People Tell Their Most Berserk Revenge Story

There were probably many times where someone told you a story, and you just didn't believe it. The story might have had way too many details, the person telling the story might have had a smirk on their face that indicated to you that they could be lying, or the story itself just seemed impossible or too good to be true. Although people will lie, exaggerate, and twist their tales sometimes those seemingly unbelievable stories are actually true. Say what? Yes, even the following crazy revenge stories are, in fact, the honest truth. They really happened, folks, despite many of them sounding fabricated!

13. Betray Me And Make Up Lies About Me? I'll Ruin Your Christmas

And it turns out, more than just her winter holiday got ruined.

“I won’t get into the starting details as they’re average, but I started seeing this girl who had her own apartment and worked in a call center. When I saw her apartment, it was practically barren. Her kitchen was missing most supplies, and she didn’t have much else. But then again, she spent the majority of what she had on substances.

I admit, I was a fool who moved too fast with this girl, and as a natural philanthropist of those I care about, I ended up buying her a lot of things. Not useless things, but enough to turn her apartment into more of a home. I even got her kitten some toys and a scratch post. On top of this, her family really liked me compared to other men she saw in the past.

All of her exes were dealers and burnouts. I even did her hair for free when she needed it. I went above and beyond for someone who didn’t deserve it. I stayed there most nights. It was already almost a year before I started to get her any of this stuff. The holidays were coming, so I got her a lot of holiday decorations including a tree.

I made pretty good money, so it’s not like I put myself out.

At the beginning of December, I noticed her acting quite suspicious, as she kept getting texts from some guy but would try to swipe away the notification before I could see, only answering when I was out of the room. She passed out one night in bed with her phone unlocked, and my curiosity got the best of me.

I looked at the text logs and discovered he was her ex and she was two-timing me with him since the first day we started going out, inviting him over to sleep with her as soon as I left. It was all there. He asked her if she had a man, and she said, “Not really, no.” She woke up after I set the phone down, and I asked her if she had anything to tell me.

She said no. I asked her if there was anything else. She said no again. I asked her why she was lying. She said she wasn’t. I then held the phone in front of her face with a text open. She fumbled and said those were sent before she met me. I opened the time stamp, and she went quiet. I got up to leave, and she kept begging me to stay and put on crocodile tears.

For some reason, I felt sorry for her and stayed. That was all on me, and I should have cut it off at that exact moment, but I didn’t.

She tried giving me all her passwords, deleting his number in front of me, all to “prove” she was trustworthy. She didn’t think I’d actually check her social media, and a couple of weeks later, I discovered she switched over to social media to have an affair, and it was hilarious watching her erase messages of other guys in live time hoping I wouldn’t notice.

There were about 10 dudes she was trying this with, including her dealer. He shut her down hard though cause he’s actually a good dude. (Sadly enough, I discovered weeks after I left her that she ruined his life and made his girl leave him by making up lies.)

I obviously confronted her about it, to which more lies and crocodile tears. I had nothing else going on, so I stayed again but was on the verge of finding something better to do.

It was the night before Christmas Eve, and after she stopped the tears, she went outside “for a smoke.” She was gone 20 minutes, so I walked out to see what was up, and I hear her on the phone with her mom putting on a fake crying voice telling them that I’ve been beating her, yelling at her, and how she was “scared for her life,” and as soon as she saw me standing there, she put on a smile only a sociopath could make and kept talking to them about how abusive I was, all while making eye contact and smiling.

I can take a lot of nonsense and only pity someone for so long, so I went upstairs, called one of my lads to come to grab me, and explained the situation.

I took EVERYTHING back that I’d purchased for her, including food. And like the Grinch, I took back all the decorations and the darn tree. (Note: There is no legal way to dismiss this as a “crime.” Besides the fact that it was in her apartment, I could have very well just lent her all of this. I had the receipts, and she had nothing to back up any of this being a “gift.” On top of this, at this point, she had already committed a felony by falsely branding me as an abuser to multiple people and made it worse by admitting to it over text later.

Had she taken any of this to court, she would have not only had to admit to serial two-timing by proof of hard evidence, but she would have to admit to falsely slandering someone’s character by the admission of the same; I sincerely doubt even she would take the risk.)

By the time she got back upstairs, the apartment was barren as it was when I got there.

She started a meltdown that her life was “falling apart” because she was losing all her new conveniences I’d brought in. Told her off with cruelly calculated words but still remained the bigger person. I left her kitten the scratch post and all the toys I’d gotten it. The kitten did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to be punished. She tried to bribe me with “closure” if I let her keep the substances.

Told her to screw off and took it out of her hands.

And the best Christmas gift of all was that one of our friends moved out for the first time and still needed stuff, so I gave it all to him. He was very grateful. She had everyone in her personal life on her side about what an “abuser” I was until she decided to text me to brag about how she loved two-timing me and about how she would “ruin me.” I also got a screenshot from her nice dealer (who at that point also cut her off) of her offering to sleep with him for substances and him shutting her down.

I sent the screenshots to her parents and all her friends anonymously.

From what I hear, her parents were disgusted with her, and she spent Christmas alone. A ton of her friends deleted her and stopped talking to her because they clued in that they might be next. She had a string of hookups with gross dudes that would just pump and dump her. The icing on the cake was one day, I saw her smoking outside of her work around the corner, and I immediately called her work pretending to be a concerned parent not wanting my kids exposed to that stuff.

I saw them come outside to call her inside. After that, she lost her job and couldn’t secure as much as a part-time job anywhere. She could no longer pay her rent or get substances.

Did I have to go that far? Nah, but after such blatant disrespect, she sure earned it. Every so often I peek into her life to see gladly that it’s still trash. Call it a guilty pleasure.”

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“The serial two-timing is one thing, but trying to brand you as an abusive partner!? That kind of reputation stays with people and has been known to ruin lives! She deserved everything you did to her.” Seascorpious

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Manwithapaddle 2 years ago
What about the poor kitten
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12. No Bonus For Me? Time For You To Speak With The Department Of Labor

“I had a great job I loved. Got paid decently, had a wonderful window office with a view, great supervisor; I was just happy. I didn’t get along too great with my other co-workers, but no worries; that’s because I liked being left alone to get my job done.

One day, our supervisor announces he’s leaving to move on to bigger and brighter things. I was really bummed.

He was cool and kept up the morale. Shortly after he leaves, they promote this horrible vile creature to manager. She was a bratty manager, so I’ll call her BM.

BM hated me. She never really worked with me and refused to talk to me. She went as far as ignoring me in the hallway when I said hi; she would just avoid eye contact and walk on.

If I ever made a “mistake,” she would hold a group meeting to have me tell people what I did, then she would tell me it was all wrong, I messed up bad, and told everyone I didn’t even understand basic things and the right way to do things. Well, I understood the right way to do things. Any mistakes were mostly due to miscommunications or me overthinking, not because I didn’t understand the basics.

But she never talked to me about it, only would publicly shame me. Oddly, I was the one she always went to if someone else made a huge mistake because I would methodically work to repair everything (even though she claimed I was incapable of understanding anything).

BM made my last few months there a nightmare. I was working my behind off since we were understaffed and the only other person who could help just went off to work on his own project.

When we finally got new people, I was in charge of helping to train them. Once they got slightly trained up around came review time. I was worried because BM hated me, so I knew I wouldn’t get my full bonus. I had been reporting her to HR for the way she had been treating me and was told, “You should look for a new job.” Well, I sit in for my review and am flat-out told I didn’t understand how to do my job, didn’t understand the basics of the industry, and was pretty worthless.

Wait. I did all the work and kept our department afloat for months, I trained the new people, I repaired their mistakes, but I’m the bad one? I could go on, but needless to say, BM seals the deal. I was done. I typed up my rebuttal to the review (stating the lies she told me and attaching pages of proof). I printed it out, along with a resignation letter, and left.

(I work in an at-will state and company policy doesn’t require a notice.) I had already been job hunting and had an offer, so no need to stay.

And now for the revenge. I am always a fan of CYA (cover your butt). I save copies of emails, timecards, everything. When my final paycheck came in, I realized I was short-changed on vacation time. No biggie in a way, quick call to HR, and I would have had a check the next week.

Except HR was the one who failed to do anything about BM when she was humiliating me and lying about my review. Instead, I reported them to the Department of Labor. They must have been a bit backed up at the time because it took them nearly a year to get to my case. That was fine by me. You see, the longer a company goes without paying you, the higher the fines, and the more they owe you. Not only did I get my missed vacation time paid out, but they had to pay me extra to make up for withholding that pay for so long, I made up a little for the missed bonus.”

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11. Can't Treat People Right Around Here? I've Got Payback

“Ok, so I worked for a small family doctor’s office. Especially being my first job out of school, I always wanted to do right by my patients. All these employers wanted to do was make bank. No concern for employees (who dropped like flies) and patients (who were constantly mad). Instead of actually caring about the patients’ concerns, they spent more time micromanaging staff- to the point where they even put timers on our computers and a GPS app on our phones that functioned as a punch clock.

They even had managers monitor security cameras to make sure everyone was slaving away. None of us had workspaces and doing simple things like taking a break or listening to music were not allowed. Clearly, if we had time to be human, we couldn’t possibly be working hard enough.

