was primed as a troublesome job. The panel companies were already unhappy about being forced by our client to engage our tech because it meant additional work and cost on their end.

And I had to sort out 14 companies across three states over a period of five days. It seemed like a nice challenge and I was gung ho about it. I went off to meet with the panel and it turned out a success. Frankly, I was very proud of myself.

I built a pretty good rapport with each of them and had even upsold on our packages and units.

I came down with a fever on Monday after returning to work, most probably brought on by exhaustion. I came back to work on Wednesday, submitted my clinic-issued medical cert to HR, and continued with my job.

After lunch, I was called in by HR and was advised that I have been terminated due to faking a medical cert. It was absurd! Even the HR lady looked sad about it. I asked what was going on and she could only reply it wasn’t her call, but my CEOs.

I confronted my CEO demanding an explanation, and he said that he KNEW that I wasn’t sick and that I had lied to the company. I told him that was ridiculous and flat-out wrong. And even IF I had faked it, surely my contributions to the company and my most recent success would have made up for it.

But he wasn’t hearing it and gave me two days to pack my stuff and sort out my affairs.

Devastated, crushed, and totally embarrassed, I went outside for a smoke. The HR lady and another manager joined me shortly after. It was then that I found out that the bosses, as part of their shift in strategy, wanted to let go of employees to reduce the overheads but did not want to offer exit packages.

The trip to the panel companies was meant for me to fail and used as grounds for termination. But me succeeding merely meant more revenue streams for them and they just had to fire me over whatever trivial grounds they could find.

I was furious!

I spent the next couple of days continuously being furious over the matter. I spent another day or so at home wallowing in self-pity over my stupidity, ignorance, and sheer naivety. I wanted to sue on wrongful termination, hostile work environments, and so forth, but I decided that it would take too much time and effort because the labor laws here are worthless, and I needed to focus on rebuilding my career.

But they still needed to feel my vengeance! So I decided to be petty instead. I was their Business Development Manager for Pete’s sake! I had my copy of their data, inner workings, client list, and so much more. I contacted my ex-colleague over at Company Y with whom I still had good relations, and told him what had happened, and what I wanted to do.

I was going to sell them the full set of information, which I had valued close to USD175,000 (amount converted) of potential revenue, for only USD5,000. Charging this low meant that Company Y could afford what I was offering, all in cash, so there would not be any digital traces, it could be done within a day, and ultimately, it would be an insult to company X.

And that’s exactly what happened. I dropped whispers to Company X that it was me, but there was no way they could prove it, and by then I was already well beyond their radar. I don’t regret it the least, and quite honestly, I had fun doing it.

It felt so dangerous, so undercover.

The last I heard of them, they were forced to file for bankruptcy because they were swindled out of a deal by one of their Senior Managers.”

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29. Sometimes Good Guys Finish First


“When I was about 25 I was playing in a band with two high school classmates.

All three of us were/are professional musicians. We brought in a guy who was about 5 years younger to complete the lineup. It took years for me to realize what a degenerate he was, and what a negative influence he had on the band. Over the years he used our rehearsal space as a party spot, he and his friends vandalized the building and allegedly stole stuff.

He was an immature, raging heavy drinker and substance user. Beyond that, he was moody and difficult to work with. From here on we’ll just call him Jerk.

With me being the de facto leader, and way more particular than the other two, it wasn’t long before I was Jerk’s enemy #1 and the BAND narrative was that ‘he and I didn’t get along’ or worse, that MY controlling nature was actually the problem.

This was incredibly frustrating. The guy caused me SO much grief and stress I can’t do it justice here. There were rumors later that he said he’d spit in my drink at gigs/rehearsal and other childish behavior.

So, one day Jerk showed up to rehearsal with a STUNNINGLY beautiful friend.

I had an instant crush. The problem was that I had a significant other at the time. By the time I was single again the hot girl was, inexplicably, going out with Jerk. Oh well, musicians get girls. I watched her from afar.

We then spent months in the studio making a record.

By the time tracking was almost done things with Jerk had come to a head. The other two guys saw that I’d made efforts to get along better with him and, much to my surprise given their passive natures, they both agreed that it wasn’t sustainable and that we needed to kick him out.

The look on his face when he realized that we all agreed HE was the problem and needed to go, was sweet enough.

We finished the record. I handled everything totally professionally and by the book, in terms of crediting him for any writing he did, etc. And was even incredibly gracious by listing him in a way that would save face for him and make it sound like he may have opted to just not gig with us anymore, but was a major contributor to the record (I listed him as an ‘also’ member of the band).

He still told people that I ‘stole his songs’.

A while after we booted him, I heard through a source that the hot girl dumped him. I called her and asked her out. Somewhat ironically, she later told me that when she was with him, his obsession with how much he hated me only intrigued her and made her think about me.

She also told me that when he heard I’d asked her out he called her and was completely distraught over it as he’d always thought they’d get back together.

Anyway, she and I got serious. At one point we were having a holiday dinner at her parent’s house and a relative asked how we met.

Her dad chuckled and said ‘Well, Dave was playing in a band with her ex and he kicked him out and stole her’ lol – Not exactly accurate but close enough.

On another occasion, Jerk walked into a bar and she and I were there together.

To be honest, I kind of felt bad for him. I’d clearly won but I’m not a bad guy. I don’t revel in another’s misfortune.

Ultimately, the hot girl and I didn’t marry or anything. In fact, she broke my heart too.

But it was an AMAZING ride. One you never forget. And I certainly got my revenge on the jerk.

15 years later and I have a thriving music business, a high-end recording studio in my home, and I’m married to an even more gorgeous gal who’s a doctor.

I heard that Jerk narrowly avoided prison time and ultimately landed in Colorado blowing glass, but is doing alright.”

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28. Psychologist Didn't Expect Me To Be There


“In my 20s, I had suffered from severe depression and panic disorder, for which I was seeing a psychiatrist for therapy.

This man was the Director of the Mental Health Services for a large (Christian) medical center, and also Chief of Staff. He also had me on multiple amphetamines and barbiturates, including Quaaludes and Ritalin, as well as antidepressants. I became an addict with a more-than-willing prescribing physician.

