People Squeal About Their Barbarous Revenge Stories

Getting long-awaited revenge is an awesome feeling. Sure, there are people who would tell you that it's better to let things go instead of making a huge scene about things. But truthfully, what is better than seeing that awful person who wronged you many times, suddenly squirming under your grasp? Revenge can be a fickle thing; sometimes it's warranted while other times it's not. It's up to you to decide who actually deserves a helping of revenge, and when it's worth letting karma take its course. Here are some stories about barbarous revenge from real people who decided, in that moment, revenge was certainly warranted.

34. Don't Park Where You Shouldn't Or Bad Things Will Happen


“I worked as a firefighter as an Investigator for an Independent Department (for information, an investigator was the rank of LT, and was based out of a Large Station, 2 engines, 1 newer 110 Tower Ladder Truck.. this will be  relative later) 1 chief car, and 1 Utility Truck. To give you an idea of the cast in this story, OP is me (Female, 5’11), Bob is my friend and store manager, Chief is my boss, and Entitled Jerk is a guy who just lost his car.

Every day the Food Duties changed from firefighter to firefighter. It was my Chief’s turn to cook when this happened.

My friend Bob worked as a GM of a small grocery store. There was a long empty space in front of the store marked with the following sign ‘Emergency Vehicles Only.’

Enter entitled Jerk, he had a nice-looking BMW car and always parked in the above spot every week.

Bob told entitled Jerk that he couldn’t park there, “I can park wherever I freaking want I make more in a day that you make in a week.” My friend calls me complaining about entitled Jerk. I agree to go and watch the spot. I get into our utility truck which had the department decals on the door and a single red light on the dash.

I park in the Emergency Vehicles only spot. As I am walking in I hear, ‘You can’t park there its my special spot.’

I turn and look at entitled Jerk, ‘Excuse me,’ I ask. ‘I am on official duties and can park there.’

I pointed to the decal on the door. Entitled Jerk looks and says ‘You can’t be a firefighter, you’re a girl, move your truck and leave.’

Now I’m proud of my job, in a department of 2,000, I was 1 of 5 woman.

I graduated top in my class.

I have a shocked looking expression on my face. I get really ticked off, so I walk into my friend’s office to get more information about his problem with entitled Jerk. Bob explains the continuous parking violations and I see a small notice on the fire suppression system (sprinklers) that said the inspection was coming up. I smile as I get a idea.

Cue the Revenge.

I get some information, leave Bob’s office and get into the truck heading back to the station. I arrive and head into my Chief’s office, I tell him of entitled Jerk and what he said and does, (Chief is a 6’6″ 320 Samoan, he sees everyone as family). Chief’s face gets bright red, I explained my idea and he gets very Happy. He rushes out and calls a Station Meeting, I lay out my idea.

We send out the station to do a fire drill/inspection by sending the old truck and 1 engine to the store. My friend will call the station the next time entitled Jerk parks in the fire lane.

Skip to 2 weeks later. Bob called the station stating that entitled Jerk had just parked. As I am thanking him, I hear his fire alarm go off. I rush and change into my investigator uniform with turnout gear, tell Chief, and send the trucks out.

I ride in the quint. We arrive and I see entitled Jerk’s car right in the emergency vehicle spot.

I radio to have 1 engine to pull right IN front of entitled Jerk’s car, and the truck to park right beside the driver side door. I get out and the engineer starts setting up the ladder which means 4 very large and heavy support struts go down and 1 crushes the front of his hood.

The alarm goes off. The lineman breaks his windows as he runs the large 5-inch draft line from the pump to the Standpipes (the fire access to the Sprinkler system.) through his front seats,

I go in to find Bob hurriedly getting people out as the alarm is going off. Entitled Jerk runs out of the store, sees his car and goes ballistic, I radio the police department dispatch and request a few officers to the store as I had a male who was impeding a fire operation.

The dispatcher says that they will send a few officers. 3 officers show up and I ask them to follow me, they do when I call out, ‘Hey, leave my firefighters alone!’

Entitled Jerk turns and sees me. He rushes up screaming that I’ll pay for damaging his precious baby (his car). I stop him and tell him that if he didn’t leave that alone,  he would be arrested.

He gets in my face ‘You did this, I’ll have your job for this!’ he than turns pushing me back.

The officers and I rush and tackle the entitled Jerk to the ground. After they cuff him, I calmly inform the entitled Jerk that he was under arrest for assault, and interference with a fire investigation and that his car would be towed for parking in a fire lane. (I later found out that it was crushed). Entitled Jerk got 12 months probation for pushing me and interfering with a fire operation, he also got a fine of $500 for parking, the cost of the tow, and he lost his nice BMW.

Moral of this story, don’t park where you shouldn’t or bad things will happen.”

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Granyseenitall 1 year ago
Would have loved seeing that--I really detest people who say "I make more money...."
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33. My Ex Was Horrible To Me, So I Made Sure To Win All My Jiu Jitsu Matches


“I broke up with my ex about three years ago after a tumultuous relationship. He gaslighted me, and love-bombed me, shamed, and made me feel like I needed him to do daily tasks. He slowly started to take some of my freedoms away, like driving to work, at first he insisted on driving me to work to save money, but then it became a thing where it was a way to control how I get to work and when to get off.

He isolated me from my friends, made fun of my family, and made me feel like I needed him.

Anyways, I started jiu-jitsu around the time I met him and he was maybe a couple of years into it. I was excited to start and learn, and would often try to show my ex some of the moves I learned because I figured it was a good way to bond.

But instead every move I showed him that I learned, he would counter it and go rough on me. I simply wanted to show him the move and not actually fight. When I signed up for a tournament he refused to show up and support me, and he would often tell me that I wasn’t very good. It was another way for him to control me.

So after that tournament, I placed fourth which sucked, and he basically had an ‘I told you so’ attitude. After that, things went way downhill for me and I quit jiu-jitsu for a bit. I broke up with my ex and sulked in my depression.

I did, however, get back into jiu-jitsu and started to work harder than ever. I was eventually promoted to blue belt. I started to compete again and lost pretty much the first 4 tournaments I did.

Eventually, I got better and started placing on the podium. This past weekend, I competed and won all my matches and got gold. I saw my ex at the same tournament, and I panicked a little but it was fuel for me to fight and win. I noticed that he was still a white belt, and when his match came up, I saw him instantly get choked out. I pointed him out to my teammate and we both had a laugh. It was a beautiful sight to see. And my ex lost all his matches and placed dead last. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had. Winning at something I was told I would suck at and seeing the person who told me this loss.”

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WayneD 1 year ago
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32. Steal My Work And Lie? I'll Ruin Your Coursework


“During college, I was doing a course on Health and Social care. It was what I specialize in, so I helped some classmates with their homework. One day, one of the people (Shaun) I was helping with coursework, decided to copy all the coursework I had on my laptop and turn it in as his own.

A few days later, I was called into the tutor’s office with Shaun about the recent coursework that was just handed in and that both of ours were identical.

Shaun then said “J must of copied me.” I was stunned into silence but I didn’t say anything because I knew that the tutor wouldn’t believe him and even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to answer anything from the coursework. The tutor said ‘As I can’t tell who copied who I’m going to give you 1 week to re-do this coursework.’

Shaun said ‘But I worked so harder on that coursework, it isn’t fair.’

I smiled and said, ‘Thank you,’ and asked if I could get started.’

Tutor agreed and both Shaun and I left.

A couple of days later, Shaun called me and apologized for copying my work and asked if I could help him. I agreed only because I had a plan to get him back. I told him to come around mine tomorrow afternoon and I can help him. I had 24 hours to get ready so I made fake coursework paper with wrong statements, laws, and coursework.

I  saved it on my laptop. Shaun came around and I went to the toilet to leave him with my laptop. He later sent it in again stating it was his own work but this time decided to delete it from my laptop so I wouldn’t send it in as my own.

2 days later Shaun calls me and swears and shouts at me for ruining his coursework and making him look a idiot. I told him he deserved it for stealing and hung up. He ignored me for the rest of the year.”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
Since you had it on your laptop you should have been able to prove to the tutor that it was your work.
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31. My Great Grandmother's Neighbor Cursed Her Out, So She Served Revenge Ice Cold


“This is a story from my parents about my great grandmother. She passed well before my birth but lives on mainly through this story and other small anecdotes. She was my father’s maternal grandmother so not much has been shared about her but this story is my favorite.

Maria is my great grandmother, Julia is my great aunt, and Richard is the neighbor.

It is a cold, snowy day in NYC in the either the mid-late 80s or the early 90s (pre-1995).

Maria and Julia were shoveling the street in front of their apartment, clearing parking spots for not only their cars but also for Maria’s husband who was away at work. They spent a fair amount of time doing so due to the large amount of snow. As soon as they finished and put the shovel away, Richard drove up and immediately took the spot. The two of them went up to Richard to try and explain that they were shoveling the spot for the family member who would not be home until late, but Richard had none of it.