The owners would NEVER spend money. They didn’t buy paper towels, our bathrooms did not have soap, and we didn’t have water or even cups.

There was no coffee or breakroom, and people ate lunch in their cars alone because there was no space or utensils. We also had to pay for our own training because they would offer to cover it and then make getting reimbursed really hard. But that is just the beginning. They also cut corners when it came to patient safety and privacy.

They were too cheap to buy masks for providers for when patients came in with diseases like Tuberculosis.

When I asked about this they told me I was being a baby.

Lastly, they required providers to use personal computers for tasks involving patient data. A major HIPPA violation. Once again, they told me I was wrong when I brought it up. By the way, these are the same personal computers that they put timers on.

Now for the fun part. One of the owners’ favorite employees was pregnant.

The owners wanted to have a party for her- but spend no money… how would they do it? Well, they knew I had a good relationship with pharmaceutical reps. It just so happened that I had one coming on that Monday. The baby shower was scheduled for Friday. Now the pharmaceutical reps usually brought lunch for everyone and taught about the newest medicine. They also brought samples and coupons for the patients.

So the cheap owners had a grand plan- move the baby shower to Monday so that the pharmaceutical rep brings lunch for everyone, and they won’t have to buy it.

They even told me to switch the order from my usual Chickfila to some fancy vegetarian restaurant because they were vegetarian.

I ended up quitting one day before. The rep called my cell phone and asked about the lunch. He knew it was a baby shower and thought it was weird. I agreed and canceled the lunch and did not tell the owners. I wish I could see their faces when the free food wasn’t showing up!!! A day or 2 after I left, two other employees quit, and more will soon follow!

I also reported them to the board of health and HIPPA. Their day will come soon.”

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RubberDuck 2 years ago
Calling bs on this one. 1) It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. 2) HIPAA is a law, not a regulatory or investigative agency that you would report anything to. The Department of Health and Human Services handles enforcement. Anybody who works or has worked in any medical office knows this.
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10. Horrible Math Teacher Gets Fired

“I have ADHD and have had problems in school. It’s not that I’m dumb, but if something doesn’t interest me, I don’t wanna learn it. I take a lot of time after school with my parents to help me relearn material in a way that interests me. I was strong in subjects I liked such as English, science, and art. But in subjects like math, I had a lot of difficulties finding interest and therefore needed more help.

I also live in Canada, and the way our grades work is basically kindergarten and grades 1-12. Very simple.

Since I am medically diagnosed with ADHD, I also have an ILP which stands for individual learning plan. This is for students who have medically diagnosed learning disabilities and outlines how I learn the best and in what conditions.

Basically, I work better when I have my tasks set on a list, and I’m in a room alone to work.

I did this for a lot of tests, and most of my teachers were understanding about this and would comply.

Even when I changed high schools.

I changed high schools at the end of grade ten, so I could start grade 11 somewhere fresh (this is because of bullying issues, and the high school I switched to had an amazingly well-known art teacher. Shout out to Mr. K!). You should also know that at this high school, there’s what’s known as grad parties for basically all of grade 12.

These parties start before school and literally the night before the first day. This is important.

On my first day of class in grade 12, I was sick and missed everything. And so on my second day, I get my course schedule. I have math first thing. I get to class early. I have my copy of my in-depth individual learning plan (ILP), and I make my introductions and apologize for being sick the previous day.

We shall call him Mr.


He makes a joke about me being too hungover, and when I correct him and tell him I was actually ill, he gave me that “sure you were” look. Whatever! I hand him my ILP and explain what my learning needs are and such and that all tests I take I have to go to a solitary room (school has these set up for people like me).

He nods and kind brushes it off, and we chat before the bell.

A couple of weeks in and I’m struggling really badly for multiple reasons.

My grade 11 math teacher was trash and did not teach us that well. Mr. S is also not following my ILP even though I asked him to, which miffs me, but whatever. I’m too shy in the beginning to really ask for help, but when I do, I get the laziest explanation.

When I ask him to put things in a list form for me, he says he will next time and never does.

The class material is getting increasingly more difficult, and I ask for help from other students and friends. My mom is also bad at math, and my dad, who is great at math, is up in the oil rigs up north. Didn’t bother asking my sister.

A couple of months in and he pulls me aside to tell me I’m failing, and if I wanted to pass, I’d have to do a lot of extra work.

This ticks me off because I ain’t learning anything because of HIM.

But I keep my cool kinda, I accept the extra work and point out he has not been following my learning plan, and I might do better if he started reading it.

He basically gives me a five minutes speech on why those things are useless and that I’m just not applying myself and that his teaching methods work for everyone.

But the kicker for me was that he said ADHD wasn’t real. It made me so mad.

I started coming into his class late with Starbucks or just wouldn’t show up. He said I wasn’t applying myself, and I thought to myself that he can screw off. This obviously catches the student guidance counselor, and I get pulled in to discuss my sudden lack of attendance.

She is very nice and listens to me and tells me pretty much word for word, “Some people you have to put up with even if they are jerks, but unless you have proof, we can’t just get rid of them” and then basically chats with me about my classes to take up the rest of class period.

I told her how he wasn’t following my learning plan and what he said about it and my learning disability.

She takes it into note and asks if I wanted to start what basically is like mental training to help me deal with it. This would be on top of me already taking a strong dose of meds. She is super happy that I take her up on the offer and offers to do this during my spare empty period. Basic stuff that I found helped a little bit but not like an overnight change.

So that put me in good standing with her.

But despite getting the help I needed, I still skipped his class from time to time and walked in with Starbucks – because screw him – but less often than I initially did.

I had gotten sick during mid-semester and missed 3 days of class, and despite the fact that I requested the worksheets and my parents excused my absence, Mr. S didn’t help accommodate me. He basically said he already gave the worksheets to me (he didn’t) and that if I wasn’t so irresponsible, I’d have kept them in my purse (it’s a messenger bag, you swine).

At this point, I realized he might be mistreating me because I was a girl. Not to mention there were a bunch of micro things that didn’t just happen to me but to the 5 other girls in this class.

I was unhappy, but since I had no proof, I couldn’t do anything. My grades were in the toilet, and my parents were hounding me for it.

I cried a lot because of the stress, but I was still doing good in my other subjects, just not math and another subject.

I walk to class early to request some extra work to get my grades up and get some friends to help me learn the material. As I’m approaching, I can hear Mr. S laughing loudly with another male teacher. When I peek in the room, it’s a well-known and hated gym teacher.

He’s just a jerk. (His favorite thing was the beep test, apparently.) A voice in my head (oddly sounding like my sisters) said, “Take out your phone and record this,” which is what I do.

And boy, did I pick the best time.

The little jerk starts talking about me. It’s creepy, but he also goes on to say that I’m dumb and how he’s gonna fail me and see me next year.

Basically, I don’t get to graduate if he fails me. Their conversation dwindles down, and I’m livid, and I just leave school and walk home. (I should mention it’s a 40 minutes walk that goes up a lot of stairs, but I was so mad, I power walked home in 20 minutes while muttering stuff I was planning.) Screw that guy. I’m not doing this today.

I had to be smart about this.

So, I save this video on my computer and to my student email.

I wait a week before I confront Mr.

S, and this time, I act like I’m trying my best to get my grades up. And at the end of the week when everyone is working on worksheets and stuff, I whisper to Mr. S to come to the hallway to discuss my grades and what I can do to raise them as if I’m embarrassed that I’m failing (which is kinda true).

He agrees, and I make sure to take my phone with me.

He goes on to say that at this point since there are only 2 months left, there’s a strong possibility that I’m going to be held back from grad because of failing his class.

I, again, tell him that he hasn’t been following the learning plan and that I’ve sought additional help for my ADHD.

Just as I suspected, he goes off again on how it’s all made up and a waste of time, and I should’ve focused more on studying (screw you, bud – I studied your dumb, yellow booklets) and saying a lot more things, except the voice recording app on my phone was mysteriously running.


When he is done, he has his chest all puffed out looking proud. He just tried to humiliate me a second time. I smile and say, “Very well then.” I pull my phone app and shut off the recorder before he noticed and go into my gallery and pull up the video. I pressed play and lift the phone up for him to see. “If you do not pass me, I will make sure that the PTA, the school board, the principal, and every student in this high school gets this video.”

He gets red in the face.

Hissing for recording him, how no one will believe me, and a bunch of other nonsense, and what makes it better is that the video is still playing, and it get to the part where he calls me a moron and a ditz as I’m sitting there with a grin. As I’m smiling, and he is like whisper yelling at me, I open up my student email and load the video into an email and select a feature that is basically an @everyone.

Normally it’s just used for informing about class elections and sports games and dances. I load it up and show him my screen of what I’m about to do. He goes pale white and is suddenly much more compliant. I tell him I’ll give him the weekend to think it over and that I’m leaving class to go to the library.

Monday rolls around, and I get to class early.

Why wouldn’t I? I have a very important teacher meeting. He is at his desk, and when he sees me, he asks me to close the door so that no one can eavesdrop on our conversation. I make a comment about he should probably make that a habit.

He sits down, and we cut out a deal I came up with while taking a shower that morning.