In 1983, I ended up in a mental health lock-up. The psychiatrist came in on his rounds, angrily told me I was going to be punished, and that he was done with me. (There’s a lot more to the story, including instances of more unethical behavior on the part of that physician.)

Thankfully, one of the RNs on the MH unit referred me to an excellent psychologist who got me off all medication (cold turkey!), worked with me, and basically gave me my life back. I went back to college, and in 1988, I was doing my radiologic technology internship at the same medical center where I’d been locked up.

One day I was the technologist on duty for the surgery department and was called to do an exam on a hip surgery patient. Wearing scrubs, I went to the staff elevator to go to the 2nd floor, and who do you think was standing there?

Yes — my former psychiatrist. The look on his face was priceless. All he could do was stammer, ‘I thought you were dead.’

My response: ‘Well, I’m not — no thanks to you.’

The elevator stopped, and I stepped out, telling him, ‘I’m needed in surgery.

Have a nice day.’”

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27. I Made Sure He Couldn't Sell The Place While I Was There


“When I was in uni, I shared a place with three other guys. The place was ok, but the landlord was a total jerk.

Case in point: I was coming back with my significant other after a few drinks one night.

It had been raining, and when we stepped inside to head downstairs, we realized the hall light had burned out. My partner gingerly started making her way down the linoleum (?!) stairs. The next thing I hear is a wet snapping sound and then her scream.

She had snapped her Achilles tendon. We had to wait for three agonizing hrs at the hospital before a doctor could see her.

When I passed this on to the landlord, he wasn’t concerned in the least and simply referred me to his insurance company.

I vowed revenge.

Fast forward a few months later. He decided the rental gig wasn’t for him and decided to sell. He made the mistake of telling us (tenants) every time he was bringing interested buyers to see the place, and every time I had made sure there were masking tape body outlines in various rooms.

He didn’t sell the place for the year that I was there.”

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26. Met My Old Bully In A Gas Station


“I was a chubby kid. My mother was (still is) an excellent cook and baker, and I almost always overindulged. My folks didn’t mind, as they couldn’t afford much in regards to the latest and greatest toys or clothing trends, it was a way to compensate for it.

Coupled with the fact I was never overly athletic, it made for a chubby kid.

During school, being the ‘poor’ and ‘fat’ kid made me a natural target for bullies. One kid, in particular, was the nastiest, and because he was from a wealthy family and was a star athlete, his bullying always got a pass.

He never quit, until I went to high school and could blend in with 2000 other students.

Fast forward 10–12 years. I had recently finished my apprenticeship and had my Journeperson Electrician license, made great dough, had a brand new loaded GMC truck, and thanks to years of bending conduit and pulling cable 10 hours a day, could pass for a regular gym rat.

I stopped at a gas station by our hometown one weekend on a family visit, and after paying for the fuel as I was walking back out to my truck, I hear a familiar voice. It’s the old bully of years gone by. He looked like he had gained about 100lbs, skipped laundry day for a month, and had a few rotted teeth.

He drove a beat-up little car that barely ran. He asked me how I’ve been, and my answer was I’ve been doing awesome. Sorry, gotta go. Hopped in my new truck, and laughed all the way to my folks’ place.”

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25. Angry Cops Busted Them Red-Handed


“I was building my house and the next-door neighbor was a little weird. I couldn’t place it at first but I was on the roof smoking and she came out of the house, wandered around the backyard for a little bit, and squatted and peed. That was strange but whatever, then her significant other moved in with a friend into her studio apartment.

They were losers and never worked but okay. Heard them one time fighting over who had the needle, that was a bad sign. One day I came home from work and there was blood all over my back wall and my dog was jumping around like a nut.

About 1,000 dollars in tools were missing. I called the cops, figured out my dog got them in the middle of the burglary and we followed the blood to their door, nothing the cops could do though, but they were angry! As was the building department that I was pretty tight with by this point.

A couple of nights later their window was open and I overheard the guy making plans to pick up illegal stuff when his significant other got home from work. I figured out when they would be coming back and called the already angry cops, squad cars were parked on each end of the block and nailed them.

She bonded out, he was stuck so I listened for the next time his buddy and her went to pick up the illegal substances. BAM, they got them again! She bonded out again and came home to the building department and her landlord doing an inspection since three people were living there.

She got thrown out, the guys were in jail (her mom was posting her bail). I got a call to watch the trials from the police department’s CCTV system, she got 3 years and they got 7 years. I never got my tools back, but watching them go to prison and get longer sentences than a burglary was pretty sweet.”

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24. Trashy Employers Gave Me What I Want


“I was around 17, living on my own. when I got a job as a waitress at a dumpy restaurant. The manager was a horrible man who would scream at and harass his staff. One day, I watched while he screamed at this poor young waitress, reducing her to tears.

I stood there calmly taking my break in the kitchen, eating a banana, looking at him, and thinking what a jerk he was. When he was done with her, he turned to me and made a filthy comment. To which I replied, ‘I quit. This is my notice.’ He went really crazy then and told me to get out immediately.

I said I would leave as soon as he paid me for the time I had worked that I hadn’t been paid for yet – two weeks. He said he wasn’t paying me a penny and to get out.

So I got out — I sat on the front step in my uniform.

Whenever a customer came up to the door I related what a terrible person he was and the things he said to me, how he treated the staff. After a little while, he came out and screamed he was calling the police if I didn’t leave.

I said go ahead, I’ll tell them what you said to me and how you treat the young girls here. He went back in, came out 15 minutes later with a check. I said I want cash. He went back inside and came back, very subdued and polite.

and paid me cash. Maybe not the greatest revenge, but I got what was due to me. For a young girl on her own, having to deal with trashy jobs and trashy employers, it felt really good.”

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Okkaren 2 years ago
Demanding cash was hella smart.
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23. Mom Exposed Dad's Affairs To His New Wife


“After Mom caught Dad having an affair with a woman and they divorced, Dad could not help flirting with other women while being married to this other woman.

He thought he was smart when giving his old address to the women. When we started getting flirty postcards from other women – addressed to Dad – Mom forwarded them to his new address, knowing it would cause a huge storm, which it did.

Seriously, who does that?

First, you two-time your wife, then you get married to this new woman, continue flirting with other women, and think you are safe by giving your old address to them???

He probably thought that Mom would hand them over to him and be hush-hush about it.

