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"Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them...I don't give a f#@k how crazy they are!"

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You are sooooo NTJ!! She chose a friggin YOGA CLASS over you.. I say good riddance.
Elivercury... RESPECT IS EARNED NOT SOMETHING YOU ARE ENTITLED TO. Just because the mother was successful in shooting OP out of her clown chute doesn't mean she deserves automatic respect. And the stepfather shouldn't preach what he doesn't practice...he's no better than a televangelist who waves his arms saying 'the word of god' and then getting a motel room with some hooker. Finally...get over the adultery?? I really really hope you don't have kids. (By the way.....NTJ, OP)
Wow. Just wow. Saying YTJ seems too easy on you...your ex is correct you ARE a pig (my apologies to all the other decent porkchops out there). I hope that your current girl finds out, drops your jerk, and takes you to court for full custody. Too bad there is no way to stop you from reproducing further.
YTJ...Saying that you're just trying to look out for them is mother-speak for nagging and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong
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