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NTJ. That "man" is a whole complete loser though.
Ntj sue her. Your sister smirked? No and no you won't be the one getting her kicked out. Her behavior will. It's called a consequence. She's a nasty human being.
Listen to your brother. I hope you kept ALL the text. Ntj
No, noone here is a jerk your intentions were so good. Grief, grief is so... Unpredictable. I think that we are made, in a way, to lose our parents our grandparents, it hurts when you lose anyone you love but to bury a child (of any age) is unnatural it's wholly and completely just wrong. No road maps for it. So her child is gone and as odd as it may seem she probably felt kind of guilty for not doing this one thing that she feels she still can... being able to clean his grave when she got back was going to help assuage that odd guilt and you accidentally, inadvertently took that away. It's just the only tangible motherly task that she has. Tread easy, be graceful and gracious. Maybe convey to your dad an apology and send your love. Grief makes no sense and sometimes it senselessly strikes out. Shake the blow off please and just be quietly grateful that you don't understand what she's going through but you do understand hurt and scalding pain and try to be a balm. Good luck and my condolences
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