But Mom had fun for the first time in years.”

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22. I Made Him Clean Urinals

“I got someone who bullied me badly at school by beating me, abusing me, once even trying to suffocate me in a chokehold no joke, a job at my old workplace. I hated this job because it was maintenance for a factory with only 3 guys, one of whom is the biggest jerk I’ve ever met without a doubt.

Now the job itself wasn’t bad. It was this ‘lovely’ gentleman who would test even God’s patience. I left the job and then suggested they hire this guy as he was down on his luck and he was a good guy.

He passed the interview and was due to start the week after I left. Now in this factory, you do everyone from fixing trashy pipes (literally), cleaning old grease and dirt off machine parts, everything mechanical and maintenance focused. I timed it perfectly for when I was leaving.

We just started fitting the new toilets and urinals so I left and this guy got thrown in the deep end uninstalling sewage pipes that had been down for 10 years and installing new ones. The smell must have been unbearable. I know because I did the setup for it.

The best bit was he only lasted a week, he quit with how the guy I mentioned was treating him and the grade of the job he had to do, and yet he still thanks me for it!”

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21. Who Says I Need Coaching To Become Successful?


“So I’m a soft-spoken, introverted South Indian girl born and brought up in a rural area who had no experience of living outside my state for a lengthy stretch of time. I was educated in the best schools in the locality and was a good student my entire life, passing the 12th standard board exams with a full A+.

Sure, I had visited a lot of places across the country because my father was in the army and was stationed mostly in north India, but I was still considered as someone ‘innocent’ and ‘without exposure’ to metropolitan cities and their ways by overbearing relatives.

One aunt was particularly condescending as she lives in Chennai with her husband and her daughter, a studious engineering student a couple of years older than me.

I had an affinity towards arts in general and literature in particular from childhood and was one of those lucky sorts who got their parents’ complete support to choose their career path.

Therefore, I chose English for my BA, going against the popular trend of MBBS and engineering in the family. I did not want to be confined to my locality alone and was actively trying to get into the best institutes in India, and my metropolitan aunt got wind of it.

Over a lengthy phone call to my dad, I remember her ‘well-meaning’ proclamation, of course, phrased a tad more unassumingly – ‘she can’t handle living in cities because she doesn’t have any exposure and will be swayed easily because of her village naivety. What if she gets into the wrong company, gets a man, and even starts using illegal substances?’ My dad just brushed her words aside and did not bother contradicting her because none of us thought it worthy of a debate at the time.

The only thing my parents told me was this. Just be the best at what you do and let your actions speak.

I was, unfortunately, unable to crack the national entrance exams to any of the central universities in India that I applied to at that time and ultimately decided to go to a well-known college in my district for BA.

This lent weight to my aunt’s words. I had my dad’s ‘ward of defense personnel’ quota and could have gotten into any central university I desired through it, but I wanted to prove myself and my abilities and decided against it. I also was eligible for a hefty merit-based state scholarship, so it was not a bad choice to make at the time.

My high-flying aspirations were thus postponed for MA and this incredible urge to get into EFLU Hyderabad seized me entirely. I remained patient and studied hard to avoid a repeat performance of my previous defeat, saving up all my scholarship for later. During this time, I encountered several other well-wishers and teachers who underestimated me because of how soft-spoken and introverted I was.

I did not bother correcting anyone. I graduated with a rank from the university.

After BA I wrote the entrance exams once again, and at last, lady luck grinned wide at me. I cleared EFLU entrance with the highest score, cleared all the central university exams with high ranks, and had my pick of the universities for MA.

That was a massive confidence booster and I decided to go with EFLU, my hereto elusive dream. I studied in Hyderabad against all odds as predicted by my well-meaning aunt, adapting seamlessly into the Hyderabad culture and making a bunch of awesome friends from across the world whom I can trust with my life.

I traveled abroad with some friends (to a northern neighbor of India) for a paper presentation, helped organize international conferences in my university, volunteered for animal welfare activities, and eventually graduated with high marks. In all this time, with much difficulty, I controlled my country bumpkin instincts and managed to not touch illegal substances, booze, or smoke even once.

My aunt already got her answer, but she still subtly snubbed me well-meaningly in front of relatives saying that my academic discipline was not ‘as challenging as being an engineer’ was, like her daughter. I didn’t bother correcting her and her ill-founded assumptions.

Soon after college, without any formal coaching, I cleared the NET exam in English, one of the toughest competitive exams in India that makes one eligible for lectureship in colleges.

I aimed higher and also applied for Ph.D. in two leading IITs (The Indian Institutes of Technology), hoping and praying for a positive result. I traveled across the country with a few of my ambitious friends to undertake rigorous entrance exams and interviews with 10+ member panels and got selected into both of the IITs.

Now I am gearing up to go to north India to join the best of the two. Chennai is eerily silent at this point and all the helpful advice has stopped. However, I’ll break the tradition this one time and go against my grain to say this – dear aunt, don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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Jove 2 years ago
I am happy for your success. You really earned it!
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20. Entitled Owner Got Sued


“As a young woman, I was trying to break into the interior design field and took a job at a furniture store.

The owner was awful: I can say, without hyperbole, that if he was involved with someone or something, that it turned out to be dirty. He fooled his wife, his customers, his suppliers, his insurance company, his employees—and this is just the stuff I had personal knowledge of.

He would have suppliers in for trunk shows, and, in the middle of the night, have an entrusted employee come to the store to pull product out of the vendor’s stock. Outright theft. He filed false insurance claims, saying that shopworn furniture or even just used furniture from his own home, was part of truck fender benders, and collect on them.

The women who worked there for any length of time were, almost without exception, abused at home, and in twisted relationships with this guy; he would rage, swear, degrade them, and then apologize, and the women would – quite literally -weep with gratitude. It was shocking to me.

One day, he went off on me, in a phone call. It was absolutely awful. I asked a question for a customer, and he raged obscenities at me for ten minutes. I decided at that moment that, as soon as I had another job, I was out of there.

I told my manager, an older woman, that I would be gone as soon as I could. The next day, one of the owner’s daughters showed up at the store with a dozen red roses for me, with a weird note apologizing for being ‘inappropriate’.

