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You are not the jerk ... she is probably suffering from depression and is self medicating with food , like a jerk addict she has developed an addiction to food ... you need to probably set your foot down hard either she seeks professional help or the relationship ends because you can't continue to let her use and jerk you because of her mental health issues
You are not the jerk but your weirdo sister is. I would refuse to have any contact with her or bring any of the kids around her .
Are you the mom? Because this is the response one would expect from monster in law such as the one in this post
NTJ if hour dad wants the car he can buy it for the best offered price ... it is grandfather's car to do as he sees for and he saw fit to gift to you and use the proceeds from selling it to put money towards investing in your future home ownership... your dad has no say ... do what you want with the car and have no regrets
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