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Jowi1 exactly. I have been in a super hurry before and I have never been pushy like this person. Even when I was waiting to by flowers for a funeral I was late too because the person in front of me had a large order and asked about 25 questions about the plants they were buying. NEVER treat people like their time is less valuable than yours or karma will get you.
While I agree with you wholeheartedly anma, I dont believe amth was saying that at all. Just my thoughts on what I read.
A friend of mine had the same issue working for a call center. Almost everyone was an addict. She even saw a manager shooting up in the crack in the stall once. She only worked there for a month before quitting.
Just playing devil's advocate here. I will say I agree she got what she deserved. However I must say her bf calling and making threats like that leaves me with unanswered questions. Maybe he was the one who controlled her and that was why she behaved so poorly. I'm not saying that gave her the right to treat people providing her a luxury service so poorly but it does make me wonder if there is more going on in this womans life. I will say its Karma biting her in the ass severely and she got her just dues.
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