He is going to give me a ton of work booklets, and no matter what is in them, he’s going to mark them from 60-80 percent with a gradual increase. Next was that I was going to take all the tests I’ve missed from skipping and again same deal. With the final exam, he was going to give me either 65% or 75%. I told him I would leave that choice to him.

I would also show up to class regularly. He agrees this is fine and a good plan because if I started getting good grades out of nowhere, it would look suspicious. I make a passive-aggressive comment about being pretty smart for a ditz. We agreed that I would delete the video at the end of the exam, and he would watch me do it.

I basically turn in booklets filled with doodles.

Originally, I tried, but I realized that he was throwing them out no matter what the answer was, so I said screw it. For an entire booklet, I just drew ducks in the answer boxes. 12 pages of duckies. (I would hand him a booklet, and he would more or less drop it in the trash when no one was looking.) Final exam time comes around, I take it, show him me deleting the video, and the jerk gave me a 60% flat.

It was only 5% off, but I’m petty.

The second helping of revenge: My parents are satisfied with my marks but wish I had done a little better. This gives me an opportunity. I tell my parents about how he felt about ADHD and my ILP. Topping it off with his little rampage voice recording. My dad is seeing red. He wants to go down there and throw hands, but my mom, ever the buzzkill, told him to take the diplomatic route (thanks, Mom.

I wanted to see dad throw down). So they have sent the voice recording and filed a complaint with the school. Here’s the kicker: despite Mr. S being there for a long time, it’s stated on my school record that I have ADHD, and when I was struggling, I started taking counseling lessons, so I’d naturally be favored over Mr. S in the eye of the school.

But these problems still take time to resolve, and I’m okay to let things slide.

After all, there’s only a week left for grad class; it’s really just college prep stuff. Until I find out one of the girls in my class didn’t pass and had to take his class again next year, which meant no grad, and she was devastated because she thought she was doing well.

I’m like screw it; you’re coming to grad, jerk. I don’t even know her, but I know that shady Mr. S is being a jerk. I knew she attended class and stuff.

So she gets a message from me saying we gotta hang out and that it’s important. Luckily, she is the kind of person that’s like, “Sure, let’s do it” because she and I talked sometimes, and I didn’t have to convince her.

I confide about the video (not about me blackmailing him though) and show it to her.

I kinda wish I didn’t because she became hysterical and was crying and swearing but eventually calms down enough to ask me what should she do. I told her I would send her a copy to give to her mom, and I would take care of the rest. She and her mom show the video to the counselor who basically slaps her back on the grad list and mentions that an”investigation will be done.”

Nope, not good enough for me.

Investigations lead nowhere, and I don’t know how many people he has done this to, but it’s probably a lot.

I sent the video to every teacher, student, school district member I could think of.

I would’ve sent it to the janitors if I had their email.

Right on the last day of school, I saw Mr. S and gave him an evil smile, and waved. He had no idea what I did. He was fired on the spot like something of an hour after I left. The principal (who is a woman) was rightfully angry. His teaching license got revoked, and I’m pretty sure he moved because people were vandalizing his house and car. His wife also left him. Get screwed, Mr. S.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Creeps like that should be tarred and feathered. The ones who were supposed to be investigating the situations needed to be called on the carpet as well.
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9. We'll Stand Against You Until You Resign

“Although my part in this revenge was kinda small, it was the nail in the coffin for this jerk.

I was hired in a smartphone manufacturing plant as a mechanical engineer, this was my first job as an engineer, so I was kind of excited… until I met a technician. We’ll call him Z-man. Z-man was a technician that was very angry that they “hired a bloody engineer” instead of paying him more.

I want to make clear that the more I knew him, I found out that not only was he very lazy, but he had only two tricks that kept him here: he had one of the few laptops with the files to program the assembly robots and knew how to speak English well. Addressing both points, he did not know how to program really, just to change some parameters.

Also, we are in Mexico, and there are different levels of English among technicians and engineers, and he obviously had the upper hand on most when speaking English, but he was downright terrible at writing in English and Spanish. Most people struggled with his fluidity of speaking English, even against other engineers and educated people (he was deported from the US). He used it to intimidate other technicians who weren’t fluent in English and behaved like their supervisor (spoiler alert: he wasn’t).

He soon found out, however, that he couldn’t do the same with me because not only was I as fluent as him (if having a more “Mexicanized” accent), but I also knew how to write better than him (not joking, he made awful mistakes in any language).

He was manipulative and lazy, but I could not do much about him because I was not his supervisor, even if I was above his rank and in the same department.

Also, his direct supervisor was not allowed to fire him. There was even a legend about the previous manager firing him before the manager quit. “Mysteriously,” all the data from the robots disappeared, and Z-man had a copy by “coincidence” and was re-hired by the new manager. Even the previous manager told the new one he was making a “big mistake.”

Another thing I would like to add is that I’m not doing justice on how much of a jerk he was.

He would call other departments to fix problems that were our own department issues, making enemies with these people.

Anyway, two years after dealing with this jerk, but not directly, his direct supervisor quit to move to another company, and by the same time he left, I put my two weeks notice for a better paying job. My direct manager said, “Hey OP, could you please be the supervisor of both teams for the next two weeks?” I said, “Sure” and hauled butt.

While my department was well behaved and needed little to no supervision (no joke, there would be times they would even pressure me because I taught them most technical stuff to make them independent), the department Z-man was in, was in complete anarchy, but ironically with Z-man at the top, sending “weaklings” to do his job. I even told him he should leave the lab if he wasn’t writing a report, complaining while complying (he spent too much time in there watching YouTube and delegating his own tasks).

Weirdly enough, my boss was tired of him and told Z-man to get a job in two weeks. He panicked and went to the department he made enemies with to plead them to hire him. They told him to do a test and submit the CV. This is where we found out how much of a fraud he was: He made a CV with not only tons of grammar mistakes, but also he claimed he graduated from the University of Florida as an engineer, a HUGE lie that was easily testable.

Also, the test was leaked and included simple engineering questions that probably middle schoolers could’ve solved. He failed with a 0.3%, not a 30%, A 0.3%!!!

The “enemy” department still told our own, “Yeah, we’re going to hire him… Don’t worry about it.” Little did we know, it was a setup for Z-man. They exploited him to do any and every job. Ironically, even some that were related to our own department! He was exhausted, this was their way to exploit him to force him to quit.

Now, this is a part where I cannot prove anything, but the situation was pretty obvious: One of our machines stopped working, I was the only on-site engineer left at this point, and the technicians were struggling to make it work. Since most of their experience was with mechanical issues, they were limited on what they could do. We saw from a window Z-man laughing at the technicians not being able to make the machine work.

Desperate, the technicians asked for my help.

Little did they know, I was a mechatronics engineer, meaning I had some electronics background. So I ask them to ask the electric engineering department for a multimeter for basic checks since they tested all of the mechanical issues and most of the electronics were not only sealed but also the machine was not the property of the company, so only basic repairs and diagnostics could be done.

That’s where I found out a presence inductive sensor was not “working.” I will not go into a lot of detail, but these are very basic with most of the signal handled by a basic bipolar junction transistor, of which there are two types: NPN and PNP. Today I cannot remember which type was which in this case, but for the sake of the story, let’s say the non-working machine had a PNP sensor.

I asked them to check another machine that was working to see what label the sensor had, and sure enough, it was an NPN sensor. We swapped it, and it worked perfectly. Just as we were testing it, Z-man walked by the window to see the machine working, and his face was of panic and sadness. That’s when I knew that his last-ditch effort to return to the department where he reigned with fear failed.

It seems that he was going to extort the department into rehiring him once again by sabotaging the machine. Just in case, I did a crash course training for the technicians to do basic electronic diagnostics, so they could handle the situation better.

That Friday was my last day, and two weeks after, I was contacted by a technician that I still am friends with after so many years: “Hey, dude! Z-man resigned! He couldn’t handle any more!” “What? Did he have something wrong with him?!” “Nah! He just found out what working really meant.”

I can’t feel pity for him. He tried to make a living nightmare of his colleagues and my technicians. I did my best not only to protect them but to take a stand against him, and I would like to believe it worked.

It has been one of the highlights of my professional life, even if I cannot add it to my CV.”

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8. Refuse To Help Us With The Project? I'll Make Sure You Repeat The Whole Year

Next time, you probably shouldn’t dodge a group project.

“I live in Europe, and for those who don’t know, we operate on an LMD program (License (3 years) masters and doctorate). I’m in L3 studying mechanics. To validate a year, you have to get 60 credits (you can fail a class but still pass a year if your overall grade is 50% in my uni at least).

Now to the story. Most of my classes (around 50 credits) are composed of science. The rest is English, obligatory sports, and a class we choose. I chose eco-conception, basically make a product that is viable in an ecological way.

This class is set on the last week before Christmas break when every other class is done, so we have a full week to just concentrate on it.

It was supposed to be done in a group of 6, but two haven’t shown (one had the good idea to show up during the presentation on Zoom, and the teacher kicked him out.).

I stepped up as a leader of our group. Everyone chose tasks, etc. Everybody was doing their work except one person. He just sent us a message on Discord, and he was a no-show until less than 24 hours before the presentation.