The women there at the store gathered around me like I was being pinned: ‘Oh, he’s changed so much! How wonderful!’ I was revolted by it. He called me later to ask if I’d received them, expecting, I’m sure, for me to marvel over them; I couldn’t.

I was aware (like everyone else there was) of long-term layaway — a couple who had a sadly ill newborn and were almost ruined by it, at a time that they had furniture on order. Rather than cancel the order, as the people asked when they saw what was happening with their baby, their order was changed to layaway, and they were charged 21% interest, for seven years, for furniture they didn’t receive.

Further, much of that furniture, ordered, being paid for over all that time, had been sold to other people! So this owner was paid for the furniture and delivered it to others, while collecting monthly payments, with 21% interest, from these people who just wanted out.

One day, the customer came in: ‘My name is _________ ____________ and we just paid off our furniture! We want to set up delivery!’ I thought, whoa… how does he handle this? I listened as the customer talked on the phone to the owner. ‘Yes, we are proud of ourselves too!’ Nothing about a problem, or reselecting.

Rather than just say, there has been a mistake, I need to work with you to find some replacement furniture, this grifter owner’s choice was to just fake it, deliver up something he had, and keep their money. I watched over the next few days, as the warehouse guys worked to try to spray chairs to match an old, shopworn table they had found.

After the delivery, I asked the guys how it went, if the customers accepted what was delivered, and they said the couple got into an argument about whether the furniture was right!

So I wrote to them. I told them they had been done a disservice in their furniture order, and if they wanted to talk to me, they should call me at home.

They called at 6 am after they received it, and we talked it through. I suggested they try to let the owner save face, give him proof that the furniture was wrong (he had substituted $99 Made in Taiwan-marked chairs for their $400 Drexel Heritage chairs, and Drexel was made in North Carolina: BINGO!); the owner’s response to him was ‘The statute of limitations was over years ago on this, and don’t bother me.’

So they sued him. With my help. And won!! I testified against him, I brought in others. A lawyer for his insurance company was in the courtroom and called me to get a take on him. He succeeded against him too. At least once. I know I was under his skin because, for years after, any time I would be publicized for a new position, he would send private investigators around to pose as clients, try to get me to say something bad about him.

(A sales rep heard about it and called to warn me, so I knew to be vigilant.) Since I always spoke the truth, he never got anywhere. He is still in business, bigger than ever, but I cost him some significant time and money, and prestige, and feel like I did my part.

Sweet revenge.”

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19. You Should Know Where To Park

“We rented a small house across the parking lot of a restaurant. The owners were our landlords. The parking lot wrapped around our gate. It was overflow parking about 7 spots. We had a No Parking sign on the gate.

It’s a diagonal spot to block our window. One day, coming home from work, turned the bend and some jerk parked his convertible black Mercedes Benz with tan leather seats (Marin county) in our spot.

My husband is livid! He’s walking up to the gate, takes his drink, and yep, dumps it on the driver’s seat.

Now we wait. There’s a window from our house right there.

It’s about 5:00, the jerk comes to his OPEN convertible in a spot that says NO PARKING and has a hissy fit after sitting down! Now mind you, we are in our house, hearing the curses… everything you can think of.

We’re barely able to contain ourselves.

Jerk’s ‘wife’ (Marin county) said, ‘maybe you shouldn’t have parked in front of the no parking sign’. Jerk drives off in a huff, screaming obscenities the whole way.

Hee hee hee. Actually, it was high fives (1993), belly gut laughing.”

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18. I Drove Away With A Big Smile


“So I worked with this person. She stole $80. I was a server. There was nothing I could do and I wasn’t getting it back and I knew it.

Months later I had found a new job. I get a call from my old place of employment.

‘Yes, I need a cab to so and so’. I recognized the voice. I was the cab driver.

I knew it was her.

I go anyway. When I arrive there she is smiling. I said $80 to get in this cab babe. And I just looked at her and smiled back.

‘You can’t do that. I know the company. I’m calling you in. I know the owner’. I laugh and I’m like yeah I know him too. He’s the guy that hired me. But if you want in this particular cab, there’s an $80 deposit. Ha, I’m like go right ahead but if you don’t wanna walk home in the rain there’s an $80 upfront fee.

Now this whole time I have the window cracked. And literally, nothing else is unlocked.

She was so mad.

I smiled ear to ear and say hey remember screwing me out of 80 dollars? She said screw you, you’re a cabbie now and you have a duty to customer service.

I said well just slip a hundo through the window.

She was absolutely livid. You can’t do this. This is assault. I NEED A RIDE HOME… NOW. I was like yep I need my $80 back honey!

But what could she do? I drove away smiling.

Karma, sometimes, is a jerk!”

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stro 2 years ago
Assault? What an idiot.
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17. You Won't Be Getting A Sweet Coffee Today


“My birthday is April Fool’s Day. When I was around ten years old, my two brothers and I decided to pull a prank on my father (who was extremely self-centered and had an enormous ego.)

I had read that if you empty a sugar bowl and replace the sugar with salt and then watch carefully, some interesting reactions would ensue.

So my brothers and I did just that, laughing conspiratorially throughout the meal. My father asked us what we were laughing at.


As the meal went on, we continued to laugh. The more we laughed, the angrier my father became, until he just exploded at the dinner table.

We were all crying. (One brother fell on the floor, which was his reflexive response to my father’s attacks.

My father yelled at him to stand up like a man.)

Afterward, he made us sit in silence to finish our meal. We sniffled and choked down our food. Then came the birthday cupcakes, which we ate in silence.

We were silent as my mother served my father coffee.

We were silent as he put three heaping teaspoons of salt in his coffee.

He spits his coffee across the table.

Then we laughed. And laughed. And laughed.”

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16. Multimillion-Pound Factory Got Closed Down


“I had a boss who was basically a bully.

He had a company car and I had to travel from Derby to Manchester so, having been driven there by the salespeople before, going up the M1 and then across from Leeds (past the man in the middle) that is what I did.

A few weeks later, I was walking past his office when he summoned me in where he then, with the rolled-up letter, prodded me in the chest repeatedly in time with the words of ‘thanks to you going via Leeds, I’m not getting the expenses for that trip.

You should have gone by the shortest route.’ He let me know that if he claimed on his tax return for my driving, he would get more funds.

