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I don't know what that snowdude person was thinking, but damn son!
In no way are the jerk here... Ppl who are saying you are, well apparently they are materialistic jerks like your soon to be fiance. Honestly the ring shouldn't matter, it's a symbol of your love for her. Traditionally, it should value about two and a half months of your current wage and is a gift given to show that you are buying her from her family. Nowadays, it's a status symbol. However, it should not matter if you proposed with a ring out of a gumball machine. If you love one another, that's all that should matter.
Ai was actually thinking that as well, why would you tell your brother, if you knew it would make him upset. Get a therapist, and one for your son as well. Y'all need that.
Crocheter here and I think it's extremely unreasonable for her to demand a blanket of you and then not even offer to pay for either the yarn, or the shipping! Not for both, but one or the other. NTJ from my point of view.
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