Because of that, I was working with another guy until 3 am the whole week to cover his work while I sent the first mail to the teacher that XYZ isn’t doing anything. Just to clarify, every time I wanted something to be done, I sent a message on Discord and a group mail with a confirmation of it being delivered and opened. No possible way to tell me I didn’t say anything.

The work was done on Thursday at noon, just needed some polishing.

He came with his “part” on Thursday at 4 p.m., and I told him to get out of the group since we don’t need him anymore. He threw a fit over how I didn’t supervise him and sent a mail to the teacher telling him how he was always diligent, and I wasn’t letting him express his ideas. Sorry mate, when the deadline is in less than 24 hours, the project goes full dictatorship.

The time for democracy was two days ago.

I licked my lips in excitement when I saw the teacher asking me what’s going on. I took every screenshot of a message I sent on Discord, forwarded every group mail, and every time he read it and went no contact. Methodically I debunked his claims. To finish him, I showed that his research could have been done in less than 30 minutes since I knew the site he copy-pasted.

That ended with him being thrown out.

Now, remember the fact you can pass a year with a class you failed? There is one small part I didn’t specify: if you don’t submit work or come to an exam, you don’t fail the class; you are marked as failure (not fail, failure). You could be a straight 100%, but one failure and your entire year is busted.

So, because of a small class that’s worth 2 credits, he can’t pass this year. But it doesn’t end here: he was an international student who got a few scholarships. You know what happens when you fail a year? You won’t be able to keep it, and sometimes it even goes to the point where you have to give it back.

Why I went this way on him? I’m in L3, and the masters are selective, so I need the best grades to get taken in one of them.”

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Mom_of_one8 2 years ago
Group projects have always been the bane of my existence. I would always be teamed up with the slackers bc my teachers knew how good of a student I was, and hoped I would rub off on them. When I was working on my masters in Psychology, same thing. And then, I met this girl in one of my classes. Found out we lived less than 30 min away from each other, our entire lives. Ended up getting our undergrad from the same school, too. She was a couple of years younger than me, and I graduated early, so I don't think we were ever there at the same time. But I digress. We ended up being put in the same group together, and lo and behold, we were the only two people who did the work. We bonded very quickly over that. It was a huge relief for both of us bc we had been each doing about 90% of the group work in every other class. For our program, we took one class at a time for 6 weeks. Before the class ended, we talked to our advisors, and were able to get it where we took every class together going forward. And, we both asked the professors for us to be in the same group for every class too. (The professors were good about allowing us to be in the same group together if we asked.) I graduated 10 years ago with my Masters (she was done a few months later, since she started after me), and we're still friends.
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7. Say I'm Lying About My Mom Having Cancer? Good Luck With Your Teaching Profession

A lesson of why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

“This was in my grade 11 year of high school. My computer class had a year-long substitute teacher because our amazing teacher was out for a year working on a government contract. Our previous teacher was outstanding. He had six different classes in our classroom all happening at the same time which were: computer repair, programming lvl1, programming lvl2, networking lvl1, networking lvl2a and lvl2b.

He would give a lecture for each of the classes on a specific day of the week: programming on Monday, repair on Tuesday, and so on. We would all work in our own groups, and everything went quite well.

The next year came around, and I found out that we had a sub for the year I had two back-to-back blocks in this class cause I was doing two courses.

I wandered up to the class to see what kind of teacher we were dealing with, mainly interested because I was almost certain whoever they found did not have the credentials to teach at least half of those classes. The new teacher was a foreign woman that none of us have ever heard of before. For the purpose of the story, we will call her Mrs.


I went and found my friends to tell them what I had seen. We were all optimistic cause from a very short conversation, she seemed quite informed and had a good background.

It didn’t last long. On the first day of class, Mrs. S introduced herself as a programming teacher who had been in school for four years. She went on to tell us about her programming experience in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

She then told us that the programming students would not be doing the Java and C++ course we had signed up for and would instead be doing database and Excel because those are what she learned, and she said, and I quote, ‘They will be more useful than C and The Java.’ She also went on to suspend all at-lunch clubs because she didn’t think high school students could be trusted with computers alone.

Understandably, some of us were quite upset about that considering that we came there to program.

She also did not give the repair people or the networking people any kind of support and completely stopped their lectures as well, preferring to let them figure it out themselves and ‘self teach’ without giving any of the resources to do so and occasionally throwing out a test pre-written by the last teacher for her.

This continued for about two weeks till one day she came in and said quite irritated that we would actually be doing ‘The Java’ now unless we wanted to keep doing database, so we switched to Java, and she basically left us out to dry from there.

Because she wasn’t teaching database anymore, she came to harass people in computer repair. First, she told us the shop room was too messy and made us throw out 90% of our training workstations and equipment because they were not important in her eyes. Equipment that did not belong to the school but actually belonged to the other teacher. We took home what we could steal for safekeeping, but she did end up throwing out a few thousand dollars in equipment.

Then she started imposing stupid rules on us such as:

“You can’t have the computer on while you are troubleshooting inside ’cause you could electrocute yourself.”


“You don’t need the case open to troubleshoot motherboard lights.”

Or my personal favorite and the scariest:

“Maybe you should change the power supply to 240v if you aren’t getting enough power.”

We followed most of her stupid requests as much as we could because she threatened to lock us out of the lab room and give us only textbook work if we didn’t.

Needless to say, it was a challenging time. One of the students in the networking area got fed up and started doing his own course work and lecturing us so that we could at least get some kind of use out of the courses. To his credit, it was all very good, but Mrs. S had the nerve to force him into doing it from there on out and then turn around and give him low grades for not getting his own work done on time.

A few months of this very uneasy balance go by, and my mother comes down with colon cancer.

I have already had a handful of other family members suddenly taken from me by cancer, so understandably, this is a very stressful time. I was joking with my friends and trying to not break down over the whole thing. I had a very unstable laptop running Linux that would crash if looked at funny and had a horrible habit of corrupting the OS when the battery died because the reserve shutdown sensor didn’t work anymore (battery always read 0% but would go for an hour or two).

While I was working on the school desktop computer, I had a few pages open that I was taking notes in and a social media tab, so I could keep in contact with my mother cause she was in surgery, and I was waiting for her to come out. I look over and the teacher is snooping through my laptop opening folders and closing windows and eventually pushes the power button in till it shuts down (which also usually corrupts anything I was doing).

The following happened.

Me: What do you think you are doing?

S: You shouldn’t be on social media or writing notes on a personal computer during class time, especially when your grades are slipping.

Thanks for bringing that up in front of everyone…

Me: That gives you no right to touch my stuff! You better hope you didn’t just corrupt everything! This laptop breaks easily.

S: Then you shouldn’t have it out during class.

Keep that tone up, and I’ll see you get a detention.

At this point, I am trying just to keep calm because if I get too emotional, I have a tendency to explode. This is often made worse because of my mild autism. I took a second and replied in a calmer tone.

Me: I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time at home right now… My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I am waiting to hear back.

And this is the part that REALLY set me off.

S: You don’t look like a kid whose mother has cancer.

Quit making sob story excuses.

Are you kidding me‽

It took every fiber of my body not to stand up and slap the jerk right there. I gave her the dirtiest thousand-yard stare I think I have ever done while also trying to not burst out crying. I spoke to nobody for the rest of the day till I got home, and people kept asking if I was okay, but I ignored everyone.

My mother was out of the hospital and home by the time I got there. I broke down crying and told her about my day, and her face was comforting, but you could see the fire of an angry woman behind her brown eyes. She told me not to worry and that it’d be okay.

A few weeks passed, and I was called into the office for a one-on-one parent-teacher conference someone forgot to tell me about.

There were all the teachers I had that year, good and bad: my learning assistance teacher the VP, and the principal herself. They told me that we were there to discuss my grade slippage as soon as my mother came. My mother was about 10 minutes late, leaving me to awkwardly sit with all these people. She comes in and is all smiles.

M: Sorry I am Late! I got held late at the hospital.

Someone, but I’m not sure who, asked her why she was at the hospital and if everything is okay.

My mother answered in her happy way.

M: I was just getting my cancer checked on; I have colon cancer.

The room went cold, and her voice seemingly dripped with blood when she said it. My computer teacher went pale and everyone in the room was giving a confused ‘what on earth did you do’ look.

My mother proceeded to relay me coming crying home about how I was treated to everyone present while Mrs.

S tried to become one with the wall of the small meeting room. She kept it short but to paraphrase added the following: “How dare you say something so careless to my son. I hope you are ashamed, and I hope you don’t get invited back for another year.”

She then returned back to her normal happy self and discussed my grades like nothing happened whilst half the teachers were still trying to figure out what just happened and told them that now she was out of the hospital my grades should improve again.

I just sat quietly the whole time and tried to suppress bursting out laughing.

After that day, she never directly spoke to me again, had instructions relayed through other people, or gave them to the class as a whole. She did her darndest to be nowhere near me and say nothing to me. My grades improved quite a bit, and the year ended with me passing.

Mrs. S was previously offered a job at the school as a secondary computer teacher, but after all the trouble, the job was pulled back.

