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YTJ. You sound like an almond mom and I truly hope you aren't. She's 6. Why can't she have some cake on her freaking birthday? I hope to the spirits you don't end up giving your kids eating disorders when they are older because of how you portray food. You literally said her mother's blood type is probably ketchup. That was an absolutely disgusting thing to say.
One word, DIVORCE! NTJ. This man doesn't know how to be a husband or father. Get rid of him, you're basically a single mom already and he is your 5th child.
Going against everyone and saying NTJ. Not your mail, not your problem. There are people that get PISSED if you touch their packages regardless of whose door it ended up at. You never know how someone is going to react to you touching their mail.
Soft ytj since she keeps insisting. But I am a firm believer in if you really love and cherish your partner, if they ask you to a do a small thing for them, you happily do it. "Carrying my wife’s purse, and then standing in line with all of the commuters waiting to board the ferry as I hold my wife’s purse for her commute to work, is a bit emasculating and humiliating." You've got some fragile masculinity going on there you might want to look into maybe fixing a little bit. TBH, anyone seeing you holding your wife's purse and then literally handing it to her as she leaves for the day would probably look at you as a very fine and caring husband.
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