He cursed them out and walked about a few feet to his apartment.

Julia and Maria watched him go inside. Almost as soon as he got inside, Maria told Julia to get the shovel. They spent another hour or so shoveling in Richard’s car, covering it completely with the snow they had cleared moments before. Once the car was very much covered, Maria took a kettle and poured hot water over the car, ensuring that the NYC freezing cold weather would turn the snow-covered car into a big block of ice.

Richard did not leave the house until the next morning when he had to go to work. He saw the car and immediately became enraged. Maria was at the window with a cup of coffee, smiling and waving to him when he turned towards her apartment. According to Maria, it took Richard at least 3 hours to get the car out. And she watched him the entire time with her good cup of coffee.”

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Haywire 1 year ago
Entitlement should get schooled and they definitely taught him a lesson.
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30. Karen Was Bad At Excel, So I Exposed Confidential Info


“So this happened a while ago. I used to work for a medical/retail center and I had a regional supervisor who I hated, ‘Karen.’ She was stereotypical. Fake blonde Karen cut, heels, attitude, everything, and there were only a handful of people in the company who tolerated her.

One day, our entire region (15-20 stores) got an email from her talking about a local sporting event with a theme night that we were all invited to.

We got excited, started planning, and got our families involved (per the email). Fast forward a few days and a coworker is talking on the phone to a person at the corporate office, which was local to us. The conversation proceeded as such:

Coworker: ‘Hey, I’m excited to hang out with you at the game next week!’

Corporate: ‘How do you know about that?’

Coworker: ‘What do you mean how do I know?’

Turns out the invitation to the game was ONLY for the corporate office to attend and nobody else was supposed to find out.

She wound up making herself look really stupid in front of all her bosses and had to send an apology email to everybody. And if this was the only time she was this tone-deaf, I’d have let it go, but it wasn’t, and I was mad.

So I kept a lookout for her emails like a good employee and saw that she sent an excel sheet with some black blots covering the total profit for stores in the area based on store number.

She was known to send emails like this to put emphasis on different metrics to make us look bad without factoring in shift coverage or patients per employee. So I opened it up in excel, noticed she hadn’t actually flattened the image, deleted the censors to expose the confidential info, and immediately notified my boss who sent it directly to her boss’s boss’s boss.

In this company, regular employees knowing profits was a HUGE no-no. And unfortunately, being a lowly wage slave, I didn’t get to learn about the repercussions she faced, but she got fired maybe a month or so after this incident. She met me more than ten times over my 2 1/2 years and never even bothered to ask my name. And fun fact: I was there longer than her.”

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29. You're Going To Call The Tenant? Sure, You Can Talk To Him Right Now


“This story is about a job I just quit.

We were moving to another office, so things were chaotic. Days were really hot, so when we discovered our new office didn’t have any A/C, we were crushed. We tried to work there anyway, but two members started getting dizzy and weak, so we called our boss.

He was solving some problems at our previous location, but told us to go home and not come the next day, since he’d buy a new A/C and install it then.

We were happy with the free day off, and my boss went on his way to buy the equipment. This story is about what happened when he bought it.

So this new office was somewhere fancy. Our boss was a tenant in this building, and there were doctors, lawyers, dentists, all kinds of fancy people. Everyone wore a suit and tie and, since most of the tenants were rich, the building’s workers were super polite – mostly because some tenants were rude to them, acted entitled and tried to get them fired for petty reasons.

Anyway, my boss called some of his friends and said ‘Hey, would you help me install an A/C in my new office? I’ll pay you with some beers’, and they accepted. Since it was, again, REALLY hot, my boss and their friends went there the next morning wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals.

They were greeted by someone who worked there – I don’t remember his name but I’ll call him Assistant – who knew who my boss was and would follow him around, answer his questions, help him with any info about the building or the room…

You know, a good human being. He was supposed to know all tenants, so everybody liked him, but I guess he wasn’t in a leadership position because his workmates didn’t seem to enjoy his presence. He didn’t seem to care, though.

So Assistant greeted my boss and followed him to our new room. My boss said he saw the Receptionist look at them with disgust because of their clothes, but didn’t think much about it (what were they supposed to do? There was only one entrance).

They went upstairs and started working.

Eventually, my boss noticed he forgot some tool in his car. No prob. Assistant went with him, they got it, and came back. At the reception, again Mr. Receptionist looked annoyed. Meh.

My boss, who I admit wasn’t the most organized, noticed he forgot to buy something. Okie dokie. Assistant, always happy to help, followed him to the entrance and waited for him to buy the tool somewhere near and come back.

Again, as they got in, Receptionist looked angry. Hm…

For the third time, my boss had to go through the reception to do something or get something he forgot. Assistant went with him, assuring him it was okay and he had every right to come and go as he pleased. But this time, Receptionist had enough.

When my boss got into the building, he saw Receptionist coming in his direction, fuming.

But he didn’t say anything to my boss. Instead, he went straight to Assistant and, completely ignoring my boss, said something along the lines of:

‘What the heck is this?! Why are those people coming and going like there’s no order in this building?! Why don’t you do anything?!’

Assistant just looked at him and said calmly: ‘I’m sorry, but they need to make as many trips as necessary to install their new A/C today, so that tomorrow the team can work without any interruption or discomfort.’

‘I don’t care!’ said Receptionist.

‘Those people are annoying our staff, our guests and our tenants! This building is no place for them. If you don’t stop this mess right now, I’m gonna call the tenant and tell them you’re allowing such people in his new office!’

I think you can guess what happened next.

According to my boss, Assistant’s face lit up and he smiled.

‘Oh, really? Please do. You can talk to the tenant right now, if you’d like,’ and he turned to my boss, who just looked at him with an innocent ‘Yes, how can I help you?’ face.

My boss said that Receptionist’s face went WHITE. He tried to say something, but couldn’t pick the words, so he just left in a hurry. My boss and Assistant laughed a while about it and went back to the office.

The A/C got installed and we worked the next day with ease.”

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Haywire 1 year ago
How does a receptionist not know who their boss and tenant is?
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28. If You Want To Keep Your Job, Don't Be A Creep


“So I took a break from my landscaping job that I worked at for 9 years (at this point) to try food service and I worked at an ice cream place that’s not Dairy Queen but it’s known for their ‘like it, love it and got to have it’ sizes. And this place was in Mall of America in Minnesota. I worked as the manager of one of two stores in the mall but sometimes I would hop between both if need be.

Now this story takes place well before I left that job.

So when I started, there was a general manager named Alex who seemed like a good guy at first. He was willing to work with me and I basically was the general manager for him when he wasn’t around (which I found out would be annoying very quickly). I slowly started to find out though that he was not, in fact, a great guy.

He also had a buddy who worked at the second store in the mall who was basically a carbon copy of him. The thing I noticed right away is that he was kind of lazy and didn’t like to do a lot of work. Straight up did not do his job so I had to save his butt half the time. Also, he had access to the store cameras on his phone so he could pretty much watch everyone and spy on everyone whenever he wanted.

Then it got worse.

One of the kids who worked with me, Hannah, told me that he had said some creepy things towards her. Like straight-up harassment levels of creepy. Things like ‘you have a nice body.’ And other things of that sort. And once that information got out, another female coworker told me the same thing. Oh and I should mention that these girls were both young.

Now for some context, Hannah doesn’t take crap from anyone. So obviously she fought back when he commanded her to do something ridiculous. He responded by going on the work group chat and arguing with her for everyone to see. He wanted me to fire her which I was not going to do just because he was all butt hurt. So me and Hannah hatched a plan, a malicious compliance if you will.

Now Alex had always told me that whatever the owners say goes and it’s their word over his (even though he never did what the owners told him to). So I called the owners, told them everything about Alex and how he wanted to fire Hannah and why I didn’t think she deserved to be fired over pettiness. They told me to let her come in on her next shift.

Now remember when I said he had access to the store cameras? He must’ve seen her come in because I then get a call from him asking why she’s there to which I respond ‘oh yeah OWNER A told me to let her come in.’ He just responded with ‘oh’ to which I replied back with ‘and they know everything OK bye have a good day.’

And now the fallout… Within the next week, Alex and his buddy were both escorted out by the owners.

I’m guessing his buddy was guilty of some of the same stuff otherwise why else would he leave at the same time? We got a new general manager who was absolutely a joy to work with and I do miss him from time to time but I visit that place every so often just to say hi and he still gives me my manager discount that I had when I worked there.”

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27. Asking For Money? Send This Back And I'll Send Double


“So when I grew up, I had about 5 other siblings in different ages and I was a half brother to all of them.

Anyway, my oldest brother hated me growing up. Mostly because everyone kept saying I was an identical copy of our dad, someone my brother and I looked up to. He bullied me pretty hard, stole my Legos, broke buildings and cars an so on when I was a wee kid.

