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I think he was referring to the mom in his comment, not the daughter.
NAH. You aren't doing anything wrong, but can you blame her for getting grossed out?
YTA. My current cat was originally an outdoor cat. She lived in our backyard. We brought her with us when we moved and she's now a completely inside cat. She can't be an outside cat anymore because she wouldn't survive. She doesn't know where the clean water is. She doesn't know where to shelter from the elements. There are other cats around that get territorial, along with possums and coyotes. Not to mention that the people around here drive twice as fast as what she's used to. She'd get squished. Take care of your cat, AH.
Funnily enough, the opposite of this kinda happened to me. My first year of high school, the teacher had to leave the room for a couple of minutes. The teacher in the next room had a boa constrictor and he comes in and puts it on her desk. She yelps and I say that it's a harmless boa. The next day, I have to go to the bathroom. When I come back, the snake is on the chair next to mine. (I assume they didn't put it on my actual chair to avoid it getting squished if I didn't notice it.) I just picked it up and took it back where it belonged.
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