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My job is kinda like this in the sense that you can do everything above and beyond every day and still get the exact same raise as someone who never does their job or follows the rules. I feel the same way. I now just put in the bare minimum required and thats it. There is absolute no motivation to do extra or go above and beyond anymore so I dont. I wont kill myself for a job that doesnt care about me or what I do (good or bad). So definitely NTJ!
NTJ but Here2JudgeU definitely is! They were probably a bully in school because no other rational person would look back on the day they were assaulted and laugh. Bailey's parents and school obviously don't care about her actions so I would press charges and sue the school. They all need to know these kinds of actions are not okay and need to be dealt with the first time and not ignored until it becomes physical.
I feel like some of these commenters are not that bright. What 4 year old has their own friends that they were not introduced to by their parents friends or other family members? I have a 7 year old and even though he is old enough to have friends at his birthday parties there is still always immediate family there as well. You're right that your relationship with your niece is dependent on your sister and if she is cutting you out then there is nothing you can do. NTJ
YTA you sound like the worst! If I were them I'd give you a deadline to get your shit out and if its not gone I'd put it outside! Get off your ass and stop mooching of your friends!
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