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Someone who just wants to stay in his room playing video games does expect everything to handed to them and it is reasonable for a parent to expect them to do something else, a club, part time job, volunteering, etc. And don't even get me started on a all the sno flakes stating that the child is "burned out" ‍♀️
NTJ You don't state your gender or gender identity but, a study was conducted in UK and the result showed that many women would not go to the gym for feeling uncomfortable with men approaching them and wanting social interaction, sometimes bordering on harassment, when all they wanted was exercise. I'm sure that men, non-binary, etc can feel the same way. I cannot afford a gym at the moment but when going had occasions where someone would approach me. On occasions said people would not take the hint of my short and cold answers and I had to ask 2 or 3 times to let me be. If that does not work go to one of the managers and report the issue.
NTJ but it's actually very simple. When he tells you something needs to be done just reply "OK, then you go and do it!". Sorted. If he still doesn't do it it's his problem. Alas
NTJ While I feel sorry for the little girl, I understand where you're coming from. It can't be easy on you. He had an affair and now wants you to be responsible for the product of said affair. He obviously knows he messed up and it cost him a good wife and mother to his children and somehow he seems to believe his daughter should be entitled to that same good mother if he passes. Unfortunately, she is not and he is being a jerk for trying to force and manipulate you by using the children. Was I in
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