Years later, he had gotten rid of me and I was unemployed. I had been in the central library and was just making my way out when I noticed the Inland Revenue had a stall for students about getting back any overpaid tax.

So, with the phrase ‘I walk past nothing’ in my mind, I told them about what had gone on and they described his activities as ‘Tax Fraud’ and they would pass the information on for further investigation.

Ironically, they told me that if he had done it honestly, he would have been financially better off – as well as not committing tax fraud in the process as he had actually done.

That is the sweetest revenge, the biggest revenge was getting a multimillion-pound factory closed down by the HSE because of safety devices, deliberate releases of mutagenic compounds, and airplanes flying over the site.”

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15. Two Guys Tried To Turn Me Into A Bet But I Ended Up Winning


“So, I was going out with a guy I had met at karaoke. We shall call him Ryan. He was good friends with the karaoke host, whom we shall call Jerry. I worked as the only female bouncer at the same bar they ran karaoke.

(They needed a person that could keep an eye out for trouble in the girl’s bathroom because there had been an incident in there before they hired me).

Ryan thought that I had that day off, but I came into work anyway because it was a fun place if you weren’t working lol.

The idiot had brought another girl there for dinner. I sweetly introduced myself to her, asked how long they’d been together. She said a couple of months. I warned her to be careful with him. She asked what I meant. I said ‘ask him where he was Thursday.

If he says anywhere other than ‘inside me’ he’s a liar.’ Then I turned and walked out, smiling as I heard her start screaming at him.

So, I have a very good friend come in from out of town. They do not know him, but I’ve told friends all about this guy.

The friend hung out on the karaoke side during my next shift, where I was working on the dancefloor side and bathrooms. The friend was the type that sat quietly in the corner and got ignored. The true ‘fly on the wall’ type of person.

So, Jerry is giving Ryan trouble about getting caught with another woman. Ryan says I’m too smart to be fooled, and Jerry says (correctly) that Ryan was a fool to bring the other girl here. Ryan says ‘it’s not like you could get one over on her if you tried’ which led to them making a bet.

Ryan would apologize to me and try to win me back, while still sleeping with other girls. Jerry would simply have to try to get me in bed. The first one that could get me in bed, without being faithful, was the winner of a $50 bet.

Now normally, there’s no way I would have ever gone out with Jerry. I knew he was a skeeze. Also, no way I’d take Ryan back. But, my friend heard the whole thing and told me about their bet, so we hatched a plan.

Over the next several weeks, I let BOTH guys wine and dine with me.

Take me out, buy me nice dinners (I had a lot of Outback and Red Lobster those weeks). Buy me little gifts and flowers. Basically, both of them were full-on butt-kissing mode, trying to get into my pants but not look too desperate so I wondered what was up.

You’d think that after 2 weeks of me not even KISSING them, they’d realize I was on to their stunt.

So, after keeping a notebook of when and where they took me, how much they spent on me, etc – I arranged the next hangout. Back where it all began, our bar.

I asked Jerry to meet me there at 10. I asked Ryan to meet me there at 10. I brought my notebook that showed the total of how much they had spent on me, trying to win this stupid bet. I told them I knew everything and they were both my puppets.

Jerry had the nerve to try to deny everything. Ryan just laughed and said ‘told you she was smart’ and admitted everything. He apologized, and gradually we became friends again over many years. (never went out again). Jerry to this day swears there was no bet.

He just can’t admit that I won.”

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14. I Made Sure My Mother-In-Law Won't Be Able To Drive


“When I met my (now) wife, I had lived out of home for 10 years+ and I was fiercely independent. However, my wife, 26 at the time, had never lived out of home and ran everything in her life by her mother.

This mix was not good between my future mother-in-law and me. We regularly fought. The MIL would coach my wife on how to manipulate me into things when she was over at her place visiting (three nights per week).

One time, when my wife was over visiting her, she ambushed her by taking her to the shop where I got her engagement ring.

She went through the whole process to trade it in for an upgraded ring because she told her it wasn’t good enough for her. Following this, she drove home to our place and waited out the front with a book. She was waiting to see how her coaching would go.

During this argument with my wife, I learned she was waiting out the front waiting, so I went and told her to shut up. That felt like a win. She always played the innocence card and denied everything. But my wife is a terrible liar and always told the truth about what really happened.

The MIL also had terrible vision and refused to get vision testing for fear her license would be revoked. She had been in one or two accidents in the past few years at the time. Once I learned this, I thought this was a perfect way to get some petty revenge on her.

Maybe this would lead to fewer ambushes from my wife and fewer visits from her for me. I found the correct government department email address to send a confidential report that I thought she needed re-testing and a medical review due to poor vision. This also felt great.

Never found out if anything came of it and I certainly never told my wife about this one either.”

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Okkaren 2 years ago
Hopefully your wife learned to grow up and cut the umbilical cord.
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13. Their Conspiracy Got Leaked By Themselves


“I worked in a company as a web developer. Three of my colleagues started getting jealous because of my performance after becoming a basic employee from an intern. I was an intern so my colleagues (seniors) treated me like I couldn’t have as proper/extensive knowledge as my seniors could have.

They (a group of those 3 colleagues) tried so hard to get me out of the company. I suffered because of their conspiracy. I want to share one incident.

One of my greatest projects was to be delivered that day. I checked my documents one hour earlier.

I discovered some documents were missing. Then I checked my backup but that was destroyed too. I was shocked at how that could happen. Luckily the project submission got postponed that day for some other reasons. Later, I was very careful about my documents and the delivery was great.

Their conspiracy got leaked by themselves while arguing with each other outside the office. I got lucky again as I heard them talking. After that, I was really threatened but I was not afraid. I changed my workstation with a better position compared to theirs.

One year later, I moved to another field. I own a consultancy firm, changed myself for the better, and got a better position. My forgiveness towards them and my better position may be the sweetest revenge. I am happy because they are still jealous of my success!”

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12. Both Of Her Men Sent Her Packing


“I caught my wife having an affair, we had been married for 14 years, had a nice home, kids, cars, a big bank account.

Overall a very nice life. When I confronted her, she couldn’t even deny it, I had rock-solid proof. I filed for divorce, she didn’t want to talk about it, she only wanted half of our assets and to leave, the guy she was seeing was very well off.