When I got older, I was told by mutual acquaintances he had spread the rumor I was gay and such rumors at the school (this was the mid 90’s not even near the tolerance we have now). I had the fortune of a closer aged brother who looked out for me but since he was 2 years older, every school term was a living nightmare.

Anyway, our dad died and we had a falling out that was pretty harsh.

We ended up fighting after the funeral after our aunt said I’d be keeping the memory alive and my brother flipped out. I’m no Saint but I try to not fight that much or cause people to fly off their handles. I tried to downplay what she said like I did most of my life. So we didn’t speak for years.

I got a notification a month or so ago about him having some financial issues and calling our other siblings for help and advice.

So I did what any good little brother would do, I sent him about what would be 5k dollars and a note sating ‘No matter what we are brothers. If you send this back I’ll send double.’

I know my prideful brother never wants help. I also know how much it would tick him off or maybe he’d be thankful enough to leave me alone. I’m told he told our sister about it, asking what my plan was and she replied ‘That’s just our little brother.’

I don’t plan to ask anything back or an apology or anything it’s just knowing that despite anything we are brothers and the fact he’s gonna hate it and won’t be able to act on it that gives me a satisfaction on this revenge.

And I’m pretty sure my other siblings know I’m donating spitefully but considering they know our history, they don’t care. I also know that being more well off than him with a working wife and a proper and safe job are things that grid his gears.

Not the best revenge or conventional but meh, it’s something that isn’t illegal or punching someone a head taller than me.”

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Haywire 1 year ago
Definitely being the bigger brother even if it's figuratively and not literally.
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26. Tell Me Not To Contact You Again? No Problem


“A few years back, 2017, I got my first job. It wasn’t much but it was decent hours and money. Summer came and I had an offer for a seasonal, May – October, part-time job. I accepted it because it would be a good way to make some extra cash to buy a motorcycle. My main job was going well but the problem was the seasonal one.

I am the kind of guy that if you are treating me well I will go to the extra kilometer (mile) but if you are a jerk I will treat you accordingly.

The part-time job was for a family who had:

Rental cars

Travel agency (mostly with Polish and some Czech and Latvians)

Bus tours

I was helping with the bus tours at the office in the city center while the dad was located in the North of the island.

Without going to many details this is how they worked:

Reps were meeting customers at the hotel to sell them tours and submit every booking in our system.

We keep everything on track until the last booking is submitted and then make lists based on the location (North or South) of the hotel with the number of customers from each hotel

Send them to the boss (dad) via FAX, yes FAX.

Call the boss later to give us back the driver and pick-up times for each hotel.

We send the lists with pick-up times and drivers to the tour guides.

My job was to confirm with the reps that I had everything, make the lists for the boss, send them via FAX, and then call him again so he will tell me which drivers will work and pick up times so I can then forward to the tour guides with new lists and customers names.

The problem starts with the reps. Reps were complaining that they didn’t have enough time to submit the bookings after every meeting so they were calling the office after each meeting to give us the information we needed before submitting them at the end of their day. Of course, every single time they were submitting more bookings than the ones they had told us on the phone but that’s not relevant.

It’s August, if I recall correctly, Sunday around 18.00 when the jerk boss calls me and yells that he needs the lists etc. I reply calmly that I had to do everything by hand (call every single rep and write down all the bookings) because reps didn’t submit anything in the system and that I will call him back in 10 minutes with the lists. He replied ‘Send me a FAX and don’t contact me again.’ So I did.

18.20 I send him the lists. Usually, I called him so I can continue my job but he told me not to contact him again that day.

20.30 and I didn’t have any news but it was half an hour before my shift. So, what I did was I made some lists based on my experience and I sent them to the guides without pick-up times and drivers.

21.00 I turn off everything lock the door and off to my home.

Next morning, around 6.00 am, there was a chaos. Everyone was calling to find the information that was missing. I guess he was contacted more than once that morning.

Customers were complaining about delays, etc., with some of them asking for refunds or discounts. With extra complaints to their travel agency back in their country.

When I came in for my shift the next day, his daughter asked me what happened and I replied with a relaxed tone ‘Your dad told me not to contact him again..’ and continued my job.

From that day on, he made sure I had everything I needed on time.”

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25. Want Me To Turn Around One Minute Before I Arrive? Okay, You Can Pay Me Twice


“I did some service work on advertisement displays on gas stations. Working on gas stations is highly regulated. You need to wear protective clothing (signal west, goggles, security boots, helmet) and secure your workplace (1,5m around you nobody else is allowed) even when you are working in the customer area where everybody else – including the staff – walks around casually.

The certifications needed to do this work are boring as heck, take a whole weekend of my precious time and must be done once a year.

If the oil company finds out you did not follow this protocol, you risk your contract. Our customer explicitly writes in every work order and sign-of-sheet that this protocol has to be or was followed. We techs sign this. If we do not follow protocol we are really really screwed.

Now let’s get started:

I was having a really bad day. The last call was somewhere remote but from where I was, it would only take an hour to drive.

From where I usually start, it would be more than two. The reported error was something that could be solved easily by rebooting a system – and frankly we have never understood why this was an issue that needed an on-site visit from us. But the customer insisted.

When this particular error happen,s we usually go on-site, suit up, tell the manager what we need to do and ask them to step a little to the side.

In 9/10 cases the reboot button can be reached with a long screwdriver so no ladder and no secured work area are needed. Takes less than 5 minutes. Confirming that everything works with the customer, it takes 10 minutes. This stretches the security protocol just a little bit, but we all (techs working with this customer) agreed that this would be OK, nobody would be endangered and in this special case everyone would benefit.

So I called dispatch and informed them at 1500 that I would head out to this location. At 16:00 – I could literally see the sign of the gas station up ahead – my phone rang and I was informed that our customer ordered me to abort, because ‘today they only work until 16:30’.

I tried to reason that this job would be done in less than 15 minutes and that I already was on site.

No. Customer wanted to leave early today.

I was furious.

So as I arrived the next day, I did what every responsible tech would do: I assessed the situation and found that the one-button I needed to push was just out of reach and thus I needed to set up a ladder. This meant I needed to set up a proper workplace. This meant by the safety regulations I needed to close down the registers.

I informed the manager and to my great surprise, he did not like this. Dispatch informed our customer of the situation. I was told to wait while they discussed the situation. An hour later – I had a nice chat with the manager and a really good coffee – the customer asked if I could do the work without securing my work zone.

Naturally, I informed them that I am a certified technician and that the security regulations are very clear about what has to be done.

I also reminded them that it was in their work order and sign of sheet (that I and the local manager need to sign) that all security measures had been taken.

They needed to discuss the matter a little more so I got another coffee.

An hour later, I was asked again to just do my work without closing down the registers. I reminded them of security protocol but offered to do as they asked if they would send me this in writing.

One coffee later, I was cleared to leave the site.

This COULD have been the end of it. But no! As this device still needed a reboot, I got a work order for it two days later. And lo and behold! The button was STILL just out of reach. Same game, same outcome.

So instead of letting me do my job when I was already on site, they paid me an absurd amount for not doing my job because of a very strict security protocol they insisted on.”

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24. My Roommate Is Messy, But Today He's Cleaning


“I’m a clean person. I definitely like my spaces clean and visually appealing. Unfortunately, my housemate creates 90% of the mess, dishes in the sink for a week (a dedicated dirty dish sink for him – so gross), leaves fried fish grease pans on the stove overnight (smells up the whole house), tracks dirt into the house (the floors are nasty af), and leaves stuff laying out (like dirty socks and used dental floss in the living room).

He is just generally dirty; never mind the indiscriminate and loud belching, sun up to sun down.

I always clean up more than my share, particularly in the kitchen because, ftlog, I refuse to put my clean food on his dirty counters. I try to leave the rest of the house alone, but it’s so annoying. Usually, I just stay in my room. We get along socially, but generally, he’s not my cup of tea- at all.

The only time he ever DOES clean (and I help) is when we are having friends over, which is about once every 2 months. Tonight we planned on celebrating a birthday, but the birthday girl is sick, so she cancelled. I texted everyone else to let them know, but when I went to tell my roommate, I heard him doing the dishes (gasp!) and thought I’ll tell him LATER once he actually cleans a bit more.

For the past 30 minutes, I can hear him organizing and cleaning, and he just spent 1/2 of that time vacuuming.

Once it sounds like he’s finished- I’ll be sure to let him know that tonight is cancelled. Until then, I’m staying in my room and letting him clean up his own messes, which I know he wouldn’t do otherwise.

It’s not even noon and it’s already a win of a day!”

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sceri1234 1 year ago
You should wait until about 1 hour before anyone is supposed to arrive.
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23. You Want Me To Print Everything? Sure Thing


“In the early 2000s, I worked as a Unix Administrator at a small company that sold flowers. Back then we had multiple roles including security, database, mail and network administration. One of my roles was to create the IDs for new salespeople across the world. It wasn’t a huge amount of turnover, but each Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, there would be a huge uptick as temporary staff got added.

We’d add about a thousand temporary sales and inventory workers leading up to these days.

