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This is where you tell him "in case you didnt notice, i have been doing that. I dont have a boyfriend, i dont have any social life, all its been is school, work, and being a mother to my siblings"
Ytj to a certain extent. How many old people? .... how many old people will be visiting maybe say 5:00 or 6:00 people at a time maybe 10:00 work spread out a group of 10 for a day and a group of 10 for another day and spread out over a couple of weeks at a time also the idea with letting your husband do all the work because you will be taking care of two kids and just gave birth to a child and you will be so tired and not in the best shape
You said you were raised international... you shoulda said "maybe in [South?] Korea thats normal and still current, but not here in [North America?] You gotta get caught up with the culture and the times"
For actual laughing, yes. You should have asked her what's so funny and inform her that you will be pressing charges for trespassing you have warned her son multiple times about the guard dogs and the guard dogs were doing their job protecting the horses and last I would go to the newspaper office and give them an interview about slander and libel and you will publish a retraction and an interview with the owner and what the other said call out the lady about knowing where her son is and property damage done by her son
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