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Had a teacher keep calling me the wrong first name and kept telling him so but he continued doing it. Well his last name was Nickashea so I started calling him Mr. Nickas**t. He stopped calling me by the wrong name after that.
By law you don’t have to buy your children gifts and toys, all you have to give them is three meals a day, access to a bathroom and a bed. All the extras because they love their children.
I remember years ago my niece and I had made a run to the store and as we’re walking towards the register my niece noticed the lady working the register is deaf and for some reason that sent my niece into panic mode. How will she understand us, how do we talk to her, etc. So I tell my niece not to worry, they wouldn’t have put her on the register if she couldn’t do the job and she would read our mouths so just make sure she talked clearly and to look at her while you’re talking so she can see your mouth. We chat with her, she rings us up, we pay and leave. And told my niece, see she knows what she’s doing.
I’m wondering what happened to the gym teacher that was also in the video.
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