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It is unreasonable to ask him not to eat HIS food the way he likes. If he did the same to her you would say he is controlling her. He eats his food his way and she eats hers her way you stupid bitch. Do you think a chef at a restaurant tell a customer how to eat their food. Go fuck your mother and suck your daddy's dick.
Ytj because of how you acted. The tacos were cold and not what you wanted but you wanted the money back for what was right too? No bitch not how it works.
Ytj. Its his phone his say and he is right you are a controlling bitch. I doubt you asked every time you took a pic of him and Noone will see the pic unless they use his phone to call you. I bet if he had no pics of you you would say he is trying to hide you from people grow up bitch.
Ytj. And a controlling bitch. He can eat his food how ever he wants weather you like it or not. We all know if a man told a woman how to eat her food he would be a controlling narcissist. You don't like to bad. His food his choice.
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