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Because that's what people who love each other do. Imagine you are talking about something you're passionate about to your partner and your partner isn't listening to you. Doesnt feel very nice at all.
NTJ no one has the right to touch you, disabled or not. But I would highly recommend you get some help about your social anxiety and not going out with headphones on. Doing that makes you easy bait for dangerous people. I hate that we have to be so careful in public and aware of our surroundings the way we have to, but it's an unfortunate reality. If you really need to, use earphones only in one ear, so you can still focus on who and what is around you. But never cut your hearing off all together.
Lesson learned- when your gf tells you not to open a gift in front of friends, DONT OPEN A GIFT IN FRONT OF FRIENDS.
My mum used to do stuff like this to me, I haven't spoken to her in over 4 years. Your 15 year old daughter is not a doll, you dont get to dress her up just because you want to. Shes her own human being and has the right to say no to selfish requests such as this one. It doesnt matter who gets to see her being treated like that, ITS EMBARRASSING. Wise up before you lose her completely. YTJ
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