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It's called selective hearing. My mom had a pretty bad case of it too. She heard what she wanted to hear and ignored the rest. I have discovered that as I age, I'm prone to it myself. I will say this: Sit down with her, and explain you aren't trying to be a pest, you just genuinely want to know what is going on. Explain you understand you can be a little much with the questions, but her ignoring you is only making things worse, not better. You might be a "pest" but she's acting like a pouting toddler, and it isn't doing either of you any favors.
I did the same thing. People walking in to a full dining room and full lobby, and then just walk on in looking for an empty table, completely ignoring me. I let them sit at dirty tables because if you are rude enough to seat yourself ahead of twenty already waiting people, clean the table yourself. Most of them caught on quick to stop doing that, but a few held out for five or six visits then got the hint and didn't come back.
I'm sure he made his flatmate pay him back too. Sounds like it wasn't the first time the jerk had pulled that stunt,
HA! With her attitude? Even the devil doesn't want her, she'll give him a bad name!
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