To create the IDs, I generated a report and ran a script. However, I had to get approval from a manager before I could actually create the IDs. Each new user had a bunch of data including name, extension, etc.. The process was to print out the user packet and send it to the manager for approval.

With one or two people it’s no big deal to print it out. With a thousand users, I figured I’d just send a spreadsheet with a column to approve or not. I wrote the report that generated the CSV and it was a lot easier for me to use than printed pages.

I sent the spreadsheet to the manager. He never replied. I followed up with a call and resent the e-mail.

He said he’d get to it. A week later it hasn’t been approved and another 100 users are pending. I remind him that I need his signoff. He still doesn’t get back to me. Finally I get hauled up to some senior manager to get scolded. I explain that I need the approvals and that I’m waiting.

The approving manager is ticked off when he hears. He screams to his boss that I didn’t follow procedure and print out the forms.

The forms have to be filed (apparently). You know where this is heading.

By the time I finished printing, we’d gone through 5 reams of paper and dozens of folders, staples and other supplies. All of this so the approver can check off the approval and sign his name. On top of that, I then had to process each individually. It took two days for something that normally took two minutes.

I get the need for paperwork and bureaucracy. If someone gets added without approval that’s a bad thing, as they have access to all customer data. But the policy changed immediately after this to allow an email and a single printout of all names as the required paper trail.”

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22. Park In My Spot? You're Walking Home


“Never thought I’d actually post on this but here I am. So backstory, a ‘handyman’ (he’s not very good) is working on the home where I rent a room. I have 4 roommates including the woman who owns the home, so parking can get a bit tight around the house. We each have our own assigned parking spots for the house and are only allowed one car per person to keep it easy.

If you have guests, they park down the street or off the side street. In addition, this handyman is having some ‘fun-loving time’ with the lady who owns the house, and I have no problem with this as he does it on his off time and it’s not my business – I live in the house, I don’t manage it and people can do what they want.

BUT this handyman parks in my spot when I’m not at home (i.e. work or out for dinner). I’ve told him and he still parks there.

So I got home today and was called back into work to fix an issue, which I happily did and stopped off for dinner afterward. After eating and working, about 1.5 hours had passed. When I pulled up to park, his truck is sitting in my spot.

I know why he’s here, he’s having some fun time with the owner, which again no issues with me, but again he’s in my spot. So I pulled in front of his truck, so I’m horizontal to the front of the truck. I have to work at 5:30am (or at least get up) and I go to bed early as a result. Hope he’s done with his business before I go to bed tonight, cause once I’m in, I’m not moving.

Clock’s ticking.

So I went to bed without being asked to move, and resolved that now I’m not gonna. I then get woken up by pounding on my door, and look at my phone, it’s 3:30 am. I groggily answered the door and was greeted with ‘Hey go move your car I need to go’ by handyman. Now, I’m reasonable. Had he come apologizing or been, nice I probably could’ve done so, but now I was on the defensive.

I said ‘Do you know what time it is?’

He said ‘3:30.’

I said ‘I wake up for work in two hours, ask me then.’ And I shut my door.

He continued pounding for about 15 minutes before both my landlady and other roommates told him to shut up. When I woke up, I got dressed and, without a word, walked outside and moved my car. Handyman was complaining behind me the whole time and quickly sped off once my car was out of the way.

When I finished moving, my landlady was in the kitchen where I make breakfast and asked why I didn’t move last night. I told her about the repeated parking situation, me asking handyman to stop doing so, and that I was mad when I saw him in my spot again. She actually jaw dropped when I talked about asking him to stop and told me ‘Handyman said he asked you and you said it was ok…’ (he has everyone’s numbers in case he needs to get into a room to do work on something and ask permission). She apologized for last night, and left the room.

Well, now it’s time for me to go to work and hopefully, he’s either more considerate or she throws his butt to the curb!”

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21. My PE Teacher Was A Misogynist, So I Boycotted PE


‘When I was in high school I was quite athletic, I adored sports and did well in any event that didn’t involve a net at the center (tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc. I sucked at those).

In year 9, our class had a male teacher who would split the class into girls vs. girls and boys vs. boys. A vast majority of the girls in my class weren’t interested in sports and it made the class extremely boring for me as a result, so I requested to join the other group and was told I couldn’t.

When I asked why this was, he told me that whilst I had the ability to play against the boys, most of the rest of the girls didn’t and if he said yes to me, he’d have to say yes to them too.

I decided to boycott PE as a result and was sent to detention for refusing to participate. I’d always been a good student, so when I explained the situation to the teacher running detention and asked to leave to speak to one of the senior staff of the PE department, they had no issue with it.

Now this teacher had previously played for Australia in the women’s hockey team and I’d also bonded with her on a school camp the previous year. She was absolutely mortified when I explained the situation and assured me that this would not be an issue going forward.

From the next lesson onwards, the separation of genders was abolished and when the more delicate girls complained, the teacher made it clear that it was my ‘fault.’ It never would have been an issue if he had just let me compete to my ability and I would have cared more for the other girls’ feelings on the matter if they weren’t all bullies of mine, but as far as I was concerned, that was a flock of birds with one stone.”

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20. Scamming Me On EBay? I'll Register Your Email Everywhere


“So the story starts at the beginning of the viral respiratory illness when the price of PC components has gone through the roof. I was in the process of building a PC I had been saving toward for months. Finally got to buying a second-hand graphics card on eBay (a big mistake). The seller had good feedback (a dozen or so selling items) and I got a tracking number the next day.

A week or so later still no box, so I contact the seller who says it’s posted. I check the tracking number and it still says it hasn’t been dropped off at the post office or picked up. A lot of back and forth later the seller ignores my messages. I recheck his feedback and he has 15+ negative feedback scores in the past week for the exact same item with the same issue.

Realizing the guy was trying to make off with my coin, I got eBay on the case who said because there was tracking I would have to wait at least a month for any action. Feeling very unhappy with this,  I did a bit of digging on his PayPal account. He had made nothing private. Full name, phone number, and postcode were visible.

So I go on to the AutoTrader website and using his name, phone number, email address, and postcode, I register for over 20 test drives at various dealerships within 100mi.

Newsletters? of course! Brochure? Just send it here! Courtesy call to confirm test drive and discuss upgrade options? Why not! I do this every day for over a week.

Never heard from him again but I did get the cash back eventually and his account was banned. I do wish I could hear his phone ring for the 50th time in a week telling him about the latest Skoda Oktavia deal.”

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19. You Don't Like My Company T-Shirt? Your Shirt Is Counterfeit


“One former supervisor I had tried to get attitude-y with me wearing a polo shirt; one that I ordered through the agency website with the agency seal/logo on it at least 2-3 years prior to this particular summer, for a senior official visit. First her gripe was that I didn’t wear my over coat (with the logo also on it). So I am told to wear the over coat.

EVEN THOUGH MY SHIRT HAS THE LOGO ON IT and she didn’t have one since she just started but she didn’t say this to me until AFTER our boss left.

After that she kept moving the finish line … First; it does not have my name on it. So I wore it with my name tag with it. Next she says ‘it is out of place’ (the name tag) so I have to wear my coat.

Next, during another official senior staff visit, I wore another polo I had, this one (as well as the others after this one) DOES have my name SEWN on it and shows off my muscles more. Then somehow in her bird brain, it makes sense to put in writing that since ‘everyone in the section does not have one’ and I can’t wear it as ‘it may seem inappropriate’, ‘especially for official visits.’

For goodness sake!

This moron actually shows up with an ‘off version’ (I explain that later) of my first shirt but without her name on it and says she doesn’t have to/can’t wear a name tag because she is a woman.


A few weeks or months later. I happened to have a bright RED polo in my locker when they came again (unknown to me beforehand, somehow). So change in to it before so they come to our section so she can’t stop me but does see me and gives me a shady look. RIGHT BEFORE they get to her, I point out to our immediate boss in front of his bosses, LOUDLY that her shirt does NOT have her name on it, IS COUNTERFEIT because the logo is wrong, and even the writing in the seal is CROOKED and in the WRONG FONT!

Nothing tragic happened to her but certainly good either; It was put out through the official newsletter that if we are to buy or wear company items, ensure they are from an authentic source. She didn’t say to me about my shirts after that and I never saw her in one (real or fake) ever again… I’m still with them and she is not though.”

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18. Don't Want To Fix The Elevator? Meet The Stinky Cart


“While I was earning my bachelor’s in chemistry, I worked for the university’s Hazmat department. My job involved inspecting labs, disposing of old chemicals, occasionally giving people the ‘you have to be kidding me’ stare and plenty of other fun activities so our esteemed researchers can figure out science in a safe environment.

Quick description of the campus: one building was a more recent construction. It has two wings and was shaped like the vaguely S-shaped Tetris block no one loves.

