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Granted, that you didn't include the child's this game will age, but; it is not like you locked them in a closet and went off to do chores or something. You played peek-a-boo. Plenty of parents let their children "cry it out" and are not chastised for it. It was an imagination game that they will be more ready for the next time. I am not saying "do not pay attention any time your child cries" nor "torment grandchildren", but I bet that this game will actually be fun once they grow up to be better at it. Speaking from experience.
I am hoping that, having invited Paul to dinner, you were also offering a free meal, drinks, and a chance to get out of the house to chat with old friends? Even if he does have enough savings, I would always make sure to say "we really miss you and want to take you out" that way he doesn't feel like a charity case, but also feels impelled to go. NTJ

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