She thought she would be ‘taken care of.’ I filed the divorce and wrote the terms myself. She was really getting screwed now. She yelled it wasn’t fair, it’s not equal, extremely one-sided. I kept the house, the RV, most of our savings, and no alimony.

She said she would never accept it and to get ready for a court fight. She then loudly informed me that we were in a ‘no-fault’ state and that the evidence I had collected was not admissible in court. I replied that I wasn’t going to show the courts the evidence, I was going to show the kids.

She turned white, got up, and walked away.

About 3–4 hours later she came back and asked me, ‘so I accept that you won’t show the kids?’ I promised I wouldn’t if she just packed her stuff and left. Three weeks later she moved out.

I later found out that her other man sent her packing too. About 8–9 months later I met a gorgeous blond, about 10 years younger than my wife, we hit it off very well. She and I went out shopping one day and as we were leaving the store we walked right into my ex-wife, whose jaw dropped when she saw my new significant other, who was younger, taller, prettier.

I think I had a grin on my face for days.”

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Jove 2 years ago
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11. Don't Take My Adaptor


“In 2008 I was working in a warehouse as temp staff, and for one week I worked with a scruffy guy about the same age as me.

Let’s call him Jason. I was 20, my car was an old Ford that had a tape deck.

Just as any thrifty young man would do in 2008, I bought a 3.5mm-cassette adapter so I could enjoy music from my iPod as I cruised the streets in my automotive antiquity.

I got talking with Jason as we worked, and learned he traveled 100km by train each day for this job. It made total sense to me to offer him a ride to find something for lunch better than the cafeteria located on the site where we worked. That was the window of time when my tape deck adapter disappeared from the car.

Working far from home myself, I didn’t have much of a social life during the week and had no other passengers for that entire time. Nobody else besides Jason. Why did he feel the need to steal that adapter? Where was the car he imagined using the adapter in?

Ok, I admit that when I said ‘scruffy guy’, I really mean he was one of those people who are exactly as dumb as they look. And Jason looked pretty dumb.

Previous to temp work in warehouses, I spent some time working in nightclub security.

In the winter of 2009, I was catching up with some old friends at a nightclub where they were doormen. It was a cold Melbourne night, so I said my goodbyes and headed to the car park to make my way home.

As I unlock my car, a hatchback blaring techno music screams into the car park.

The passengers pour out, and who else but Jason is there with them, looking just as dumb as I remembered. There was no way that car was playing music through a tape deck adapter. Why, then, did you need to take my adapter, Jason?

I locked my car door and strolled back to the nightclub doors.

‘There’s a group of people about to join the line, that stupid-looking one stole something from my car when we worked together last year.’

A moment of confusion ensued, as my former colleague asserted the entire group looked intellectually deficient. I glanced over my shoulder.

‘Oh, right… the stupid one with that stupid goatee.’

I stood facing away from the queue awaiting entry, and overheard Jason’s group literally being told, ‘I don’t like the looks of ya. You’re not coming in here tonight.’

Thanking my friend, I returned to the car.

I was ecstatic. I listened to Jason and his friends lament how far from home they had traveled, and how unlikely it was that there was anywhere else they could ‘party’ – this nightclub was a raver-friendly place.

I don’t recommend seeking revenge. As the saying goes, first dig two graves.

But if someone else digs one grave, and your antagonist happens upon it, you don’t have to stop them from falling in.”

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10. I Used My Stalking Power


“I was finishing school and it was the waiting period for college. I broke up with my partner in the last semester as he was a total jerk.

I had enough. There was this ‘friend’ who talked me into breaking up with this person. I being naive at that time, trusted him…

Now a few months after the break up this so-called friend said that he had feelings for me. We stayed a town apart and while on my holidays, I went to visit him.

We had been in a relationship for about 3 months, which started a month after my breakup, so naturally, I was wary of all the things and was extra cautious. I repeatedly told him I need time and let’s be friends for a while. It is really strange to see people pretend and lie so well.

I became comfortable with him and gradually started thinking about starting our relationship again. The sweet words of promises. Talks about the future, how much he wanted me blah blah blah.. from one side it may seem cheesy but on the other hand, it was a plain way to get into my pants.

While all the time there was a certain gut feeling telling me to be cautious.

So after I finally met him things went fine until the time that we were alone waiting at the parking lot and he tried to kiss me. At first, I was unwilling but then again my naive self gave over.

It was yuck. He smelled horrible and his hands were trying to go under my clothes constantly but I being polite said it was getting late and must get going. Also during this time, I needed to exchange a newly bought phone and since the store was closed that day he said he could help me with it.

I gave him that phone and we agreed to meet the next weekend. It was going fine, he waited with me till I boarded my bus and was gone. Since it went fairly well, I decided to give this a chance. I liked him. Not head over heels but enough to consider him seriously.

Things started becoming strange from the next week. He started becoming busy. I didn’t mind for 2 -3 days but then it was strange. His social media profile showed him quite active and doing nothing. I started calling him to inquire about my phone. No answer.

The weekend was coming and we were supposed to meet again. He finally answered and said that some work came up and would reschedule it. Fine. We talked and I thought things were fine. Then again he became busy for days while his social media activities spoke otherwise.

I was getting upset. I was not going to be fooled again. I decided to use my stalking power and cross-checked everything he kept online. Mind you I didn’t have his password for any account but gathered enough to know something was going on. And then I finally found a girl with who he was in an actual relationship with for the past year.

Shattered?? Well more like disgusted.

‘For in other ways a woman is full of fear, defenseless, dreads the sight of cold steel; but when once she is wronged in the matter of love, no other soul can hold so many thoughts of blood.’ ― Euripides, Medea

I stopped contacting him. No use. He was avoiding me totally. I was not going to be a victim again. I texted the girl and told her everything. It was hard to believe but I told her, ‘it’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not, I believed him and he broke my trust. He could have simply walked away without playing with my emotions.

I never imposed anything on him. I contacted you (the girl) only to know the truth for myself. If you want to stay with him, he is all yours, and I do not have anything against it. The only thing I hate is someone taking advantage of my emotional breakup and using it as a cheap way to get pleasure.

And I have got better things to focus on in life than cry over all his stupid empty promises.’

