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Why are your still with this jerk ... he is trying to control how much and what you eat (that you paid for) and calls you names for not doing what he wants you to do ... my bf likes cheese pizza or veggies, I like supreme , Hawaii with anchovies, we usually get a 1/2 what he wants and 1/2 what I like with anchovies (he hates anchovies and doesn't eat seafood) he never said he can taste or smell the anchovies on his 1/2 ... you bf is jerk
Ntj , but I would let her know asap that I can not afford to be a member of wedding party. Tell her that you can come as just a guest but be prepared to be disinvited to the wedding all together ...
Not the Jerk... your wife is totally settling you up to be the Evil Bad Guy ... but you both are being spiteful, just saying yes to spite your wife is dangerous because if you not considering the kids safety or if it's a good idea than your as wrong as your wife ... I use to hate the back and forth "ask your dad /mom" ...
Not the jerk but your parents and the family members who agree with this nonsense are ... you amd your siblings are being held emotionally and financially hostage to your mother...
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