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YTJ. I am normally the last one to speculate about someone's gender or gender identity, but you make me look downright intrusive. You saw the best man as not very masculine - so freaking what? Why on earth would you be so rude as to bring your idea of gender into the conversation at all? Homophobic much? You're excruciating. I'm sure the "small stain in your relationship with your partner" is about the size of a football field. Don't be surprised when your partner dumps your homophobic @$$. Shame on you.
You suck as a parent. Shame on you.
YTJ. You live with your partner and haven't had a job in 10 years, and then you live with your ex under another screwed up arrangement, and you have the gall to be annoyed when your wife, your ex and all your children aren't delighted with you moving out of the country? I hope the weather is nice in your world. You're a heinous jerk.
NTJ, and the fact that Katie's own siblings didn't show speaks volumes. You have no obligation to go to anyone's funeral, much less someone who made your life miserable as often as she could. Tell your aunt and your sister to go pound sand and that you're not going to exhibit a grief you don't feel just to appease the two of them, or Katie's family, especially since it appears that the only ones who truly mourn her are her parents. Stand your ground.
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