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NTJ. You cannot be entitled and privileged for fixing your hot water and saving your family $4000. He's just upset he didn't think of doing it himself.
NTJ. Bea's only effort and expenses were to book and pay for her flight and hotel room. She didn't bother to book when she could have got a cheap room: that does NOT mean you should pay for a more expensive one for her. Confirm to her that it's the condo or nothing from you, then let her decide what happens from there. You nay be down a bridesmaid and a not-very-good friend at the end of it, sorry. Best wishes.
My mum used to give us painkillers crushed up on a teaspoon under a good layer of jam. NTJ for not forcing the medicine down his throat, but soft YTJ for not trying harder to find a workable alternative.
NTJ. He searched your house and stole your car. There's no justification for that.
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