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Same about the kids. I will say that if agreed to watch the kids occasionally as part of living there, then I can see getting mad. If not then OP doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Oh please, they are supposed to hide their relationship just because it's sisters wedding day? Sister needs to get over herself.
NTA. It's not like you announced it to steal your sister's thunder, she stole her own by tossing you out of the breakfast just because you got married first and had a hissy fit. You tried to avoid the topic but mom was pushy. Don't sweat it.
NTJ. You're paying for her food, clothing, car insurance (which is making me cringe for just her car. Holy crap that's a lot!), and vegan groceries that you are footing, as well as school tution and extras. Asking her to babysit a bit is not much at all. Far as I am concerned, she should be grateful she has a roof over her head with all these other accommodations. Although the rent might be a bit much? I dunno.
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