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I do not see the word "thingy" in Squidmom's comment? However "wacky" is an actual word and is appropriate in this incident.
Thank you! I was wondering the same thing! I have also noticed other words being used like "interesting" and "curious" in place of the real words. At first I thought it was being done to avoid words people found offensive but now it is everywhere.
One part that is confusing me is "I think around that time it was 20K (now it’s 20K)." that's the same amount. Now I must say that when I married my husband I had no idea what he had saved and when he did tell me I never thought that he should pay off any of my debts. She sounds like a selfish person and I believe she married you to "bail her out" regardless of knowing what you had, she could tell you were a saver versus her being frivolous.
And he got what he wanted on where they will get married. So they are equal on that. Since where they will be married is convenient for him and his family then the engagement party should be for the convenience of her and her family. I feel truly sorry for any females in your life.
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