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Ytj. Love doesn't ask whether it's deserved. Love compromises. Did she deserve the seat? No more than you. Finders keepers and you got there first, so screw her. She can stand in pain because you're out of shape. She wore the shoes, so it's her fault she couldn't get to the seat before you. And if she had, would you have let her sit or would you have asked her to give up the seat because you don't regularly exercise and your laziness trumps her sore feet. As well, because SHE regularly exercises, she should have more stamina and be punished for her health. You do not appear to be any kind of catch. You're admitting to be out of shape and selfish. What do you bring to the table? I mean, you're clearly not rich since y'all taking the bus... I'm picturing an overweight neck beard in a fedora and a partner who is clearly too good for him.
NTJ. She is. I love roller coasters. I can't handle spinny rides. So I'll go on the coasters and wait while the other folks go on the spinny rides. Why on earth would a person invite themselves to a thing they don't want to do? It would be like begging to go to a football game and complaining about how boring it is the whole time. Just don't go.
YTJ. A baby isn't crying for manipulation purposes. A baby cries because she needs something. You left a lonely infant who's teething, in pain, distressed to cry herself to sleep wondering why no one is helping her. If your wife was crying hysterically in the middle of the night, would you just lock her in a room so she could settle herself because she needs to learn? The only thing you're "teaching" your baby is that you can't be trusted. jerk yeah, you're the jerk. You don't ever leave a baby to just cry. Jerk.
NTJ. He's the J. My kids could scramble eggs and make toast when they were 3. He's how old? He can either learn to do for himself or suck it up and live on takeout on his own dime.
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