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Seriously?!? You're not doing well financially and you're buying Jeffree Star?!? For crying out loud. This kid is two. That isn't old enough to understand ownership. If you care so much about your high-end make-up you'd take care of it by making sure it was out of a 3foot reach. Obviously you aren't mature enough to handle expensive makeup. Live within your means and buy things at a lower price. No 7 year old needs make up that expensive either.
You don't continue cooking a boiled egg. He was already boiled, why did you continue cooking it? That being said, there is zero excuse for his words. What a heinous person.
Umm... at that point it's kidnapping.
ESH. The teens are too old to share a room. In the US it's a huge issue for a male and female to share a room. Depending on the size of the room, all the girls should be in it and the boy would be in the living room. The teens are old enough to get part time jobs. Tell them bluntly what is going on. They should be able to help buy food and supplies at the least. Good luck and sorry for your loss. You're doing amazing.
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