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Your GF is nuts. I strongly hope you kick that girl to the curb after she destroyed all your hard work. She's important and knows very little of history and uses terms like "racist" & "fascist" without fully comprehending their meaningless. I wish you luck in getting her out of your life.
Yes, YTJ, and YTA too! When women are pregnant their hormones and emotions are all over the place. Your wife is growing a human and that is not an easy job. As her husband you should have been more supportive of your wife and stood up for her against your AH friends. I really don't understand men like you, who think it's ok to treat your wife like she should just ignore your so called friends remarks and actions. Frankly, she be better off with someone who actually cares about her needs and sticks up for her, especially when she is so close to giving birth. Someone who calls his friends out for being so rude.
Here's a thought. Get some freezer bags and after eating the food bag it up, write the food name and date it, then put it in the freezer. Rotate the left overs out, and then that way, there won't be issues of getting towed off eating the same leftovers all the time.
Tell your lazy sister to get a job and pay for a maid. Seems like she expects a lot and gives nothing in return. Not only is she lazy, she is narcissistic as jerk.
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