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First off... why are you on the floor? You are where you're supposed to be. He isn't. He's supposed to be in the barracks & can get into serious trouble for not being there. Second... you outrank him. You aren't supposed to be hanging out together. Third... he's got his friend from the barracks staying over. They're using your place for cuddle time. Nip that in the bud. Your place is not the local meetup for them to get it on. Forth... you are not their taxi. And lastly... you're trying to study & he won't quiet down? Nope, you should have taken him back to his barracks immediately at that point. It's his problem on how to get in.
JWs typically do not enter synagogues or churches that are not JW. They believe all other religions are false & under control of Satan (this is something a friend of mine who was a JW told me years ago when I asked her about it). If the wedding had been outside, performed by someone not affiliated with a specific church (think online ordination), or in a courthouse, she might have attended, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Had she gone to the wedding, she would've been shunned by her congregation. You're right in saying it's a control issue, but it isn't on her part, it's the religion itself.
There was an update. She broke things off with him & she'll be getting the house, since she paid more into it, & he'll be getting the car. His MIL came crying & begging her to take him back & ended up getting kicked out of her grandmother's house over it. He has told her he still loves her, but won't be pressuring her to come back & has decided to limit contact with his mother for now.
I'd be willing to bet that if he followed through with taking T, his family compared her to M, & saying how T is a much better fit for him the entire time they were there. And why exactly was T going to his family's house for Easter, instead of to her own family's house? Definitely an attempted set-up.
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