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Go back and read. This momster didn't spend just two weekends in a row with the jerk; she spent EVERY WEEKEND with him, and every weekday from 4-8PM. Then Momster said she'd stop. And she did - for two weekends. And now Momster is again prioritizing her SO over her children. OP is NTJ.
Definitely NTJ. The bride even made a point of telling you why you weren't invited and then invited everyone else from this friend group? Yeah, I'm calling bull$h!t on the bride and everyone else in that group. Find yourself a group of friends that value you and ditch these two faced jerks. You can do much, much better.
NTJ. And to everyone squawking about OP making his sister's life harder, shut it. If she's stupid enough to have three children with this man, she's beyond saving. Nothing he'll do in response to OP's gift is anything new to her, and nothing she doesn't deserve for exposing her children to such a despicable man. And maybe, just maybe, if others start calling him out on his behaviour, he might back off a little. Narcissists HATE to be caught being $h!tty to their families; they're all about image. And maybe his wife will get a clue that she needs to ditch this jerk and protect her children from him like a DECENT PARENT would.
Definitely NTJ. My parents did the same thing you did for Lily, for a friend of mine whose alcoholic mother got p!$$ed at her for no reason one night and booted her out. She wasn't even 18. She called my folks and they told her to come on. She stayed with us for a few months, until her momster got her head out of her drunken @$$ long enough to realize that what she'd done to her underage daughter could easily have landed her in jail. My friend moved back home and finished high school without further drama, so far as I know. And 45 years later, my sweet friend still tells my how grateful she is to me and my parents for taking her in. Such a small thing, but oh, the effect. This is what you've done for Lily, and from what you've written about her, she will be equally grateful and appreciative. Gods bless you and your family, and tell Lily's heinous excuses for parents to p!$$ off.
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