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WOW!! It was going to be a soft ntj from me but with your second half of your statement made you 100% the curious jerk. How DARE you throw it in your WIFE'S face that only your children are your obligation in life. That is supposed to be your partner. The second half of your team. When you married her, you added her children into your circle. They are also your children now. No, it's not your fault your ex-wife if well off and buys your children expensive things. BUT, you're a HUGE jerk, wacky actually, for saying you have no obligation to your step-children. That's not how being a blended family works. You owe your wife a LARGE apology.
WOW! Everyone in these replies sucks except emdu. Tell me you care about sports more than the well being of children without telling me you care more about sports than the well being of children... jesus christ. I played sports as a small child, never as a teen and so forth. And everyone saying you're the jerk is a reason why. Everyone would rather win than actually pay attention to how the players are feeling. Very sad to hear that your daughter's coaches are like this. They sound awful. The first one doesn't even play? So don't coach a game you don't play? Wtf??? And insulting your own kids and not apologizing when you know one can hear you? I am appalled. Children shine when they are being encouraged! That's one of the things a coach is there to do! Hype you up and give advice when it's needed. Not glares and getting benched with no notes. Send that e-mail, OP, those coaches suck!!
NTJ. I can be really really hard to stay in a positive and light head space when someone you constantly talk to is being negative. I'm glad you and your friends have such a good support system for each other. There is nothing wrong with saying, "I completely understand how you're feeling but I am not in the right space right now to take in all these negative comments." Something like that! You don't have to put your comfort aside, OP. I hope your friend can also get some therapy or something to help them with their body imagine. Everyone deserves to love themselves! Good luck, OP.
NTJ! Heavily tattooed person here. What she did was incredibly disrespectful. It's not a "matching tattoo". She copied your tattoo, and honestly the artist shouldn't have done the tattoo exactly like the photo either. That's icky, and a good artist will tell you they won't copy exact work. She went behind your back on purpose, and knowing it was a special family tattoo at that. She is not a good friend, OP. I'm sorry she is so insensitive.
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