The east wing was full of laboratories: three full stories, and a basement of labs. Cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, deadly banana fungus research, the place housed a most prestigious staff of brilliant minds trying to solve the world’s problems. The West wing housed the administrative offices of the university. Accountants, bookkeepers and assorted bean counters, HR and desk jockeys, all the way up to the dean.

People who, unlike their eastern counterparts, seemed to be the cause of many baffling questions like ‘Why are our emergency expenditures still not approved?’, ‘Why is there a problem with my pay slip again?!?!’ and ‘Why is there so much red tape?’ That building was connected to the rest of the campus via underground tunnels, accessed via the basement, and had one elevator per wing.

Now the thing is that the loading dock is in another building.

So when the labs receive their orders of chemicals, they grab their cart and scoot down the tunnel to the arrivals, load up their cart and carry it back to the lab to be safely stored (on penalty of getting the ‘Are you kidding me’ stare or a long lecture by my boss). Important point, the rules prohibit using the stairs with hazmat: elevator only. It’s safer this way.

So one day, the science wing’s elevator breaks down. I send a request to have it fixed, at least 4 lab employees also send it. We received the response that we all should use the administrative elevator. I reply that since one of the labs is on a sort of half floor, the only way to reach it is the science wing elevator or a flight of stairs, highlighted the risk of falling while carrying heavy boxes of chemical in the stairs or how there was no way to safely carry very heavy gas cylinders up those stairs.

They were having none of that: use the administrative wing elevator. They will call to have the elevator fixed, but it is considered ‘low priority.’ I showed the reply to my boss. He was the type of guy for who workplace safety is no laughing matter, and I was expecting him to reply with a strongly worded email, and about 4-5 paragraphs from various workplace safety laws text.

Instead, he had a strange smile. ‘Oh, don’t worry Rum. It’ll soon be a priority to them.’

2 days later, my boss comes in ‘Rum, don’t forget the biohazard truck comes tomorrow. You should collect the wasts from the labs.’

Oh boy! Biohazard day! The day where I get to leave my office, visit every lab in the university, jokingly saying ‘Bring out your dead’ as I enter and having a chat with teachers, classmates and various lab aids.

I put on my lab coat and protective goggles.

‘And don’t forget: the elevator in the science wing is broken, you have to go through the administrative wing.’

Oh now I get it. See, when the pencil pushers decided that fixing the elevator wasn’t a priority… they didn’t realize that I would be walking around with a cart filled with containers bearing a bright yellow biohazard logo, and returning with them full of old pétri dishes full of culture medium.

And any biochemists/microbiologist worth their lab coat will tell you: culture medium stinks. It smells like regurgitated baby food left out in the sun.

So here I am, walking in front of all those nice offices and meeting rooms, the clack clack clack of my cart full of biohazard announcing my arrival, and the smell of death following me. Yes, I made sure that all bags were properly sealed, but it’s one of those powerful smells that just doesn’t care about that.

The nice lobby outside the elevator where people wait to meet the dean. Hello, sorry ‘bout the smell.

The meeting room with the open door. Sorry bout the noise. Can I get an update on that elevator?

People walking done the hall in their office suit. Wow, they sure do seem a bit nervous seeing a guy in lab coat driving around containers with the biohazard symbol on them. Should I tell them it’s harmless unless you’re severely immune-compromised? Nah.

Oh and my cart has only room for 3 of those containers, plus the new ones I leave to replace the full ones. Biohazard day is about 2 to 4 trips… per floor.

After the second of such Biohazard day, we got a message stating the elevator will be fixed over the weekend.”

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17. Need Me To Drive Over Two Hours? Have Fun Making Up For My Travel Time


“This is a story from my days as an on-call service technician.

As an enterprise-level security systems technician, I was put on an on-call rotation. The contract with City is “we don’t pay for travel time, only time on site, in increments of 15 minutes” (company pays me min 3h to do no matter what).

It’s Thursday of the first spring long weekend, it’s 5pm and I’m just about to leave the office.

We got a call from a the city for a water treatment plant way out on the most eastern part of the city. On a normal day, this drive is 1.5h, on a long weekend it’s 2.25h.

Client: ‘Hey terriblestoryteller, a truck leaving the plant clipped the gate card reader, and the lights apparently won’t turn on anymore, we need you to fix it.’

I ask the client, ‘Have you had mobile guard dispatch to test the unit, it’s a long drive on a long weekend for something that may be able to wait until Monday or not even be an issue.’

‘Sorry, he left for long weekend, and guards are busy at another site, T&C says you got to attend today, sorry dude.’

After 2.5h in brutal traffic, I get to the site, check in with the dispatch and find that ‘No one has tried to get into this gate for over 24h.’ Nope, not one person has even tried to use the gate.

Wanna know why? It’s an exit gate. The only time it’s used for entry is when the other gate is down, or when full sized trailers need to access the site (which only happen once a month for chemical deliveries).

This gate is not important for a long weekend emergency service and could have waited for Monday 9am when the guy who lives down the street could have attended.

Cue malicious compliance:

Manufacturers recommendation require me to follow multiple steps to replace faulty devices. There’s a lot of things I can normally bypass to save time, but the contract T&C with the city require I follow all appropriate steps to prevent damage to controller.

Need access to the main controller and the city guards have that, so I can’t start the repair process. Guards won’t be there for 35min.

They have to pay me while I do payroll and go grab a coffee.

With guard on-site, I follow each letter of the best practice guidance with meticulous detail and patience.

Oh shoot, the backboard on the pedestal needs some repair and modifications as previous integrator installed old reader poorly, but T&C requires me to make it right, so off to Home Depot I go.

With new reader installed, I have to make sure the wiring at head end is correct, it’s not, got to fix that, and I don’t have spare wire to do so, off to location B 15 min away to grab 6′ of wire.

Wiring all done, reader powered on, time to test and commission using convoluted testing sheets and dispatch to ensure proper functionality.

It’s now 9:30pm, I charged client for a new reader, new wiring, proper backplate assembly, and my time time to wait for the guard to bring keys and observe contract T&C.

I could have just swiped my card on the reader and left, but I’d rather the company make up for my travel time and labor.

I can’t remember how much the final bill was, I wanna say something like $1,000, but thanks to my notes on the worker, city paid in full.”

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16. Sleeping Through Presentation Time? Have Fun Studying Another Year


“Back in university, I had to team up with two of the guys from my class, but this story focuses on one of them. We had to prepare a demo teaching in which somebody was to deliver the teaching part. We all agreed that he would do the teaching and the others would prepare the paperwork (lesson plan and all the materials).

Time passes and it comes to the day of teaching.

Two of us were already there to check the computer and every other technological device so that nothing goes wrong. We become worried about him and decided to call him a few times to ask where he was. He didn’t answer. As a plan b, I had to deliver the teaching which I was not ready to do at all. We ended up getting graded very low and eventually failed the class and because of that, my school got extended.

The thing is he never apologized or tried to explain what happened and decided to withdraw from the class and take it from another teacher. I, however, had to wait two years for that class to have an opening in my schedule to be able to take it again, therefore extending the school.

But life is good. 3 years pass, and we are in our last year.

There was this translation class where you either pair up or work alone on two different translated versions of a book and write a report about it. All of a sudden, I get a text from him. “Hey bro, would you like to pair up with me and do this project together?” I accepted his offer. I knew it was his last year at school and he was going to graduate (and I still had one more year because of the other lesson), but throughout the semester, I absolutely ghosted him and avoided doing anything on the project. He messaged me a couple of times to check on me about the project, but all that was in vain.

He ended up failing the course. Have fun studying there one more year!”

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15. Customer Tells Me I Never Fill His Cup Correctly, So I Don't Fill It At All


“My first job was at Dunkin Donuts.

I loved the work and the free coffee, but management was poor. I was only there for three months. Like all coffee shops, we had our regulars. And every single one of them was nice. Except the guy this story is about. I don’t know what his problem with me was. I really don’t. I smiled, I used my manners, I did my best to make his drink perfect, but he hated me.

He always got hot chocolate. Which is weird. No normal person’s ‘usual’ at Dunkin is a hot chocolate.

So this man always brings in his own travel cup (this was 2017 before the viral respiratory illness). And he always indicated an imaginary line to fill the cup up to. This is where my frustration begins. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working at Dunkin, you know how the hot chocolate machine works.

You push the button for the size ordered, and a certain amount pours out. There is a stop button, but it’s not immediate. A little still dribbles out. The ‘small’ wasn’t enough. The ‘medium’ was too much. Which means twice a week when this man showed up, I’d have to to press the medium button, hit the stop button, and hope he is pleased. He never was.

It was always too much (I’d have to pour some out), or too little, (I’d have to hit the small button and stop button to pour more). It was infuriating! Some days a coworker would run the front counter, and he always accepted whatever she gave him the first time. The problem wasn’t the drink, it was me.

Anyways, my managers sucked and my co-workers were mean and I got tired of this place quick.

Hot Chocolate Man really just added to it. And one day I snapped. He had already come in the two days prior, and I rolled my eyes when he walked in. I was rude taking his order. And before he handed his cup to me, he said, ‘Now I have told you too many times, it needs to be filled to here,’ and pointed to his imaginary line.

