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Ytj and being petty...becuz it isnt about no sleepovers b4 marriage stance becuz he sleeps over at her house...its just you want to be a control freak. Welcome to the future of ur son not ever coming home to stay with gf. Or when they get thier own place them not allowing you to spend the night...becuz hey no excuse of tiredness or saftey has any bearings on whether you should drive or not
Ur Dad sucks...i read a story not long ago that boss wouldnt let dad leave because child was in hospital in critical condtion...his child died while he was working and then got fired when he took off for his childs funeral. I know its scary to think ud be unemployed...but there are alot of jobs out there and honestly soft had 9 mths and a lifetime worth of experience with ur you knew this would be the case and should have gotten a diff job, one that understood at some point ya may have to go. Whats gonna happen if ur child is in hospital or ur wife? Are her parents still married? If they are maybe MIL needs to step in and lay some old fashioned womans wrath
NTJ whats crazy is her logic doesn't make any sense. So becuz sis/hubby can afford more...they get more money id think that would/should mean they get less money becuz they wouldnt have the same hardships, as you and ur hubby might. Idk if id go full no contact, because they did gibe you a gift...but idk it may always be a wealth vs love mentality with them. And youll never be able to talk about life without them alloting it to, hubby not making enough money.
Youre being matter the excuse...the child was 5...not 15, not 18...but 5....its one thing if he said to another adult like "hey that kid is kind of a jerk" its abusive to say that to a child that 1 isnt his 2 not even his biological relative 3 kid is 5!! Andthe way he is gaslighting you and you just keep stewing in it. Grow a pair and let them didnt want to make it a thing...but since hes being ASH about in fact heard him say it and his behaviour afyter is just proof how much he has no respect foe you, your family or common decency @
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