The next year when our first computer teacher returned, he was furious to learn most of his equipment and personal books had been thrown out, but we returned the things that we snagged during the purge, but he still lost a few thousand in personal teaching stuff. The school paid him back with $10,000, but he says he lost so much more than that in time and pre-set handmade equipment.

We told him all about the horror show, and he gave us all an extensive test normally given at the end of the year which the vast majority of us failed. We ended up redoing all the computer courses from the previous year because, in his words, she didn’t even teach us the basics. That sub can no longer teach in this or the neighboring districts.”

Another User Comments:
“Similar thing happened to me.

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer (stage 4 basically means terminal) when I was 14. Without going into too much detail, my math teacher made a comment about my mom. Me being a mommy’s boy and very sensitive about the issue, I went home and bawled my eyes out to her. Funnily enough, at this point in time, my old girl had been a teacher herself for 30 or so years. You’d think after that long, she would be well connected right? 2 phone calls, and a few months later, said math teacher was dismissed from teaching within the state. She had only been a fully recognized teacher for about 12 months.” PattoMelon

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6. My Lack Of Bonus Will Cost You

“Many many moons ago (1999), I started work as a pub manager for a successful independent pub, decent salary, and even better profit-related bonus scheme.

The owner had just bought an old bank with a large car park in an ideal location for a large gastropub just on the outskirts of the town center. It was in the direct footpath between the train and bus stations and the main bar area, so its footfall would be excellent.

Over the course of the next 12 months, I worked excessive hours running the 1 pub whilst helping him design and set up the new pub. It was fun and rewarding both financially and emotionally.

The design of the gastropub was excellent. It was Asian-themed with an open-plan kitchen, so the customers could see the chefs working, and as the owner had an Asian partner, all the chefs were from her extended family.

(This point is key to the revenge.)

Then he screwed me over… We opened with a bang and the place was a roaring success, far busier than we had dared to hope and the initial new opening buzz just never died. We just kept getting busier and busier, and I was working 7 days / 80+ hours a week between the 2 pubs. We had to employ a 2nd manager to run the 1st pub and ship even more of her extended family over to work in the kitchen.

By the end of the 1st year, my bonus was close to double my salary! In fairness to the owner, he worked more than I did and I got on really well with him.

He married his partner, and she and I had never really got on very well, but she left me to do my job whilst she mainly looked after the kitchen side of things.

The owner bought a brand new top-spec Porsche and the wife got a new top-spec Merc. (I bought myself a Suzuki motorbike.)

All was going well until it came to my yearly bonus time, I was expecting it to be a lot less than the last year, considering we now had an additional manager and the fact that we were no longer running so short-staffed… but it was drastically worse! By my calculations, it was almost $20,000 short (just checked – that’s about $34,000 nowadays).

I of course queried this with the owner, and it turned out that the company had bought the Porsche & Merc as company vehicles, and that was above the line for my bonus calculation on the pnl, and they’d also screwed some major capital investment expenses into the repairs line, also above the profit line…

I was not happy, to say the least, but since we worked so well together, I thought he’d be open to “sorting” it out somehow, but his wife stepped in and even went as far as to say if they could have lowered my bonus even more, they would have as I wasn’t worth it!

My personal life was in tatters and I’d been thinking about moving on anyway, and all the money in the world isn’t worth it if you work so much that you ruin relationships, so I handed in my notice on the spot.

This suited the wife perfectly. She made me hand over my keys and said I’d get my pay in lieu of notice, owed holiday pay, etc., but I wasn’t to ever set foot in either of their pubs ever again, I was barred for life!

Cue the revenge!

The problem with treating someone who knows the exact ins and outs of your business with such disregard is that they know all the ways you have been breaking the law!

Those chefs you brought over to work but never bothered to get visas for because it’s too much trouble and too expensive? Be a crying shame if someone called immigration to let them know.

Those company vehicles that were never used for company business? Be a crying shame if someone called the tax office to let them know.

That screwing of the pnl to reduce the pre-tax profit? Be a crying shame if someone called the tax office with details of what to look for.

Those cash-in-hand staff you employed so you didn’t have to pay NICS? Be a crying shame if someone called the tax office to let them know.

For good measure, I also rang the local EHO. I wasn’t sure as I didn’t deal with the kitchen, but I was pretty sure they were breaking some of the hygiene laws. (I knew for a fact COSHH was broken as it was always the cheapest cleaning chemicals she could find, so we never had datasheets.)

The fallout was epic. It hit the local press, and the pub was closed for almost 4 months.

I have no idea how much they got fined, but it had to be far more than my bonus would have been!”

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User Image
dala 2 years ago
Lebeau68. I didn't care that my former employer did some things illegally as long I it wouldnt affect me in any way.. I quit working for them, and 3 months later, I was accused of theft by the owner and the manager, now charged with theft, it will ruin my life for something I never even thought about doing...queue to the revenge part. I reported the manager for social assistance fraud, and tax fraud, I reported the owner for tax fraud, tax evasion, and falsifying papers..... if I manage to beat the charge, i will also be suing them. Last i knew the manager is being investigated, and the owner is being audited, and then business ordered closed until investigation is complete... i had no issues with either one of them, obviously they misplaced money and needed a fallback, which unfortunately for them is going to potentially shut the business down permanently
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5. Nuking Ex-Fiancée's Life Insurance Plans

“I (34m, now) was raised by a single mom because my dad passed away when I was younger, but I had many male role models in older brothers. He left behind a generous life insurance policy, so I largely had a good upbringing. However, I was not ever very social, and from my early teens, I spent a lot of time in front of my computer.

This habit got worse as I went to college, and it resulted in me spending 80% of my time gaming, working, reading, or whatever on a screen. As a result, I was not very attractive and quite obese at the age of 20. For these reasons, I never really went out with anyone and did not even sleep with anyone until I met my ex-fiance. On top of this, I was raised very religiously because my mom became really religious after the death of my father, so I always thought it was a bad idea to “play the field.”

The only thing I had going for me was that I had become somewhat proficient in several coding languages and expanded on these in college.

I would not say that I am a good IT person or coder, but with a little bit of coding knowledge and a lot of creativity, you can create residual income streams, and I had a decent job in IT where I could work from home 3 days a week.

At the age of 24, I was still overweight and a social reject, but through my mom, I met a woman from her “bible study” that would eventually become ex-fiance (36f, now).

We hit off and started seeing each other. She had a 2-year-old son at the time, and they became the only thing in my world that I cared about. It did not take me long to get physical (LOL) as all those years of pretending I was “saving myself” went out the window when I finally had the chance to lose it. To be honest, she really broke me out of my shell.

I had become more sociable within a couple of months of meeting her. I even took on a fatherly role for her son, and within 6 months of being together, she got pregnant. Being the religious person I was, I immediately proposed and wanted to marry before the birth of the baby. Then she dropped a bombshell on me… She was still legally married…. to a guy in prison.

This did not bother me too much as she had always talked about her troubled past, and I thought I would be the one to save her from it anyways, so I just took this as it came with the territory. She began the divorce proceedings shortly, and we planned to get married as soon as those were finished. I was riding high after the baby was born, and I thought I had really carved a place for myself in the world.

I even started losing weight and spent less time online. She was always kind to me, and I thought we let each other know everything we were thinking. Boy, was I wrong.

There were a few red flags that I was too lovestruck to see. 1.) She told me early on that the only reason she got involved with my church was that she was on probation and had pending court cases and thought it would help her case.

2.) Despite me earning a comfortable 6 figure income with side projects and my main IT job, she insisted that she keep her part-time job, and my mom had to help me take care of the kids to deal with it. 3.) She knew WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE – like what suburban mom with a secretarial job has 200 contacts in her phone? 4.) We kept delaying our marriage due to sick relatives or other issues (although, she did go through with the divorce to the prison guy).

Then something happened that shook me out of her spell.

She got pregnant for a second time and this time with twins. We had only been with each other for ~4 years, and we were about to have 4 kids. 2 more than I thought I would ever have. She claimed she was on birth control at the time. Anyways, after the twins were born, I started seeing my doctor about a vasectomy, and my ex-fiance encouraged it.

I wanted to get some swimmers frozen before the operation because we could completely change our minds in 5 years. So I go in for the visit and the doctor comes out to tell me that my sperm count was low, and they were mostly immobile, but this problem might be temporary, and I should try to eat a healthier diet and stuff for a few weeks and come back.

When I came to the second appointment, and the same problem arose, the doc started doing some investigating, but you know where this is going.

SO… the doctor says that it’s likely that I am infertile (this turned out to not be completely true, as I now have a child that I KNOW is biologically mine, but it still propelled the following events.) I mentioned that I had 3 biological children, and the doctor looked anxious and started talking, but I was in shell shock and did not really know what he was saying.

I think I left the doctor’s office before they were even done with me. I did not even get in my car, I just walked until it started to get dark and eventually called an Uber to get home. My fiancee was worried and already asleep inside, and I just lied to her and told her my car broke down, my phone died, and I was at the mechanic late and forgot to let her know.

I fell asleep and woke up the next day and immediately got on the computer to research similar stories and started to give myself false hope. The first post I read was about how fertility assessments are not true, and I should 100% get a test. I thought for sure this would show the doctor was wrong, but I got the test back, and within a week, I knew the kids were not mine.