‘Yesterday was too full.’

I had it. I snatched it from his hand and mumbled, ‘You don’t want it too full? Fine. It’s not gonna be too full.’ I went over to the machine, pressed the small, immediately pressed the stop, and took the cup out from under the spout. The excess that dribbled out splashed over the splash guard onto the floor. As I was walking to the counter, I looked down and there was MAYBE two sips in there. ‘Here.’ Shoved it towards him.

He saw what was in it. ‘Wait a minute.’ I did not. I had other customers. Another co-worker came and filled it up for him.

I quit two weeks later and only saw him a couple more times. But he always accepted whatever I gave him and didn’t complain.”

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14. Calling About My Auto? I'll Leave A Bad Review


“I get calls from ‘Allison’ who wants me to save on car insurance. She calls about 4 times a day. I used to always hang up, thinking they were robot calls for some sort of scam. But about two weeks ago I decided to see if I could get past the Allison bot and talk to a human.

It was very easy. ‘Allison’ asked me if I had car insurance, and I said yes.

Then how many cars I insured, and I said ‘three.’ She asked for my zip code and my insurer, and I gave her a zip from another state and a random company ‘State Farm.’ Then I got connected to a human. It was a salesperson for a real insurance company in another state, near the zip code I had given them. I got the name of the agency and while talking to them, I looked up the company on social media.

Once I found the agency, I hung up and left a review on their FB page saying that they contacted me through an Allison-bot robot call, and that I got those calls several times a day, and that it made me feel like the company was desperate and shady so I would never use them for insurance. I was careful to be truthful.

Since then, every time I get an Allison bot call, I do the same thing: give some random zip code and whatever insurance company name I think of at the time.

I give info to get to a human, find out the company and leave a review saying their robot called me and I didn’t like it.

Today I got a human, and got their agency name. This time I told the guy what I was going to do and how angry these repeated calls made me. He immediately sounded anxious, and practically begged me not to leave a review. I said that if I got one more, I would. He promised to take me off the robocall list with the company he contracted with.

I don’t know if that will work, but if not, I will keep leaving reviews. If they are fine with calling me dozens of times a week, I’m fine leaving reviews saying how annoyed I am about it.”

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13. Chad Didn't Like My Music, But I Did


“I(3 3F) am here with a story about Chad (36m) having issues with my music.

I am big into music. Not following one genre or artist per se, but music itself. My friends have described it as eclectic, and I agree. I’ve gotten some bewildered looks by the sheer random contrasts between songs.

Normally, when I listen to my music it’s with headphones in, or it’s only audible from the room I am in.

The only time I blast music is in my car.

Anyway, progressively over a few months, Chad made his disdain for my music known, he would go out of his way to criticize all of it. At first, I felt super bad that nothing I liked, could soothe his ears, but then it hit me. It wasn’t about what I listened to, but the fact that I was visibly enjoying it.

He would go out of his way to tell me to stop enjoying whatever I was doing. If he could not hear it, he would grab my attention to ask what it was, and then said he hated it.

So I started looking up the playlists that he had connected to his smart devices (TV/google home). I found that most of his music wasn’t bad. It was like an ’80s feel-good bop and movie soundtrack.

Nothing to evoke anything but happy feel good times. I would constantly hear him loudly belt it out, without bothering him.

So I started to play his music, figuring he would chill out. Nope. He got upset and stopped playing his music, stopped singing along, and generally stopped bothering me over the music.

Then I went and I put my music on his playlists before I left.”

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12. Make My Time On The Bus A Nightmare? Say Hello To My Boot


“A few years ago, when I was in 8th grade (I am now in 11th and 17F), I took the bus home from middle school. I would often sit in the back of the bus, as there wasn’t much room in the middle/front. Unfortunately, a fellow 8th grader, “J”, would also sit there. They harassed me plenty and made the 15-20 minute rides a pain in the butt frankly.

I actually used to be quite nice to him – he was the typical spoiled jock and I a near nobody in comparison. But, he decided to bully me, and so came the consequences.

For my 14th birthday, that early October, my mom got me a very nice pair of boots, with short, but sturdy and wide heels. I LOVE these boots and have worn them through these years, though less often during and sadly, 1-2 hooks for tying the laces have now fallen off.

This incident took place only a few days after my birthday, so I was wearing the boots for one of the first if not the first time ever.

After school, we boarded the bus and I sat across from J. Now, please don’t criticize me for continuing to sit near him despite the continued harassment. Administration only ever did very little if anything about his behavior, and like I said, no other options as the bus was crowded.

That day, the harassment was worse: J pulled out his phone and began recording me. Don’t tell me I should’ve told him to stop: we all know how well he would’ve listened. I wasn’t sitting near enough that my hands could reach the phone, but my feet could, so I began batting at the phone in an attempt to swat it out of his hands. I didn’t care if I broke the phone, but didn’t see that my boot had enough force that it knocked the phone out of his hands, continued traveling through the air, and knocked into his ugly face. The next few seconds were shocking: J seemed as surprised as I did, actually sobbed for a second or two, then shut up and began screaming at the bus driver, playing the victim.

He also grabbed my science project and threw it down the bus’s aisle. The bus hadn’t left yet, so it was delayed, and we had to get off for questioning. I was shaking like a leaf while talking to administration, but I never regretted hurting that moron for a split second, even if it was an accident.

Fallout was boring: I was banished to the very front seat of the bus, and he was allowed to keep sitting with his cronies in the back (bias? I would guess so.) He bothered me less and less after that incident. The last time he tried speaking to me was early in this school year, and after looking at his neckbeard with disgust and pretending to not recognize him, he walked away, mildly embarrassed.”

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11. Don't Help With The Group Project? Fine, Fail The Class


“So this happened a few semesters ago. I am a big history buff, always have been. Part of this history class was a group project where we had to pick a year of American history sometime during the 1800s and do a presentation on all the major events of that year.

I was known in the class for being a history buff and I partially feel this led to the group dynamics that we had.

I feel like my group members basically thought ‘Oh we got sondontplay, he’s going ace this for us.’

Well the project started, and the group became nonresponsive. All 3 of them. We had a discussion board we were supposed to talk in, but none of them responded, we had emails, none of them responded, we had a chat group none of them responded. After numerous attempts, I went to my professor and complained.

My professor said he’d send out a notice to all the students that they need to participate in the group project to get credit.

So rinse and repeat I tried again, and this time two people responded! One was Ashley, she made a half-butted attempt at setting up a time to figure out what year we were going to cover, and another was Scott, he needed his bachelor’s to get promoted and this was literally his last semester.

Ashley ignored the time we set aside, Scott basically said “Hey I’m super busy, this seems pretty easy I think, if you lead the charge” to which I said “Fine, let’s do XYZ year and can you find me some academic sources to use in the project?” Scott responded that he was busy but he’ll try.

I went to the professor again and said he’d speak to each student individually.

I don’t know if he did, or not, but the end result was the same. Finally, I went to my professor again and he said, “Do the project, anyone that helps from your group put their names on the project, and I’ll grade accordingly”

So over the course of two weekends, I knocked out the project myself, it was a pretty fun project and I enjoyed doing it so it wasn’t all that bad.

When I finished a rough draft of the project I thought I’d throw out…one more lifeline.

I emailed the group project to my group and I BCC’ed my professor.

In the email, I said ‘I completed the project, I need someone to clean up the citations, I need another person to do the graphics, and I need another person to proofread the project, please let me know who can do what.’

Two people responded.

One was another member of the group let’s call him Tom who said ‘I think the graphics look fine’ (Hint, there were no graphics, which means he never opened the file).

Another was Scott who said he’d clean up the citations.

None of them did anything and I figured they wouldn’t. Now this class was broken down into 6 potential grading components

Discussions: 10%

Quizzes: 15%

Mid Term Paper 15%

Mid Term Test 15%

Final Test 15%

Final Project 30%

Therefore it was nearly impossible to pass the class without doing the final project.

So I completed the project. I actually submitted it a week before the deadline. 2 days before the project was due all 3 of my group members reached out to me asking me if I had submitted the project. I said I had, it was a good project, and I’m sure it’d be graded well. They were all very happy to hear that.

Professor graded the project and gave me a 95% on it, which I was quite happy with.

The professor also wanted to clarify what contribution did I get from the rest of the classmates. My response? None, none of them helped.

I decided to inform the group of my good grade, they were all so happy many so confident they were guaranteed to pass the class…

Well, everyone else on my group project got a 0, because they didn’t help.

All 3 of my group members were REALLY TICKED OFF.

Especially Scott because Scott needed to pass this class to get promoted at work (he needed a bachelor’s degree and this was one of the last credits he needed)

I remember the call between Scott and I ‘You didn’t put my name on the project?’

I responded ‘No, I sure didn’t.’

‘Why not!’ he demanded.

