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Wow, calm down, ashes won't kill ya. And seriously, with all of the other REALLY disgusting stuff people do??
How can being put in that position himself make James LESS sympathetic towards women??? Now he knows what we've been going through since the beginning of time
I agree that many men have been ruined and it's NOT fair. But this guy just didn't want to pay. He paid for the first year but didn't even want to see his own child...... so what's to pay for, right? And it sounds like he was doing pretty well. You forget about how many poor struggling single mothers are out there, and those poor kids who sure aren't living THEIR best life. Never see a dime from these jerks. Plus he was to make monthly payments, he didn't comply, his own fault that he got hit with the full amount
Awww, Bless Grandpa, what a Good Man
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