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NTJ when I was your age I would have froze at the assignment also. Nothing about my childhood was happy or something to be missed. Now I can think outside the both: I miss being smaller and able to fit in tight spots. The teacher should have listened and been able to alter the assignments a little bit. Not everyone fits into the same cookie cutter mold.
NTJ I live with my fiancé and a coworker of his, who rents a room from us. We’ve sat outside smoking and talking . It’s weird is you don’t talk to the people who live in the house with you. At least on a get to know basis, makes for a more comfortable and accepting atmosphere. That sort of reaction from someone usually means they’re projecting what they’re doing, so it’s likely your roommate was not quite on the up and up. And his ex being so involved means they probably weren’t quite so ended. None of that was your fault, you were dragged right into the middle of a crap storm and became the easy target.
NTJ I came from a family where if it wasn’t used on a daily basis I got thrown out. Due to that I have very few memorabilia from my younger years, and my parents have none (we’re not close). I dearly wish I had been able to keep even just a few items. If it’s possible pack up a couple plastic storage tubs and ask a close friend or relative to hold on to the items for you. That way they’ll be safe and you can have them back when you move out. You did not over react, even if you weren’t an adult that was a severe breach of privacy, young adults are not little robots to be controlled.
NTJ if he hadn’t been so extreme about it before his sister was diagnosed I would have said no jerks here. The fact that he went straight to saying he’d break up with you over cutting your hair in general, let alone for a good cause, raises a lot of red flags. That’s some controlling behavior there. He may be processing a lot of things, and knew beforehand about the possibility of his sister having cancer, but in the end it’s your body your choice, and it grows back. I have trichotillomania, my hair comes and goes throughout the years, and Even with that I have shaved my head for my sister after she died from cancer. My partner finds me attractive no matter the amount of hair, or lack of.
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