‘Because you didn’t help, at all.’

In his defense he fired back ‘but I was busy with work’ to which I fired back ‘We all have lives, I also have a job, a wife, and a baby, I don’t need your excuses’ and to which he advised me that since he failed the class, he wasn’t getting promoted at work, and the promotion was really important to him.

To which I said, ‘If the promotion was important to you, you should have helped with the project, but apparently that promotion wasn’t as important as you claim.’

Ashley and Tom were both upset, but less so. Maybe they learned a lesson from it? After isn’t that what college is about? Learning.”

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10. I Need To Keep The Desk Tidy? I'm Taking That Personally


‘This happened nearly 5 years ago when I had first become a concierge at a high-rise condominium. I originally worked in the management office helping pick up the slack since the office was and still is overworked and understaffed. This is par for the course as the entire building is understaffed, including, of course, the concierge position. At the time, it was only the weekend shift that needed to be filled and I was given a pay raise to fill the Sunday morning (7am-3:30pm) time.

The shifts are pretty simple, morning, afternoon, and night shift with simple work to answer phones, coordinate valets to valet cars, and other simple tasks. I have it incredibly easy because Sunday is pretty much dead especially since the majority of the residents are retired.

Two things I was very good about were my logs which were very clear and concise and the cleanliness of the desk.

However, not too long after I started working as a concierge Terry, the weekday morning shift concierge whom I would relieve for his lunch break, began to feel threatened by me as I could easily keep on top of residents, guests, contractors, packages, and cars without much issue. It was one day I was working during the week that Terry had commented when he came in on Monday that the desk was a mess.

Mind you I worked the morning shift on Sunday, I had no control, nor was/am I responsible for the concierges before or after me. Still, I was irritated that he commented on the desk being a mess like it was my fault. So, when the next Sunday rolled around I went ahead and did my usual tidying up, but I extended it to cleaning out and organizing the drawers, throwing out old trash and the like, and I found a gold mine.

I hadn’t realized it immediately, but I found a giant stash of business cards from lord knows how many people. I knew Terry was the one who had collected them all, but he was the one who had said I needed to keep the desk tidy so I did what any one seeking petty revenge would do and threw away nearly 400 business cards.

Was it petty? Oh yeah.

Did I have a massive grin? You know it

Did it get even bigger when he asked about them the next day? You bet your behind it did.”

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9. This One Private Was A Jerk, So My Dad Helped Get Revenge


“One of the camps my dad went to, they had a sergeant there, harder than nails. Everyone under his command was the best at what they did and all super fit. Also, no-one messed around with Sergeant or anyone under his command.

Other lower ranked soldiers and CO’s were so scared of Sarge mainly because one day Sarge found out his own nephew was stealing from other soldiers.

Sarge drilled his own nephew non-stop.

Sarge got demoted and worked his way back to Sergeant. That’s where my dad comes in.

There was one private who got made troop leader for a bit (who my dad described as a first-class jerk in training, that also made screw-ups in training that seemed to be done on purpose). Every time the first-class jerk in training made a screwup, Sarge made him watch while everyone else did PT.

One day, everyone has had enough. First-class jerk in training had a separate bed near the front of the sleeping quarters. So carefully and as quietly as possible, 2 cupboards were pushed closer together and first-class jerk in training, has his bed lifted onto the top of the cupboards.

Bright and early the next morning Sarge is in there sounding the call. First-class jerk in training nearly knocked himself out he hit the floor so hard. Sarge sees it as his duty to start giving first-class jerk in training a serious dressing down right there, because (i) why is he playing games sleeping on top of the cupboards or (ii) why wasn’t he aware enough that someone had put him on top of the cupboards?

That’s when Sarge chose someone else for the new leader and no more problems.”

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8. I Stopped My Neighbor's Loud Parties And They Ended Up Moving


“Our neighbors had very, very loud parties frequently that would go until 3:00am or 4am even on weeknights. When I walked by his house to check my mail, he would mutter insults to himself about me and my kids. I tried to talk to him through his adult son because my Spanish isn’t that great and his English was no better. I didn’t feel good about calling the cops on him because he is a minority and his English is poor.

Nothing worked, other neighbors did call the cops on him and his family and it didn’t work anyway. Finally, I had completely had it and ordered this stuff called liquid butt. A couple of squirts were supposed to be effective but I didn’t know how well it would really work from the other side of our shared wooden fence.

The next party was on a Tuesday night and it was around midnight there was super loud music and tons of people dancing and drinking as usual.

I went outside and poured the entire 4-ounce bottle on my side of the fence along the fence line then quickly ran back inside. Within 20 minutes the music was off and the guests were chattering trying figure out what was wrong. The guests left to my delight and everyone in my house finally got some sleep. The following day there was a huge sewage repair company truck outside their house most of the day. A month later a for sale a appeared for one day and it was sold to a very quiet lady who said ‘I hope my wind chimes aren’t too loud for you.’

I do not miss them at all.”

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7. Don't Like Any Of The Photos I Take? Fine, I Won't Take Any At All


“My ex and I aren’t together for many major reasons, but there is one silly thing I’ll never forget.

When we were seeing each other, my ex complained that her exes never took candid shots of her. Fair enough. I’m not a fan of posed photos myself and I wanted to practice taking photos. So I get to practice with my favorite subject who is willing. Great, right?

Umm, nope.

Turns out the ex needs to approve every single shot I take. One time, I took a shot of her sitting in the balcony. Nothing fancy, just a casual shot. She grabbed the cam, deleted the photo, and told me I was forbidden to keep any photos she disliked even if I never showed them to any one.

So what am I supposed to do then? According to ex, I was supposed to take hundreds of shots so that she could approve maybe 10% of them if that.

What about shots that I like even if she dislikes them? Nope, must be deleted too.

Btw, this all happened way back before smartphones and social media were a thing. I was digging out my pocket cam for this. FB existed but hadn’t taken over our lives like it has now and Instagram was still in the future. So it’s not like I was blasting these shots all over social media.

But no, ex must approve every shot.

I just never took any photos after that. That in itself wouldn’t qualify as petty revenge, but we went on a trip to a really nice place sometime later and I still inwardly grin that there isn’t a single photo of her in that place, especially after she spent so much time digging out her nice dresses and whatnot for the trip.”

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6. Mess Up My Room? I'll Mess Up Your Oreos


“My 6-year-old brother is a pain in the butt to deal with. He is annoying, loud, and noisy. I mean, it’s normal for a 6-year-old to be loud but it just sometimes annoys me, however, this pushed me over the edge.

I told my 6-year-old brother to stay out of my room kindly and politely for privacy reasons. But he didn’t listen and when I entered my room to get my phone charger since my phone was dying my brother was in my room, sitting on my bed and my room is a total mess.

I was about to scream at him but then I got an idea.

Oreos are my brother’s favorite snack so I grabbed 2 for me and 2 for him. I removed the cream filling for my brother’s Oreos and replaced it with mayo and my brother thinks mayo tastes like ‘poo-poo’ so this is perfect!

I went in my MESSY room and gave the ‘Oreos’ to my brother and ate the reals ones.

He took one bite and spat the ‘Oreo’ on my wall. I pretended to act shocked.

Here’s how it went.

Brother: (spits the mayo Oreo on the wall).

Me: ‘What the what! Why the fudge did you spit on my wall!’

Brother: ‘It tastes like poo-poo!’

Me: (trying not to laugh, while eating the real Oreos) ‘What are you talking about, bro?’

Brother: ‘What is wrong with the cookies! Is it poisoned with poo?’

Me: (bursts out laughing)

Brother: ‘Why are you laughing?’

Me: ‘It’s mayo Oreos!’

Brother: ‘GRRR!’ (screams and walks out)

I ended up cleaning my room and wiping the Oreo off of the walls. It was dead funny to see my brother get owned!”

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5. Having An Affair? I'll Steal Your Partner


“Alright ladies and gents, last night over a few microbrews wrapped in a blanket under the stars, my wife was egged on to tell a story from her teenage years; boy was I not ready.

This story is roughly 12 years ago and at the time my wife had been seeing her then first husband for a little over two years and they had lived together for around 3 months.

He was not working, going to college part-time for an art degree and playing the occasional weekend gig with his ‘bigtime’ band. Whilst this utter douche wagon (DW) was living the high life with the boys my wife, Sarah from here forward was working two jobs and going to college full time for education/psychology, paying all of their bills and even owning the only car between the two of them – a beautiful 1994 Nissan 300zx 5 speed.

After months of hounding her to use her car to get around while she was at work, of course, she folded letting him use the car, I list the make/model/transmission for this reason. Within the first week, she had to pay to have a new clutch put in the car as DW swore he could drive a manual and clearly could not. The very day she got the car from the shop DW rear-ended someone claiming it wasn’t his fault.

About two weeks pass and now being out over 2 grand in repairs between the two events, the wife gets the car back AGAIN and bans him from driving the car, leaves for work and thinks nothing of this. Returning home later that night she finds DW is not home, however he has forgotten his cell phone. Well fate would have it that DW’s phone would ring before he came home and Sarah would answer.

