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NTJ "Because family" is the most overly used, emotional manipulation tool. You are in no way obligated to do anything for anyone, even if they're family.
Lmao, I didn't imply anything about your "emotional state", I didn't mention your emotions at all. And it's clear you dont know the difference between infer, imply, assertation. You made the assertation that I'm a hysterical woman. I said you inferred things based on what you've already said. I didn't imply anything, though you are implying that I'm somehow oppressing your speech in some way,yet you're still saying what you want. Please educate yourself a little bit further before you say things you don't truly understand. We're not on Reddit, and it seems that has escaped your notice. It doesn't matter where the story cane from, we are still not on Reddit having this disagreement. But clearly you think you know better. No where, not one time, did I say anything about your children. For the umpteenth time you've purposely twisted what I said. Which is that no one dhould leave their children with you. What you do with you kids is your business, but you seem to think you know better than others what they should fo with their children. And I stand by my statement that you should not be unsupervised around other people's children. And again you've stated that the mother overreacted to someone hiding away with her child. A person who was sick with an unspecified illness. A person who thought they had strep or bronchitis, but could have easily have been RSV or jerk. A person who did not care that they were sick and endangering a child. A person who is still trying to take a child that doesn't belong to her. But according to you the mom is wrong because miss child thief is family. Do yourself a favor and save your mansplianing for your wife and stop telling people how to raise their children. Worry about your own kids and your poor woman who birthed your children. F**k off and eat a bag of d**ks you misogynistic a$$***e. (BTW, still not hysterical, just don't like or respect you or anything you say.) You can continue to respond with your misogyny and toxicity, but I'm done talking to you. You're a sexist a$$ and don't deserve anymore of my time.
It's cute that you think you can assess my mental state thtough a computer. But, I'm not hysterical, I'm just responding to your ignorance. If you think that's hysteria, you may need to reassess the difference between reality and your imagination. You literally said she was overreacting, her decision about her child is overblown, she should set boundaries, but gently to ease her selfish sister into accepting her rules about her child. While you admitted a child's immune system isn't fully formed until they were 7/8, you downplayed the sisters illness to a common cold, which it wasn't. You Aldo stated exposure is what increases immunity. So yes, you did infer she was wrong, shouldn't be upset, suggested that she should set boundaries that you think are appropriate (which is in favor of the sister), inferred that she was wrong because family, and exposure to illnesses is hood good children. Backtracking doesn't change what you've said, it just makes you look foolish. I stand by my statement that children should not be left in your care because you think your opinions override parents rules.
So you're skipping over important I formation again. You truly believe that parents don't have the right to decided does or doesn't have access to their children, do you? It wasn't a cold, she told her it was either strep or bronchitis. Which are both more serious than a cold. Also, this post is only 4 months old,for all you know the sister could have had Covid or RSV, which were both going around 4 months ago. Regardless, infants can and have died from the common cold, and since the sister had something more serious than the common cold, she was in fact endangering the health of the infant. And it wasn't just one incident. You keep choosing to ignore the fact that this woman is harassing the mother and others trying to get her hands on the baby. She refuses to stop, and you think she's being unfairly treated. You might feel comfortable risking your child with someone who has shown known concern for putting an infant in danger, but don't expect others to be so free with their child's health. It's that idiotic thinking that exposure builds up their immune system that caused national outbreaks of all but eradicated diseases a few years ago (pre-Covid) like measles and polio. So many parents have lost their babies over the last 6 years from illnesses that could have easily been prevented. But because you haven't experienced personally, you think it's not a big deal. I truly hope no one ever leaves their children alone with you. You seem like the type to take someone else's kid to a chicken pox party because you think you know what's best for someone else's child. You're beyond a jerk, you're an entitled psycho.
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