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Absolutely NTJ. I hope you have realized that now considering the comments I see agreeing. The girls are 16, well old enough to make up their own minds. Mine were even younger than that when I let them make up their own minds. Heck, you even see it all over social media now, posts saying "If a child doesn't want to hug/associate with Auntie, uncle, grandpa or whoever, don't make them" so why is this any different? It isn't. YOU are dad, you are the one who has been there and most importantly you are not the one who walked away when things weren't perfect.
If Army Warrant Officers are anything like Marine Warrant Officers, God I love you! Mason is a Marine and his Warrant Officer who runs the social media page is a freaking hoot! Like he could be a professional comedian but, like in your story, always does it without breaking rules or being unprofessional. And boy does he have some creative ways to shut down any badmouthing people or rude/disrespectful people. Warrant Officers are just awesome!

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