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I am so sorry your Mother is not emotionally loving towards you at all. P.ease go very low contact as she is actually abusive by allowing you siblings to behave this way.
I suggest taking turns with nighttime duties. This would mean 3 nights a week he does the bath, puts on the pj's and puts her to bed with a story or 2. If he comes up with excuses then perhaps the next day you fix dinner only for you, even just a sandwich, you don't do his laundry, don't purchase his favorite foods at the store. I would be upfront about it. Saying if you're to important, tired,busy to help me or won't help then I guess you are on your own too. It's either TEAM WORK or this...
Get 1 few session with an attorney. I don't believe you have to claim him, he can be cremated with a group and it's done. No charge.
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