Sarah answered the phone to the voice of another young woman’s voice on the other end and a contact reading “pizza hut.”

The voice on the other end of the phone asks ‘Hey who is this, are you in the house? Where is DW’s phone?’

That’s right ladies and gents, DW was with our young maiden (Morgan) and thought he lost his phone during the small house party.

Sarah explains that she is DW’s fiancé and his phone must have been forgotten at home. Morgan softly said ‘Fiancé? Oh for goodness sake’ before a short pause before saying ‘Take my number from DW’s phone and text me please.’

You see DW had been somewhere else in the house looking for his phone and Morgan decided to act as if there was no answer and just shrug it off for the time being.

Sarah texted Morgan from her own phone and the two started texting explaining their roles in DW’s life. Turns out DW’s apartment before they moved in together was Morgan’s house and Morgan was not the ever elusive roommate but his WIFE.

This house party happened to be just a few blocks from Sarah and DW’s apartment so Morgan asked if she could come over, after a brief hesitation, Sarah said sure why not.

Morgan told DW she wasn’t feeling well and was going to go home, asking if DW could get a ride home (to S/DW’s house) on his own. He affirmed this wouldn’t be an issue and Morgan left.

Sarah and Morgan meet and immediately realize that they look like they could be sisters, practically twins. Morgan also realized that DW had called Morgan by Sarah’s name a couple of times over the last year.

You see when DW started seeing Sarah they had broken up for about 2 months but never stopped talking, hooking up or anything of the like. DW however immediately started a new relationship and claimed Sarah’s apartment was his own.

DW comes home and seems a bit cranky but nothing out of the norm, you see Morgan had taken a position in the walk-in closet within the bedroom and Sarah was immediately DW’s target for getting ‘some’ this evening as his original plans had fallen through.

Sarah decided to play along, getting DW to the bedroom with a bit of teasing and cringing through kissing him.

S is sitting on top of DW on the bed and things are starting to get heated in DW’s mind. Morgan slowly slinks out of the closet and slowly climbs up the bed from the bottom until she is leering over Sarah’s shoulder. Sarah sits up and DW opens his eyes to the biggest surprise of his life.

Morgan immediately says ‘Hey, ever dream of this moment?’ as both girls start to giggle. DW immediately gets extremely excited, not even realizing the goose is cooked and served on the dining room table.

Sarah says ‘Okay, you can get the heck out of my house now.’ DW is completely confused and asks what’s going on. Morgan chirps in saying ‘How dense are you? It’s over’ as Sarah cuts in saying ‘with both of us.’ To major protests both Sarah and Morgan continue to cuddle as DW collects what little things he can carry as he is repeatedly ordered out of the house.

As DW left the house, Sarah was laying on the bed with Morgan and Sarah yelled ‘NOW!’ Sarah never spoke with DW again after this as she made him send his sister to collect the rest of his things later that week. Morgan obviously had to go through a divorce but outside of a court never said another word to DW. Wonder how DW is doing these days.

Morgan was the one who had Sarah tell me this story around the fire last night, also filling me in that the last time they kissed was in front of DW and Morgan immediately put her shirt back on after DW had left the apartment. Their friendship was born on this day. When Sarah and I started seeing each other she had to change her relationship status from in a relationship with Morgan to me. Poor DW has probably told the story of the three-way he almost had hundreds of times now.

Morgan gathered that DW had to move back into his parent’s home, however, the only space they had available for him was a shed in the backyard which he still lives in, to this day.”

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4. My Friend Ghosted Me, So I Drove Past Him


“Six months ago, one of my good friends ghosted me. I’m not sure why, but suddenly my messages weren’t getting replied to, and I didn’t see him at Christmas. I was upset, but I had a few home-life problems and tough circumstances all at once, and I didn’t have the mental capacity to start chasing after someone. Anyway…

Today was the first time I’d even spotted my friend.

He was at the bus stop outside his house, waiting for a bus. A bus that I knew was going to be at least twenty minutes away. I’d been in front of it way back along the road, and it had got stuck at some traffic lights, plus there was a huge queue of traffic. And I could tell, by his body language, that he was late for work, and getting to panicking.

One of the circumstances I’d been dealing with was taking my driving test. And I’d passed, despite my nerves and being a ‘mature’ learner… and bought myself a little car. A little car that I was currently driving past his house, and him, and was about to drive past his place of work. Which is about a five minutes walk away from my place of work.

A good person would have stopped and offered him a lift.

I was not a good person.

I coasted past, singing along to my current favorite musical, and got to work in time to make myself a cup of coffee and some toast.

I wonder how late he was…?”

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3. My Sister Lied About My Crush, So I Got My Petty Revenge


‘In 2nd grade, a boy named Adrian was in my class and he went to the hospital for falling off the monkey bars. The day after, we were assigned to write him get well letters at home, and bring them in the next day so our teacher could get them there. I wrote my letter in horrible elementary student handwriting and left it on my desk.

Sister sees it as I’m sleeping and thinks it’d be funny to erase my writing and replicate my handwriting saying I liked him. Sister was in 4th grade at the same school and saw it all go down when he got back and asked me about it. I denied but it didn’t really work.

So I decided that revenge was necessary, as elementary schoolers have no souls and teased me all the time for apparently being gay (they were right though).

I came up with a mighty plan to end her social career for the next two years.

I got some paper and made little posters. Ten or so, enough to fill the campus and let everyone see it. All of them had “Free Significant Other” and my sister’s number on them. So she would get calls all day from thirsty elementary school boys and even their older brothers who came to pick them up from school.

I thought of putting her name but I figured it’d be better if she were confused as to why she got these calls. In my school, we had blocks for each grade, so I kept them away from hers and the cafeteria/playground so she would have no idea. Ha.”

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2. Sit And Read While I Do The Work? Say Bye To Your Stash


“So it was once upon a time ten years ago. I worked for a major donation thrift store chain, and in that chain, my store was the busiest in the entire nation. We were rammed every day with donations. It was common to come to the store and have the donation dock be blocked off with piles of people’s stuff that sometimes went 7 or 8 feet high.

This job was a nightmare, and it was only 3 of us actually working there. The regional headquarters would send extra employees when they could, but this was just in general super hit and miss.

My coworkers were an absolute nightmare. One of them had some kind of work coach who would show up for an hour every couple of weeks to watch the guy work, give him the all-clear, and then after they left, the dude would off.

I would go entire shifts without seeing him besides at clock in and out. I complained about him endlessly, but I guess he was the store’s accessibility hire and couldn’t be fired easily. I had to let this one go.

The other guy was somehow worse. He would show up about midway in my shift, help out for a hour until he found a good book to read or something, then just sit there and read, only moving to grab donations and build himself this comfy space to slack off in.

One day he called in sick right before we both had days off.

I was feeling particularly annoyed because this man called in at least 1-2x per week. I saw an opportunity though.

So, for some detail on how devastating this is, allow me to walk you through this sitting space. We had a very typical loading dock set up with a couple of desks and some shelves.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, he moved all the shelves around his chosen desk. He would load them up with fake plants and all kinds of décor. It was to the point that it actively took space we needed. He had a whole shelf of books to read, he took stuff home constantly, he was essentially stealing hundreds of dollars of donations a week.

At one point we even got some iPods in and he took those and set his own music up in the area.

I took all the crap out of his space and loaded it on the donation trucks. Nobody cared or checked on things so nobody actually noticed for the next 3 days until my coworker came back.

Keeping a straight face as he lost his temper at the situation was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Because we had so many temp workers coming through, especially on days neither of us worked, it was super easy to shrug the blame off. He literally never suspected me.

I did this to him at least twice more before quitting to a somehow worse landscaping job with a boss who was legitimately a psycho.”

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1. Ex Friend Screwed Me Over, So I Spoiled Her Favorite Shows


“Just like the title. I was friends with this girl for a few months. During that time, she trashed my house, stole an important shirt signed by my favorite band, ruined my Uber score after I forcefully pulled her out of her car after she tried to drive intoxicated and ditch me alone at a bar, broke my friend’s disco ball, and ‘forgot’ to take care of my mother’s sick cat while she was out of town.

I knew she had some problems with anxiety, so I tried to be lenient and give her a couple of months to be a better person, until she blocked me on everything and moved to a new house instead of giving me anything back. There was no way I could contact her, and by that point, the statute of limitations for theft had run out. However, she and I had a mutual friend who witnessed some of the madness.

During our friendship, this girl and I bonded over our mutual love of Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy. She wasn’t up to date on either show (especially Grey’s considering the show is 18 seasons long.) So I enlisted the help of our mutual friend to send her a list of every major character death, and how it happens, as well as every major event, and how those storylines end as well. I’m currently waiting for results on how that all ends up.

I shouldn’t have been so lenient at the beginning of all this, but at least I can be a bit of a menace now.”

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