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NTJ Academic plagiarism is a serious crime. What she did was wrong and she shouldn't be rewarded for her bad behavior.
NTJ she's not your sister, you are under no obligation to put her I'm your bridal party just because she had cancer as a child. You and your fiancé chose your bridal party members, end of story. When his sister gets married, she can choose who she wants in her bridal party. Until then, the in-laws need to sit down and shut it. To the person above saying you're a jerk because the girl had cancer...OP isn't a jerk. The girl isn't OPs responsibility. It's her fiancé's sister, not their kid. No reason for the girl to be in the wedding party. The girl is a spoiled brat who's uses to getting her own way. Well, the world doesn't revolve around cancer patients or anyone else for that matter. OP I hope you have a beautiful wedding. Ignore the haters.
OP I don't know if you'll ever see this, but NTJ. I wish someone had said this to me, I might have gone to the doctor sooner. It sounds like she might have a health issue like hypothyroidism or PCOS. Both of those caused me to gain a massive amount of weight in only a month or so. I wasn't eating more or exercising less, just the thyroid was messing with everything as were my hormones. If my doctor had caught them early, I wouldn't have the issues I have today.
NTJ you DO NOT OUT people without their permission. Cut off your sister and go no contact with her and anyone else who doesn't have your back. Go for a smaller wedding so you 2 can pay for it yourselves without the hate.
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