The first person I told was my mom, I went to her house and cried for the first time in my adult life. She consoled me and then told me a story that I was never meant to hear. Essentially, I am the product of an affair myself, and that dad actually died from pain meds after he found out. Well, I don’t know why my mom thought this would comfort me, but in reality, it just gave me an unhealthy view of women for a while.

After the story and calming down, she insisted that I “man up” and honor my commitment to these kids because “I am the only father those kids had ever known.”

Up to this point, I had always been a pushover, and I really considered her words to me for about 24-hours before I completely snapped. I called my fiancée and told her I had to stay the night at my mom’s house because of a family issue, and she offered to make us dinner which I declined.

At this point, the twins are about 6 months, and the boys are 2.5 years and ~5 years old. I won’t lie and say that I felt nothing for these kids, but it was hard to look them in the face, and I knew I was done being their father. I knew this would tear them up and damage them, but I couldn’t stand to hear them say “dada” to me because every time it was like a knife in my heart.

I kept my cool and did not expose anything, and my mom did not say anything I assume because she thought I was “manning up.” I spoke to an attorney because I wanted to get myself off the birth certificates of these children, and I thought I could seamlessly slip out of this situation because we were not married. Unfortunately, after going through the paperwork and financials, since I had tangled much of our finances, and I “took on a fatherly role,” I would be responsible for at least the boys’ child support, and she would get equity in the house and my side businesses.

Basically, the lawyers said that I would likely be on the hook for something like 25% of my income for many years to come. I pretty much ghosted my lawyers after paying them their initial fee because I did not like the idea of state-enforced cucking.

The revenge starts here. I started to make a plan to disappear and leave them all with as little as possible.

The start of this was destroying all of my passive income streams and getting myself fired. Getting myself fired was easy, but it got a bit cringe, basically did some of the stuff from Office Space, smashed an office printer in the courtyard, didn’t do anything while working from home except send memes to coworkers, but I did not do anything to clients because my boss was actually a friend of mine.

My office mates had a good time watching this. After this, I did not even try to file for unemployment and began living off our savings. My ex-fiancee let me handle all the financials despite both of our names being on everything, so she did not notice our accounts slowly draining and the financials going to chaos because I left her checking account filled with a few thousand (credit card debt skyrocketed because I stopped paying our cards, LOL).

I sat there for months wondering if I should end it and follow in the footsteps of my would-be father but ultimately decided against it.

I got ancestry test kits for the kids in an effort to find who their actual father was because I was hoping to get them away from my ex, but this resulted in even weirder findings. Essentially, the oldest child was a cousin/half-brother to his siblings and so the prison guy’s brother must have gotten her pregnant.

Also, I did not see any family members from the test that I thought would be a good fit. So that was the end of that investigation. I also tried to distance myself from my mom, as I had become disgusted by what she did to my dad and her newfound allegiance with my ex.

I formulated a plan to get away, FAR AWAY from everything by just vanishing on a “hiking trip.” I really hyped up this hiking trip and claimed I would be in the (insert location here) for a week alone with my thoughts in the trails.

Before the trip, I took the then ~6-year-old out for ice cream and cried for the second time in my adult life. The 6-year-old was obviously distraught over seeing his “dad” cry and started trying to calm me down. I guess I was crying that I had to leave him, and I told him I was sorry dozens of times, but I think he was just confused about the situation.

I was more concerned about losing him because I knew he was not my child, and I was able to form a bond anyways.

I left that afternoon and actually made my way to the lodge and checked in. Now the next part I will mostly skip because I am not sure if it was legal or illegal or whatever, but cut to 6 months later, and I have a new name and live in a new city where I was able to restart my IT career and was slowly working toward my old income status again.

I started stalking my ex on social media. I won’t lie, it was cathartic, to say the least. The chaos of them trying to get into accounts must have been a nightmare and she figured out that our comfortable finances were not so comfortable after all. Begging for financial help on social media is sooooo trashy. Once again, I won’t mention the legal stuff, but a lot of people went looking for me, and I considered phoning the police to let them know that I was okay but decided against it (eventually had to pay a hefty fine for this, but it was well worth it).

I worked on myself for a long time and got into great shape. Lost my religion and descended into a hedonistic lifestyle. I became unrecognizable. I continued stalking this woman for about a year when I heard she was seeing a new guy and got pregnant almost immediately. Of course, my mom was still in her life taking care of my “supposed children” while she was doing God knows what.

Then on the one-year anniversary of my leaving, she posted a memorial page…

for me. This made me decide that my revenge was not quite done, and I decided to call up my brother and let him know I was alive. My brother and I had drifted over the past 10 years, but he was blood and was always there when I was younger. I told him why I did what I did and we caught up, and I asked him not to tell anyone yet, and he agreed.

But then he told me about my mom and my ex-fiance suing my insurance company to honor my life insurance. Somehow, she had managed to keep up this policy going despite its hefty cost. The payout would be substantial (7 figures), and she would be awarded the premiums that she had paid since my alleged death if she won.

Well, I am not the kind of uncivilized person that would defraud an insurance company so I started my plans! I drove the 1000mile journey to my old city when I heard she had an upcoming hearing.

I went to the court early and sat down.

Now, at this time I had grown a beard, lost 60 pounds, and generally looked good. I looked so different that my fiancee and mother passed right by me in the court without giving me a second look. I thought they would be meeting in a big courtroom, and I was already planning to barge in and yell something about objecting and being a cringelord like usual.

But they ended up going to a small room with some lawyers from the insurance company. I decided screw it and knocked on the door several times until they opened it. They were all confused to see this scraggly dressed man with a beard, and I simply said, “I believe you are trying to settle the issue of whether I am dead.” My ex-fiancee realized it was me and almost immediately let out a gasp or something.

But the lawyers were just confused. Everyone ended up stepping outside the room, and a whirlwind erupted, and the bailiffs were called over. My ex screamed and slapped me, and they had to actually put handcuffs on her! This was a big deal for the insurance company I guess, and the lawyer’s boss/client actually showed up and asked for statements and everything. Even a detective showed up, and I started to regret coming, but I gave my statement and did not really lie about anything, but I was vague about where I was currently living.

I ended up staying in town for almost a month, and it was a crazy month in a cheap motel. I showed evidence of my ex’s affairs to anyone who cared, and I tried to meet with the kids, but the youngest did not know me, and the then 7-year-old told me to “screw myself,” which is fair I guess. The police were angry and started civil litigation for the costs of searching for me.

A detective or something actually flew in from another state to question me. Luckily this whole time, I did not get arrested for anything as I did not want my fingerprints being linked to my new name and such. Essentially, I had to pay a large fine and immediately paid the fine to the surprise of the police. As far as I was concerned, I was done with this town.

My ex-fiancee served me a civil lawsuit for multiple different things, and my mom helped, but I was a leaf in the wind long before anything came of it. I am back in my new city and never plan to go back. I stopped spying on them after a few months of ruining her insurance plans and moved on with my life. This happened some years ago, and I am much better off now.


I have no intention to try to seek revenge anymore because I believe “violent delights have violent ends” now.

As far as I am concerned, my ex-fiancee’s life is hard enough, and anything else I did would just hurt the kids. After everything blew up with my ex, I left the town and did not reach out to my brother anymore, and even stopped checking up on the situation with my ex. Having no family and friends and starting over in the world is lonely and terrifying but equally exciting and hopeful.

So how did I reset my life upon reaching a new city? Well, I had a lot of money in cash that I used to stay in a motel for a few months while I got all my documents in order and looked for work.

Because I thought that my home computer would be searched when I went missing, I could not really plan much of this stuff beforehand. I realized that without a college degree linked to your name, it was difficult to find a job with my skillset. So I decided to just make my own company and post advertisements about setting up custom dispatch software, editing videos, and presentations, among other tasks.

I only received a few different jobs doing this, and it did not even pay my living expenses. After I did a few jobs for the same company, I made friends with a project manager and got hired at a reasonable salary. To this day, my finances are only about 70% of what I was making before, but I am happy with what I have.

I spent a lot of time finding people with similar stories on the internet and eventually got involved with a Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) group.

We basically just talked trash about women all the time, and the positive feedback loop made me a pretty resentful/misogynistic person. I went so far as making fake accounts to harass women online, so I don’t want to go into any more details because I am a bit embarrassed and remorseful now. I got on social media and started hooking up with women to make up for lost time.

Throwing money around and lying to them became a way of life for me, and I would two-time basically every woman I got with because I thought they were all doing it too. I got caught, and I would pretend like I didn’t understand why they were mad with me until they left or tried to forgive me just for me to do it again. Not proud of this either.

A couple of years ago, one of the women that I was sleeping with regularly got pregnant and came to me all excited with the news.

Now I immediately accused her of having an affair and threw her out of my apartment, and there was just a look of shock on her face. Remember, I thought I was infertile, so in my mind, I just put another terrible woman in her place. I continued to mock her for a bit and even messaged my MGTOW buddies about what I did. I openly confessed to two-timing her and showed her proof.

