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As a teacher and a big sister, I will definitely say YTJ. My mother attempted to do that with me and my younger brother until the day my brother got caught stealing my money and I blew up. I boxed his ears for him and cussed her out. Your daughter owns those things as SHE bought them with HER money. Buy your son his own things and leave your daughter's stuff alone. You're teaching your son that he is entitled to whatever he wants no matter who it belongs to. Not good.
NTJ. Many men have long hair and many women have short hair. Hair, like clothing, should have no gender assigned to it. Having long or short hair is a personal choice.
You're all kind of jerks. As a woman whose home was, for many years, the center of D&D and the only woman in the group, I made sure our toilets were clean. However, I also had no problem handing "the boys" the toilet scrub brush after they missed or took a [email protected] and politely asking them to remove their grossness from my toilet. If you want to maintain your friendship, you need to humbly and without malice, apologize, send a gift basket, and you all need to clean up after yourselves.
NTJ umm, I'm a 46 year old professional woman and I miss my mom and my dad (divorced and neither live near me). My hubs is 51 and his mom lives across town from us and when we don't see her for a month, we miss her. Sounds to me like your significant other has some unresolved issues he needs to deal with.
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