All night I stayed awake and felt different. I was neither sad nor happy. But I felt at peace. I began to realize there were more important things in life than all these stupid love games.

Yes, I could do a lot more things to help those in need rather than wasting my time.

The next morning I got up late. I checked my phone it was full of missed calls and angry messages. You can guess who. Quite plainly the girl confronted him and gave a good bashing and most probably broke up with him.

He had the audacity to talk to me after all this.

I was past all this, I had enough. You may wonder about the phone. I didn’t need it. I valued my peace of mind. That piece of work can keep it for all he wants.

I blocked him from every possible way and moved on.”

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9. She Came Across A Girl With The Same Name


“So, my (British) husband and I had been married only a few months when he started accusing me of being places that I hadn’t been, with people I hadn’t even seen (mutual acquaintances) on a regular basis.

See, he was out of town, driving a trailer for his brother’s business partner who was traveling around, racing his street performance car.

I denied it, of course, because it wasn’t true. But he would continue with specifics. ‘Well, Chuck said that you went to the store with Shelly to buy tampons while y’all were at a party.’ etc, etc.

All not true.

I got tired of it, and since we were in the bar business, we had often been drinking and had heated arguments about the accusations. I started staying at my brother’s apartment a few miles away.

One night, as I was getting to my brother’s after work (not long after the bars closed for the night), my phone rings and it’s him.

I let it go to voicemail until I could get situated in the apartment. I didn’t want to talk on the phone with the risk of waking my brother since he had to be up early for work. When I checked the messages, I could hear my husband’s voice and a female voice, but couldn’t quite make out what was being said, but soon, I could hear them making out.

I didn’t quite realize what was going on until the next morning.

I went home.

You see, that was when we would have fairly productive conversations. There was no booze involved and there was a time limit because one or the other of us would have to go to work.

Well, there was a vehicle that I didn’t recognize in the driveway.

I walked into the house and it was just trashed. Wine bottles laying around, someone had eaten late-night food, etc.

So I went to the master bedroom, it was unoccupied, and I took a bath to get ready for work.

Took my time. No sign of life.

Went down to the kitchen, cooked enough breakfast for several people. Ate mine and plated the rest.

No sign of life.

So I grabbed the cordless phone and went upstairs, and knocked at the only closed door. Nothing.

I opened the door, and there he was in bed, all tangled up with a good friend of ours.

I set the phone on the bed, in case someone called, told them there was breakfast downstairs and that I was going to work.

He had slept with her, made sure he ‘accidentally’ butt-dialed me so that I could hear them on my messages, and made sure she was there for me to ‘find’ the next morning.

I had had enough. I left him.

A few days later, I get a phone call from him, apologizing. Not for sleeping with her, but because he found out that the person that went to the store with Shelly to buy tampons, as well as all the other escapades I was accused of, was another girl with the same first name.

(not a super common name)

Thank goodness, I had been absolved. But it was too bad so sad.

Here’s where the irony and revenge kicks in:

He went on to go out with the other girl with the same first name. For two years.

Very volatile. We hadn’t been married long enough for him to have residency status and at that point had overstayed his visa. She called immigration on him… and had him deported.

As far as our friend that he had slept with… I ran into her several years later at a club where neither of us knew anyone.

She was chatting me up like only a short time had passed and nothing had happened. We went our separate ways in the club when about an hour later, I see her making a beeline for me. She walked straight to me and said, ‘I’m an idiot.

I just remembered what I did to you and here I am talking to you like we are long-lost friends! I am so sorry! I’m a total jerk! I’ll leave.’

I told her not to worry, all water under the bridge. Besides, I knew exactly what she gained from the escapade.

And it wasn’t much to write home about…”

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8. Ex Got Stuck In An Expensive Divorce


“A man disappeared on me when I fell pregnant with his baby.

We hadn’t been together long, so it was less than ideal, and he made a few cutting comments about my prospects on a handful of occasions. Like when I was applying for a very competitive grant, he’d remind me that my chances were slim and I wasn’t earning very good money.

He made a point of saying that he was looking for his own place (to purchase) and he wouldn’t wait for me to contribute to a deposit, because I’d never catch up financially. There were jabs about whether I was really just seeing him to sponge off him, which is a bit rich for a man who scored a job as an IT guy at a school with no qualifications or experience because his father hired him.

Fast forward a few years and I earn a six-figure salary, own a large property, and financially support myself and my partner. Meanwhile, the ex is still trapped in a protracted and expensive divorce.”

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7. Toxic Manipulative Person Failed A Subject

“I caught one of the people I considered a friend of mine, badmouthing me and my group of friends. Confessed that for a long time she would manipulate me to get good marks and my lab reports even if I refused. To make her angrier I continued acting nicely but every time she would ask me something I would invent an excuse to get away from her.

Every time she would approach me, I would talk to my group of friends and make a wall between me and her gradually. So time passed and the end of the semester came, the list of the people who needed winter courses to pass a certain subject because they failed the final exam was released. I saw the list out of curiosity, and to my surprise that toxic manipulative person had failed physiology.

Karma sweetly played for me.”

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6. Reminded My Old Manager About My Birthday


“On a food factory that I used to work at, our section manager was a proper jerk. He always used to leave his diary (leather-bound A4 and he had them specially printed) in our team office.

I had given my notice 1 week prior and today was going to be the second to last day. Today was a quiet day while I was given the area to supervise (I used to be one of the team leaders). Captain jerk goes outside for one of his 1-hour smoke breaks.

This is my chance, everyone is on task, nothing needs attention. Rush into the team office, grab his diary, open up to my birthday.

And I start drawing a stick figure of myself, happy birthday messages celebrating me, streamers, and fireworks drawn into every single free space on the page denoting the greatness of me.

Would love to have seen the anger on his face when he turned the page to see the whole page taken up with my scribblings.”

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5. My Motto Was Always Do The Right Thing


“I was promised a job, borrowed money, set up a company, pulled a permit, hired a master electrician.

I arranged for a crew of electricians from a nearby city to do the work.

I started the job but was fired after a few weeks. I don’t remember why but I’m sure my inexperience must have played a part. The job was really too much for me.

My ambitions exceeded my grasp.

The leader of the crew I had lined up went behind my back to take the job. They told the general contractor they had a master electrician lined up so bought $30,000 of materials on credit and went to work.

