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Blowing up was a dumb move against a man like that. In the moment, rather than seething silently, super nonchalant "Sisters name, bodies can be healthy and beautiful in many different ways. Daddy's ideas are from a long time ago when being healthy wasn't the most important. This is a good movie huh?"
I'd look deeper into why getting your way over your wife's feelings is so important to you. Also, why this feeling of "being rich" makes you feel so superior. What if the company doesn't renew your contract when it's up? Then you have unemployed your housekeeper, a damaged your relationship and you're no longer "rich". Priorities, man.
I mean, I get the whole relationship. (I had the same with my dad's parents - and they were both his parents....) But why is it an issue to take one photo? It doesn't sound like she's been malicious..... It isn't the hill I'd die on, I guess.
I dont know how any of this works, buuut.... why did you schedule your induction for the day before his new semester? I do know those have some flexibility.
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