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NTJ sometimes children need that reminder. Also, it sounds like your officers are similar to the one we have at our elementary school. We call then resource officers. They talk to kids about expectations and what they should and shouldn't do.
ESH Your ex sucks because he needs to text an adult, not a child. You suck because you picked an argument and kept at it. You should have just said, "from now on, please text one of the 2 adults in the house if you're going to be late." And left it at that
NTJ and they are wrong, cats absolutely DO bond with us. My male cat bonded with me and our female bonded with my husband. They are clear as to who their humans are. They could have called you about the kitty having problems, but no, they decided to be jerks. I'm sorry you've had to go through that. I'd go low to no-contact myself.
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