I agreed to a paternity test while she was still pregnant just because I didn’t want her to get the courts involved, and I was shocked with the result. I cried and tried to hug her, and she screamed, threw some papers at me, and told me she never wanted to see me again. I went home and drank, happy that I was going to be a dad (for real this time) but sad about who I had become.

Like I said, I don’t want you to root for me because I am not a good person.

For the remainder of the pregnancy, she would not even speak to me long enough for me to explain my actions, but I totally understood why. When the baby was born (a girl), I showed up at the hospital to sign the birth certificate, and at the same time, met with her lawyer (who turned out to be her sister) to go over child support stuff that we had already spoken about.

I went for a “hail mary” and offered to sign any paper they wanted if she would just have coffee with me for 30 minutes to explain things. (She wanted full custody and generous payments.) I never got a lawyer because I just wanted to make amends, and I thought a lawyer would throw up obstacles to try to protect me or my finances.

I met with her for coffee, and to my surprise, she let me speak uninterrupted for almost 20 minutes.

I did not completely tell her the truth about my past, but she understood why I wanted a paternity test but did not excuse my behavior in mocking her, throwing her out, and having an affair. I signed the papers but begged her to let me see my daughter and be part of her life. She said that I was unstable and that I needed intensive therapy before that would ever happen.

Of course, I obliged to the therapy.

I learned a lot in therapy and did a lot of research about the fallout of having an affair and whatnot. Turns out, there are a lot of women who had been hurt by liars and homewreckers too (duh), and that my view of women was toxic, to say the least. I cut it off with my MGTOW buddies because I thought that atmosphere would be a detriment to my progress.

I don’t want to attack that group because I think there are some good people in that group that are just broken and looking for answers. I think having a baby girl was a real punch in the gut to stop treating women so poorly.

I was finally able to see my daughter when she was 7 months old and began supervised visits every other weekend. I had dutifully paid the child support and made every attempt to talk to her mother and try to make amends.

One night, we got intoxicated and started kissing which turned into sleeping with each other. When we woke up the next morning, she was embarrassed and just asked me to leave, but she made it seem like she kind of wanted to make things work. It took a long time, but we moved in together after she lost her job and are currently living together. Her family hates me, and this has held us back from marriage talk or anything.

Heck, I skipped our daughter’s 2nd birthday celebration because her lawyer-sister didn’t want to see me. I hope this turns out well for me, and I know I already have better than I deserve. For now, I’m working from home and my girl takes care of our daughter and makes me food and such. She is still suspicious of me and comes into my office to see what I am doing regularly, but I don’t mind.

For now, I’m just going to try to be there for my daughter and try to make it up to her mom. I’m still trying to think of things I can do or say, but for now, I am still in Zoom therapy and just doing my best. I don’t think I can ever really tell anyone everything, which is why I decided to tell strangers online. I am sorry for those people that thought I was a hero in my initial post.

Please don’t let your hatred boil inside you, friends, I almost missed out on something great, and I may still miss out if I am not careful.”

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Aqauticpig 2 years ago
Dude, this story is absolutely amazing.
Look I know you are beating yourself up, but its incredible to see you stepping up to be there for your daughter and earn the moms trust.
And what you overcame was incredible.
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4. Refuse To Pay Me? I'll Catfish You

“I used to work for a married couple, Billy (M52) and Gigi (F44), who owned a business services/public relations agency. It lasted more or less for a year. They seemed nice and humble, but in reality, they were shady and untruthful. The company began to falter because of poor management and zero intention to prioritize. Billy was your baby-faced next-door neighbor type. He looked about ten years younger and had a “kind” smile.

He was soft-spoken and had an artistic and creative flair to him. Gigi looked matronly with a Mother Earth incarnate attitude towards her children. She prided herself on “being ruthless” when it came to giving her family only the best. She could be really nice when she wanted to, but I found out early on that she was 100% apt at gossip and being two-faced.

The company’s constant changes were a red flag.

They went from Business Services + PR Agency to IT provider, to a business incubator, to “indie beer partners.” What I’m trying to say is that they tried to dip their donut on everyone’s coffee, figurately. Some of us had no real way to escape. The lady working next to me was already 67 years old and scared that no one would hire her. I wasn’t in a great place either.

We were 8 employees in total. They wouldn’t lay anyone off because they believed that the employee should quit.

They paid us only a portion of our salaries (incomplete weekly payments). Employees would run for the hills once they found a better job. Some of us were stuck. It was horrible. Then, they would pay the normal rate for a month and then do it again. They never cut down on their luxury expenses, so the wife would post her shopping sprees or arrive in a new car like it was nothing.

Zero empathy. Very insensitive.

The husband was obsessed with making it big time. So much, that he sometimes failed to see an opportunity right in front of him. He said he was Coca-Cola’s brand manager. I swear I looked it up and could never find any reference. Gigi had a display full of small local magazines (mostly about design and architecture). They were very proud to be a “team member,” but in reality, they just helped them print two issues.

They wanted “big business only,” but in the meantime, looked down upon tangible potential clients. Like the young Latino couple who showed up trying to learn more about their services. They seemed “lost” because they wanted someone to help them set up a coffee business and had no idea how it was done. I talked to them and helped them into the waiting room. They even showed up with their baby in a stroller.

That means they must have driven by and decided to come in. An impulsive client should be retained. The guy said his grandpa had a farm, and he wanted to create an import/export company. Once Billy showed up, he listened for a bit, then kind of gave them an abrupt dismissal. That was a jerk move because that couple opened their own business with someone else and even have a social media page.

It could have been Billy.

Billy lined his office walls with posters of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. His wife, the Chief Enabling Officer, put up signs on each room. The main employee area was “the machine room,” Billy’s office was “the chamber,” the conference room was “a meeting of the minds.” Every time an employee disagreed with Billy during a brainstorming session, Gigi would call them aside and tell them that “Billy is your boss.

You need to know that he is brilliant and a genius. I want him to have that taste of success.” I experienced that first hand. I also hated brainstorming because that was never on my job description. They just wanted to pick everyone’s brains. In the meantime, we had to see the Pandora jewelry, the expensive makeovers for their daughters, and the “weekend at the spa” updates on social media.

Gigi’s captions were usually about rewarding herself after a “hard week” or “because she deserved it.” Oh! And I’d like to mention that they bought into the “social guru” phrases about “emotional direction.” So if an employee ever got angry, Gigi would tell you, “Remember the one who gets angry is the one who ends up losing.”

For anyone who’s been in this situation, you may understand how painful it can be.

You cannot leave the job because you have no other job waiting for you, and pathetic as it may sound to some, “some income” is better than no income at all. This is an involuntary compromise and it’s abusive. Why were we expected to pay for their luxuries via incomplete wages?

My best friend’s ex is into coding and programming and he agreed to help. If it didn’t work out, at least we would have something to laugh about.

We created an awesome fake website with a matching LinkedIn and the whole nine yards. To make a long story short, this was supposed to be an investment company and my friend would be very casual. Nothing too eager.

He started by liking my employer’s social media page. Then comment. Before we knew it, my boss took the bait and was engaging. They exchanged emails and he was eager to share all his “projects and ambitious stuff.” On the other side, the investor sent him a list of requirements, like proof of concept, employer payroll, EIN #, etc.

the investor “agreed” to work with them if they could prove they were legit and up to date. No bank account of confidential info was asked.

Within three weeks, I was paid the equivalent to the 2 months and a half I was owed. The investor did an about-face and never contacted him again. I left the job as soon as I could. My friend who remained until she got paid told me our boss seemed “off” and a bit down after he announced “big things are coming,” but it all seemed to deflate. I never disclosed what was really going on.”

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Mac 2 years ago
Why weren’t they reported?
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3. Abusive Boss Loses His Store And Contracts

“I was an idiot growing up and ended up in a rehabilitation program for people under 18 to avoid jail time and eventually got given a place at a large charity agency that sources workers for anything from retail to gardening. The person directly in control of my position at said charity was one of those “I’m too nice for anyone to notice me doing wrong” people, and he put me, someone who literally couldn’t (and still can’t years later) talk to a stranger without panicking, into a job in retail speaking to upwards of 35+ customers a day.

It may not sound like a lot, but I struggled to make it through a day without going into the back room and crying.

The boss of this site (Kevin) showed just what kind of person he was from day 1 by threatening to fire me for telling him I can’t handle strangers and shouting in my face. God, I wish he had fired me. This never got better and over the months of working there, I eventually started recording it all without his knowledge.

Among the things he did is this list:

But first, a quick story: so, I get assigned to work in a (unsure of the right word here, but privately owned?) retail place that sells “upcycled” furniture. I had previously worked at the site actually doing the upcycling and knew this stuff was a scam, barely had a thing changed, and the people doing the work spent most of the day drinking coffee and smoking while playing games on their phone.

Anyways, here’s a list of his wrongdoings that I recorded:

  1. Shouting at staff for not putting toilet paper on the holder (There was a pile of it on the back of the toilet.)
  2. Calling the person in charge of my placement and reporting me for “lack of workplace enthusiasm” in front of me while I was having a panic attack
  3. Telling a 70+-year-old woman who I worked with that she needs to “grow up and handle confrontation like a man” after having 2 large men shout and swear at her for refusing to sell an already sold item to them
  4. Throwing his phone (told by another employee) after I called in sick for a day due to crippling stomach pains brought on by Crohn’s
  5. After being told at 11 am that I won’t make it to my shift (due to being in hospital), proceeded to call me at 3 am the next morning and yell at me (he seemed VERY intoxicated) demanding I have a doctor prove I was in the hospital because I didn’t give 2 weeks notice

And back to the main story.

