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People suggesting you give her stuff away, it wouldn't work. She'd be delighted you decided to agree with her. She obviously doesn't care about having "stuff", she loves the feeling of giving. You need to sit down with her, not in anger, but honestly explain why you're so upset. You have every reason to be angry with her, you're not wrong. But you need to explain to her why you're so upset. Maybe the two of you can work out some kind of system where she choose a couple of things a month and talks to you about why she feels like she needs to give those things away. Talk about it. She's getting something out of this, it's a feeling she's not getting from your relationship. Figure out what's causing this. NTA
Why did it take you 3 hours to make eggs and bacon?
You don't plan a celebration on a family member's birthday. You were only 6 months along, ok's twins so bump the date up because I can understand you being very uncomfortable. It's still early and you could have moved it a week ahead or later without any problems. You knew they had plans, and your plan was to mess up their plans. Congratulations!!! You did it!!!!
So.... you help her and explain this is why you were putting their wipers up the night before. She can then laugh and tell you the story of them thinking it's a crazy person touching their truck. Now you all can be neighbors and friends. Why continue bad feelings?
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