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NTJ wasn't any of your cousins business to begin with. If they'd of kept their nose in their own business they wouldn't have put themselves on the defensive smh
NTJ your dad asked you to dim your light because hers doesn't shine?!? Thats super whack. I bet you're just counting the days until you're 18 so you can get out, get your own, amd go no co tact with that household cuz SHEESH they're all jerks every last onr
NTJ sounds like she thinks your boundaries do not apply to her. You gotta stand hard n fast in them things. Stop lettin her in for a while definitely need space for a bit cuz she's idk too comfortable doesn't fit but it's all I can think of right now. She's too comfortable breakin ya boundaries and that's not ok especially from a supposed bestie. Once you've had your break yall need to meet up in public lic and you need to reinform her of your boundaries. None of that soft reminder stuff either you need to be straight up.
NTJ he was the only person doing all this before you got married then he got cut for goofy reasons and they were definitely hard set on lettin him know he was other and not gonna get anything from the olive stuff. Your husband's wants his fam back thats understandable but at the same time they're jist gonna jerk his help over n over n use him up til he's a husk and YOU are the one that's gonna have to nurse him everytime.
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