All of this was recorded in the space of only 3 weeks, and I gave it all to my placement manager who proceeded to organize a meeting between himself, Kevin, and me to try and put things right. During this meeting, however, instead of calmly talking about the issue and what can be done to solve it, all the evidence was shown to Kevin who then yelled at me for recording him then throwing a full-on tantrum that I would dare question his style of management while I sat there scared and my placement manager just did nothing.

Back we go to work with a final warning strike issued to me for gross misconduct and told that I should do as stated in my contract and anything else that is asked of me or I would be fired. I do everything I can to follow my contract and anything else asked of me including cleaning a toilet, and I see a broken window above it.

That’s when I finally get a plan together.

The plan I came up with meant I had to stay in everyone’s good books, deal with mean customers, go to work even in crippling pain, and dose up on meds to control my panicking, but in exchange, my belief was I could get Kevin replaced or at least get myself removed from the situation.

I should have clarified earlier that being fired from any site ALSO gets you taken off the charity’s payroll.

I started informing Kevin of every little safety violation the site managed to break from broken windows in the female toilets, loose light fixtures, and broken locks on doors all the way up to a giant glass panel going across the front of the shop that was barely hanging on by a few bits of rubber and could easily kill a small child or less than strong adult if it were to fall out.

I emailed him and texted him about each one individually and brought it up to other staff in hopes they would do the same, while also making sure to take photos of each of these issues so I could use them again later.

Another month and a half of working there, and at this point, I felt I may have a little too many minor details saved up but decided it’s best to go overkill than underkill and sent a huge email to the UK HSE (health and safety executive) detailing every risk and danger with photos attached to show what the place was doing wrong and requesting an inspection.

Of course, they obliged.

1 week later, I get a phone call from Kevin. He tells me how the shop is closing down, how a safety inspection was carried out, and how it had been failed so badly that he lost his contract with the charity and that nobody would be able to use the building for weeks while everything gets brought back up to code. He couldn’t run the place anymore due to financial issues while it was closed because he had no savings for this.

I never heard from him again.

A year later: After this happened, I moved on and began working from home doing image editing, and around a year later, I get a call from the placement manager who hadn’t heard from me the whole time and I got asked in the coldest, most passive-aggressive tone, “Why didn’t you tell me the store closed?” Turns out, they had been apparently paying me $418 a DAY for a job I didn’t have, hours I didn’t work, and this was all apparently being reported on the charity’s income as someone else’s account. They got me confused with another person and reported their hard work on my files, and it took them a year to notice because of how badly they handled everything.”

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ccanni1028 2 years ago
You didn’t notice the money being deposited into your account for that year you were freelancing??
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2. Next Time, Keep Your Dogs Locked Up

“Not my revenge; it was my Grandpa’s. My dad told us this story.

First off, my grandpa was a John Wayne type guy who didn’t take nonsense. He was super tough and could be extremely mean when provoked, but was very fair and just. My dad’s family lived in a rural area, so everyone had animals and grew food.

There was an Alaskan man (I will call him AJ short for Alaskan Jerk from now on) that moved into the neighborhood that was really into dog sledding and brought his whole team of dogs.

I’m not sure what the value is now, but my dad said that these dogs were several thousand dollars each just because of their breed. AJ was very proud of these dogs and took no precautions to lock them up at night or anything because of the “level of training” they had.

Pretty soon after AJ moved into the area, my dad’s neighbors started complaining that their animals like chickens and goats were getting eaten by a predator, and everyone knew it was AJ’s dogs.

When AJ was confronted about it, he just said, “You can’t prove it’s my dogs” and wouldn’t do anything to stop them from going out and ransacking the neighbor’s chicken coops.

One night, my grandpa hears something going on outside with the chickens, he looks out the window and sees the dogs. Wrong house, jerk. He walks outside with a 12 gauge and shoots the nearest dog, killing it, and the rest of the team ran away scared.

He grabbed the dog’s body in one hand and his shotgun in the other and marched to AJ’s house in his pajamas and started banging on the door at 3 am.

When AJ answers the door, my grandpa throws the very expensive dog corpse at AJ’s feet and says, “Next time, I’ll kill every darn one of them.” And walked away.

My dad said that he started locking his dogs up after that.”

12 points (18 votes)

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Sounds like something my dad would do. He didn't take s*it from anyone, either. He installed a work ethic in all of us. You didn't dare try to cheat or steal from him, and God help you if you messed with any of his kids.
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1. Can't Let Me Know When It'll Be Fixed? I'll Keep Sending In Tickets

“This happened around 2012. Back then, I used to live in Southern Europe (one of the Mediterranean countries). I was a university student in a remote, rural place.

I had just moved to a new apartment and, naturally, my first order of business was to make sure that I have a running Internet connection. The problem was that, due to the place I was living in being so remote, there was only one ISP provider available.

You didn’t like the provider? Too bad.

Anyway, I sign the necessary paperwork in time, move to the new place, set up the router and all, and thankfully, my connection is fine. That is until day 3 or 4 when out of nowhere, my Internet connection dies (but my phone line was working normally).

Ok, no probs. I call the ISP to open a ticket. The representative tells me that they will get back to me soon.

A few days pass by and I get nothing so I decide to call them again.

The representative tells me that they are still investigating the problem and that they will get back to me soon.

Now, this is the point where I’m starting to get frustrated. I know that the Internet in the area is fine; in fact, my next-door neighbor’s Internet connection is great, so the problem must be something that is easily fixable, right? WRONG.

A week passed by, and I call them again.

This time, the representative tells me that they have investigated the issue, and the problem is officially deemed an “unknown origin” which means that they cannot give me an ETA for the fix. I hang up the phone feeling sad and perplexed. As I contemplate my internetless existence the representative’s words echo in my mind: “unknown origin;” “we cannot give you an ETA.”

Slowly, my sadness transforms into denial.

How is this possible? My phone connection still works, so the line is still there, and I know for a fact that everyone in the area has a stable Internet connection. This must be a simple bug that is easily fixable. This can only mean one thing: Some jerk has not been doing his job correctly.

The denial becomes anger. How dare they tell me that they cannot give me an ETA? This should be illegal! What if my job depends on my Internet connection? Not to mention that Internet access is a basic human right! They are denying me my rights by not giving me an ETA! At this point, the issue stops being the Internet connection – it’s about the principle of the matter.

As a human being and a customer, I am entitled to an ETA!

I call the ISP again and I try to explain my flawless reasoning. No luck. The poor representative who listens to my rant tells me that the only thing I can do is to open a new ticket. Shocked by my inability to define my fate, I accept his offer and hang up.

And then…

A magnificent idea is born. Since the only thing that I can do is to open a new ticket then this is exactly what I’m going to do. From that point on, I was calling my ISP provider two to five times per day. Each time, I was telling the representative the same thing: “This is what has happened. I know that there are multiple tickets with my name on them already, but I want you to open a new one!” Most of the representatives were pretty amused by my story.

Everyone complied.

A month later – yes, a month passed without the issue having been fixed – I get a call from the regional tech executive of the ISP. The call goes like this:

Executive: You must stop opening tickets; you’re flooding our ticketing system!

At first, I was shocked at how aggressive the executive was; he was clearly one step away from starting to call me names, and I knew that the only reason this didn’t happen was that these calls are being recorded.

And then my shock transformed into elation. You see, my friends, this is the point when I realized that I was winning.

Me: Well, are you going to give me an ETA for a fix?

Executive: We cannot give you an ETA; the problem is of an unknown origin.

Me: Then I guess I’ll keep opening tickets.

Executive: hangs up

To cut a long story short, this exchange renewed my passion for crushing the souls of those who have wronged me so I kept opening tickets at the same pace for another 30-40 days.

I estimate that in the course of the total ~70 days that this lasted I must have opened more than 250 tickets.

One day my phone rings. I pick it up, and it’s an ISP representative who tells me this:

“Mr. LexMeat is this you? Your problem has been solved; everyone at (ISP name) is talking about you!”

Indeed, on that day, my Internet connection was back. The cool part about this, however, was that I had Internet all along. Remember my next-door neighbor? She was kind enough to let me know her WiFi password since day 1.”

Another User Comments:
“As someone who has worked in the ticket portion of customer service before, all they have to do is merge the new ticket(s) into the first ticket.

When we had customers do this, all we did was roll our eyes, merge the ticket, and continue not being able to solve their problem cause a different team was needed to fix it, and we literally couldn’t do anything. It didn’t affect our metrics because a merged ticket was marked as spam (and there was a macro, so it was literally like 2 seconds).

So all you really cost them was whatever phone time they were paid for, and it probably didn’t speed you up because annoying customers were usually put on the bottom of the “do not care” list.” Excalibur88815

3 points (5 votes)

User Image
Complicated8520 2 years ago
Internet and an ETA is not a basic human right
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