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NTJ. Someone was going to be miserable regardless. She because she had expectations that weren't met, but had you sucked it up and powered through, you'd have been exhausted and not having a good time, so chances are she still would have been upset that you weren't properly enthusiastic even if you did push yourself. I work from 3:30am-noon. I take naps and go to bed early. I've forced myself to stay up for things, and sometimes yay fun and sometimes I'm spending the whole time wishing I was wearing stretchy pants and being horizontal. Powering through is for teenagers and emergencies. Not recreation. Best would have been to just lay it out straight up. I don't have it in me to go to a party. I've been awake since stupid thirty and I need to call it a day. Go ahead and go to the party and have fun for both of us, but staying awake just isn't in the cards.
You're kidding, right? You see your kids twice a month and you're trying to get out of that. You suck the most. thingy yeah if I was your daughter you'd get attitude. There are words so much spicier than jerk, but this is indeed what you are, scooter. You are a jerk, a deadbeat, a narcissistic toddler, obtusely selfish, an all around terrible individual, and you would be doing your children a service by quietly stepping out of their lives altogether. Support them financially, but don't pretend you actually like them. Boo.
Invite them. Ball's in their court. They support you or they don't. They don't have to be part of the planning or the ceremony, but leave it up to them. No jerks here. Just people trying to get along and love one another without offense.
Could you be anymore of a jerk? You lied, manipulated, reneged, and now want to punish him for boundaries he set? You're an wacky, straight up. You go right now, apologize, and give him like a hundred dollar gift card to his comic book store. And pray this relationship can be restored. Do you even love your son? Because it kinda sounds like you don't.
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