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I call my husband my 'diet plan'. I'll make a cake, because I want cake, knowing I really shouldn't be having a lot of cake. So, we both have some when it's fresh, and a couple of days later, he'll ask me if we should split the last piece. For me, it works out. I want cake, I get cake. I need to limit my cake eating, my cake eating is limited.
That's why glitter is known as 'craft herpes' Once you've been around it, it never goes away. 3 years ago, I found a beautiful roll of red glitter wrapping paper. Not only was it a pain to tape up, I still find little bits of red glitter everywhere, even once at work, where I never used it or brought any gifts.
I've read many stories about people deciding they have to move because of bad neighbours. Dog poops on my lawn, and nobody will do anythng. Loud parties, and nobody will do anything, etc. But this guy is moving because the neighbourhood won't let him be a d**k? He's got a perfect solution. Just stop being a d**k.
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