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Kipa sis can buy the deodorant herself. She's an adult.
As someone who hates roller coasters but loves theme parks, you compromise. One ride she likes, then she holds the bags, then one ride she likes, then she holds the bags. I love waiting in line with my friends then I just get out if line and wait for them to get off. I wave at them or go get snacks while I wait. Then we go on my rapids ride. If she doesn't like any thing there, then she should have just let you have a day with your friends.
Sorry my dude, you're a jerk. No. You are under no obligation. However, your attitude is what makes you the jerk. You knew it was raining. You knew they were desperate. You ignored them for petty satisfaction, that makes you a childish jerk. Was it justified? Perfectly, but it was still a jerk thing to do.
NTJ but you should have blocked him again right afterwards so you didn't read his response.
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