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Ntj and I seriously am concerned for your well being. You only leave home every few months and have no access to other people?? You sound like an abused isolated and controlled teen and should seek help in some way. Get away room her and take the poor dog and give him to someone who can care for him proplerly... you can't take care of yourself how can you take care of another life??
YTJ It's your fiances TWIN BROTHER and you are this callous and cold due to his addiction and going to jail?? How can you even be this big of a bitch? I myself have suffered from drug addiction and made some bad choices that resulted in a long term treatment program to get help but you know what?? Every single person in that rehab is 10 times a better person than you and every jackass like you. How are you going to hold someone's past against them when they have given you no reason to believe they relapsed which would be a tiny understandable but even then your whole opinion of his family is trash and makes you look like a royal c*nt. I hope your fiance dumps you on your ass and does himself a huge favor leaving you to love the only person you obviously do love yourself.
NTJ That lady is rude and creepy for asking about your bathroom habits. When I was pregnant I used the handicap stalls due to being huge and having a stroller with my 2 older babies with me and I get a little claustrophobic in spaces where my elbow hits the wall. If someone said something to me coming out of an otherwise empty bathroom I would tell them to stick it and mind their own business. People are too nosy
NTJ Set a boundary with this friend and don't allow them to borrow your car anymore or it's gonna get worse.
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