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NTJ. Your SIL sounds insanely psychotic. She sounds fake woke and many of the things you said she said really annoyed me. She simply has no idea what she's talking about. Get that nose job whenever you want, OP. Good luck!
Everyone is too focused on themselves they forget other people are allowed to have moments too. It's a whole *ss month before they say I do. You are more than allowed to propose to your partner whenever and however you want. As long as it wasn't at the wedding or during one of their events, which it wasn't. So they can hop off their high horse and get over it. NTJ.
NTJ. "my mom and stepdad brought up how tired he is of feeling like he raised us for nothing because we never show him the love he believes he deserves and we don’t show him the respect he wants by denying him the title of dad." Raised you for nothing? What an awful thing to say. I will never understand this type of behavior from step parents. My step parents have been in my life for most of it. Not even as a small child have ever called either of them "mom" or "dad". They aren't my parents! He raised you because it was f*cking the right thing to do. He married a widow. He knew what he was getting himself into. I have gotten nothing out of this story that you are disrespectful. Simply not calling him "dad" is in no way disrespectful. It's very gross that he continues to not see his actions as a problem. Your mother as well. He has been coming on too strong for too long. I'm sorry, OP. If they divorce, it is NOT your fault in any way. These adults are trying to pin their problems on children and that's terrible. He wants a divorce because children that aren't biologically his don't call him dad? When he has younger children WITH your mother? What a psycho. I can only hope the therapist tells them how manipulative they are being.
NTJ. Your father made his choice when he picked his ex over his own child. He CHOSE to be away from you most of your (current) life. And that is just something he's going to have to live with. His actions have consequences and this is one of them. Good for both of you for mending your relationship but he needs to understand what he did was incredibly awful and he's lucky you even speak to him at all.
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