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I am obsessive about wearing my mask. I am at high risk of getting covid. If I get covid, I would either not survive or never fully recover. Not that that's any of your business. Nor is this, but I have had both covid vaccines, and I'm considered fully vaccinated. So thanks for assuming things about me when you don't even know me. Smh.
Stop being a bully. Show some empathy. Not everyone is as well off as you were growing up. Not everyone can afford to use supplies they have at home to make a costume or something that there going to wear once, maybe twice. Jerk
Excuse me?! For your info, I have a master's degree in Psychology. I think YOU are the one that needs to get off the high horse, and show some empathy. But clearly, YOU don't use your brain to show empathy to someone else. You're nothing but a bully.
Seriously? You were kids. Kids do stupid things all the time. Who cares if she didn't want to be your friend when you were kids? She grew up, and realized she messed up, so tried to make amends. However, you chose to just stay immature and petty for NO REASON AT ALL! Sounds like you need to grow up. If I was your boyfriend, and saw you act like that, I would've dumped you. I had a really good friend that did so many worse things than what this girl did to you. She ended our friendship a few years ago. I reached out to her about 2 months ago, and now we're friends again. We talked through what happened, we both apologized, and we both forgave each other. You know why? Because we are both mature adults. Honestly? That girl is a lot better off without someone like you in her life.
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