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Look, she's just dead wrong. Maybe you could tell the kid you've been there and you understand him.... but a traumatized person is not the person to heal or help another traumatized person. He needs a real therapist. And it's really gross that his foster parents don't want to be the person to "take him under their wing". Bit I'm sure that's the least of issues in foster care
If you're paying to live there, it should be treated as an apartment by your parents. Hun, I'd move out.... like OUT. And get a safe or something for when your sister comes over
Omg RUN. Not only was this totally asinine and immature, it most definitely wasn't the time or place to behave in such a way. And he's THIRTY SEVEN? Are we joking??? Not only that, but what kind of partner doesn't see the need to pay at least half toward place of residence??? Lose this freeloading moron.
E isn't your friend. He's an overgrown toddler. His behavior was wrong and "friends" sticking up for him are wrong. I'd say lose their numbers and make friends with people who understand that other people exist and their needs matter.
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