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NTJ. I want to know how old this kid is. I've NEVER known a child to eat deodorant. It typically doesn't smell like food, or anything edible in general. Also, most people put their deodorant either on the back of the bathroom sink, in the medicine cabinet, or on top of their dresser in their bedroom: places children are hard pressed to reach. The friend definitely needed to keep up with their kid especially if their kid was prone to getting into stuff and eating non-food items. I would explain the truth in one long post, detailing what happened, and keep it moving. This friendship is probably over and maybe it should be. I wouldn't want anyone in my house that constantly put themselves at risk like that.
NTJ at all. I have diabetes, and when my blood sugar is off, my mind gets all fuzzy. I'm dizzy, nauseous, confused, and sleepy. Literally can't keep my eyes open no matter how hard I try. I NEED my insulin or I can't function. You've done the right thing, OP. But, I kinda wonder if your dad my be deeper involved? Why is he going so far to, quite literally, protect his brother's abuser? Has he ever chastised her behavior at all? Ever spoken up for his brother? I'd be digging a touch deeper into the relationship between your dad and Jimmy's wife. But, that's just me......
Or any attention to Acceptable_cut_7545. Simply put, OP never wanted the animal, and it isn't theirs so it isn't their responsibility. I've always had pets and if I had to leave them for more than a day, I made arrangements and backup arrangements. A responsible pet parent wouldn't let this happen to their cat.
All of that sentiment is irrelevant, seregil42. If he had accepted the fact that OP wasn't trying to bond with a stepfather so soon after her own father's death, a relationship could have naturally occurred. But SD constantly hounding her for 16 years about why she "doesn't love him and won't call him dad", even after having 4 kids of his own, just solidified her decision to keep him away. If OP doesn't see him as her father, there is nothing SD can do but accept it. His supposed hurt feelings don't factor into this, all these years later, and his demand for a bonding moment, is beyond the pale. Even bio parents can be overstepping if they make these kinds of demands, much less a stepparent with no real relationship to their stepchild.
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