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THIS!!!! You are SO NTJ. Your daughter deserves her privacy, whether she's there or not! Telly everyone involved to stuff it!
NTJ. If you're not happy, you're not happy. I'm the same way. I HATE haircuts! If I'm not happy & don't say anything at the time, I just go to another salon & explain it to the stylist & get it fixed. Your hair NEVER looks like it does after a stylist does it anyway, so you won't really know until you do it yourself the next day.
NTJ. Take him & give him the happy home he deserves! I once took my downstairs neighbors cat cause they were keeping her in a small cage OUTSIDE at night, in winter. Straight up, hopped the fence to their deck & snatched her! The following day I hear a knock, open the door to the 7 & 10 YO kids, complete with hand drawn flyer asking if I had seen their cat. I looked at those heartbroken children & LIED MY A** OFF!!! 'No, I haven't seen it, good luck though, shut the door & picked her up for cuddles!! My Vet took her & she lived a fat, happy life!! Feel no guilt, take him to the vet ASAP as having bills for said cat, proves ownership!!
NOPE!!!! HER perception is not your problem, nor should it be.
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