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NTJ screw them. Ur brother is a horrible entitled jerk. The balls on him to literally message you about his kids starving as he sits in his house. With a car welcome to being adults with kids brother. Not ur circus and not ur monkeys dont get sucked back in. Youve got ur own life and kids to worry about
Leave this fool. Hes an epic loser. You already know hes gonna not help with the baby. So just cut ties now. Anything his name on, take him off or get a new account etc just for you.if he wants to be in this kids life...he can man up and take ya to court and do it the right way. Sounds like he got you pregnant to trap you. He doesnt love you...hes using you. Youve got a baby to think about and you keep signing up to have an adult man baby.
Not sure 50/50 if this is 100% true ur mom is a nut. But the you being tired from driving ur brother yesterday...makes it seem this isnt what really happened. Ur 17 and im sure you drive all the time hanging out and doing whatever, so makes it more sound like u were being a brat and there is more to this whole thing.
Ytj...when i was in school and the math teacher always was saying "youre not gonna have a calculator in ur pocket all the time" boy was he wrong. Yes it be nice to be able to do math in ur head...but some people just arent that long as they are able to get the correct answer...who cares how they got there 90% of math we learn in school never gets used...basic addition/subtraction/basic algebra x+b=c type equations (ex: i had 50 and now i only have how much did i spend * i b=25)
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