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Sadly, you missed my point entirely. Both activities are equally dangerous, but you seem to think cheerleading is just fluff, compared to skateboarding. As for you "toying with me", you'd need ti actually be able to use your mind, which you haven't yet. I used to respect the majority of your answers. That's done now.
No, I did not the wheeled board or the concrete. Both are mentioned in my response. Apparently, YOU missed both in your hurry to attempt to correct me. Reading comprehension is fundamental, I suggest you learn it.
True to a point... cheerleaders do risky ariel tricks on stages, grass, concrete, stadium floors, etc... with no wheeled boards. Anything can go wrong & cause serious injuries just as bad as skateboarding. For example, as a teen, my cousin's handler was a little off during the routine & my cousin landed wrong, breaking her neck. She's alive &, miraculously, not paralysed.
Depends on how the water is treated. Chlorine is used a lot to treat water in Australia & you can definitely taste it straight from the tap. Boiling it removes the chlorine. Personally, I use a Brita filter because I hate the taste of chlorine.
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