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Why do you think it's your place to decide how other people dress? It's kind of surprising you have friends at all, if that's how you treat them. Grow up. Mind your own business.
For the love of all things holy, DO NOT BRING LIFE INTO THIS WORLD THAT YOU DON'T WANT JUST TO MAKE YOUR PARTNER HAPPY. This shouldn't even need explaining. You're NTJ for not wanting kids, but this selfish idea of having children that you won't care for is insane and horrible.
As a former child who was unexplainably sick all the time, my heart aches for your poor daughter. At the risk of parroting another comment on this: do you even like her? It doesn't seem like it AT ALL. I will never understand why people have kids only to treat them like they are burdens their entire lives.
I have no words but these: you're DEFINITELY the jerk here (and not a very bright one, it would seem).
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