It turns out they had been lying about having a master.

My master had already pulled a permit so what they did was call for an inspection using his permit. Unfortunately, they screwed the job up. When the inspector called my master asking what was going on the truth came out. The permit was belatedly canceled, the job was red-tagged, and the crew was fired.

Someone owed the supply house $30,000.

The builder went broke; the house was razed to the ground.

I really didn’t care if they took the job over, it wasn’t mine and they were welcome to it. I wished them well. I even called up the leader of the pack to warn him my master was threatening him with jail time.

The irony is I had offered to allow my master to license the job for them for a portion of the profits. They turned me down.

So it wasn’t revenge, I actually felt sorry for them, but they got what they deserved.

I have since gone on to gain the experience I lacked and set up and ran a successful electrical contracting company for twenty years.

My motto was always do the right thing.

It wasn’t theirs.”

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4. I Gave The Driver A Huge Tip


“There’s this woman that I know who treats her husband with 0 respect. She sneaked around with someone, got out after she found out she was chronically ill, and now she pulls out her final card towards her husband by using threats to get everything her way.

Her husband is scared to leave her and he’s also staying just for the sake of the kids. She has always been a nightmare of a woman, pretty much how any narcissist behaves, too busy thinking about herself, not thinking of others, everything evolving around her… Their lives are sad, their kids are even sadder…

I’ve wanted to make their kids happy even in all circumstances they’re going through.

So what did I do for ‘revenge’?

First, I ordered them pizza!

One that appears to be a popular one with pork and cheese and such. I downloaded this delivery app, added some money, placed an ‘anonymous’ order, and then 30 minutes later their pizza arrived at their place.

Funny thing was, I used their daughter’s significant other’s name and delivered it to their daughter. Can you imagine what they were thinking when the pizza arrived?

Their daughter to her significant other: ‘Aw, thank you so much for the pizza!’

Guy: ‘What pizza?’

Daughter: ‘The pizza that you ordered!’

Guy: ‘I didn’t order anything!’

Daughter: ‘???’

I hope they enjoyed their lunch.

Even though it was an anonymous order, I’m sure her husband knows from who it was, because he knows that pizza place is 7 km away and hidden somewhere in a small street, and he knows it is my favorite pizza place to eat.

I tipped the driver through the app with the maximum amount that could be given and texted ‘Thank you!’

And then after that, I’ve sent more anonymous ‘gifts’ like school supplies, gift vouchers, more food… just to make their kids happy, despite what their parents go through.

It’s hard to change a narcissist, but I hope they come to common sense one day that this issue that they have between the two of them cannot continue for the sake of their children.”

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3. Gold Digger Got Exposed To His Parents


“I was hooking up with this ‘straight’ guy and may have got attached a bit. We would go out and I’d always be spending my money on him.

He told me one day that we were nothing and that he was into women so I got annoyed.

He ended things one day and came to my place to apologize and everything but, that was not enough. It wasn’t a sincere apology.

His parents didn’t know about him messing with guys and apparently, they were very religious, so, I ended up finding them on social media and told them how they should have raised him better not to be a gold digger.

He messaged me a few days later complaining to me and telling me how dumb I am so, I told him how dumb he was to mess with someone and think he can get away with it.

In the end… You mess with me and I’ll get the last laugh.

He ended up blocking me but I wasn’t mad. My job was done. Was a fun waste of a few months and ended with me getting revenge in the end.

I know… I’m a jerk. Sorry, not sorry.”

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IAmMeButNotMe 2 years ago
Nah, not a jerk. Douchebag deserved what he got.
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2. So We're Sending Trolling Websites Now, Huh?


“I was chatting with a person in discord. We were talking about memes and sharing links to memes. Then he sent a link to a video and I clicked it.

It was a rickroll. I decided to get back at him by sending him a troll link, where ‘you are an idiot’ plays. ‘You are an idiot’ plays a video that flashes black and white while playing a sound calling the person an idiot. If the person tries to close the site more windows open on the website and so on.

So back to the story. I sent him the link and he clicked it. His computer got flooded with pop-ups of ‘you are an idiot’ that move around and play the sound. He had to restart his computer. He messaged me angrily asking me I sent him that website.

I told him you rickrolled me so I had to get you back.”

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1. He Doesn't Help His Ill Mother But Goes On An Expensive Trip


“My husband was chief of a team of forest rangers and they wanted to hire someone new. He got to choose and he had just met someone he thought would be a good person, Alex.

Alex was married, had no children, was a shop owner, and helped his mother-in-law out at a gas station.

Alex got hired but every two years when the team changed president and board members they wanted to fire him because he did not work at all.

All he really did was get into the car next to my husband, drive along for seven or eight hours and watch his cell phone. When things got tough Alex would hide, walking to the crime scene when the danger was over. My husband thought nothing of it because outside the job Alex was a good friend.

So every two years my husband put up a fight to keep Alex in the team which cost him the relationships with the new board members but he did not care. Alex, however, would never stick up for himself, he would even become friends with all of them.

Five years into the situation I became friends with his wife, Tina, as well, and we spent a lot of time together. We even went on holiday altogether. They would lie to us, steal from us, hide events, etc. We slowly became aware of their true nature.

On our last trip, a family member of them told my daughter that we had to be careful of what we told them because Tina was telling her all our private stuff.

I had had enough. When Tina phoned to give me an earful of how my daughter was not supposed to talk to her sister-in-law, I told her what I had just found out and hung up.

A week later I heard from another colleague of my husband that Tina had called the wives of every one of the team and lied about things I had said about them. Luckily most of them did not believe her but one woman would not speak to me again.

That same woman and her husband went on a holiday to Asia with Alex and Tina a year later. Turned out they had been going out all the time we were friends and we never found out.

Anyway, the ‘revenge’ if you can call it that is that they posted pictures of their trip on social media where Alex’s brothers discovered that their brother who always told them he could not provide for their ill mother and never had anything to help them out, was happily smiling on an expensive trip.

They called him out on it, he had to travel to the main city and help out. Due to that, he was forced to resign.”

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ligu1 2 years ago
DUUUUUMB for 5 years everyone knew their true nature and your husband "did not care" until it affected you both.
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