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Ntj! I myself already own both my engagement rings for when my partner is ready all he needs to do is ask me for my rings! Each person is different and none of us know your girlfriend like you do. And if her family thinks it’s a wonderful idea then maybe she will truly love the gesture and the fact that you found the ring! Hope she says yes!!!
Sooo Ntj!! I’m curious why not one single person stepped up for you while she was tearing you down but people want to call you a jerk for what you said to a grown adult going off on a 16 year old girl. Does your father ever stand up for you? Or your grandparents. If your future stepmother can’t treat you with basic respect, then she doesn’t deserve basic respect!! Hope things get better!! And I’m so sorry she’s soo awful to you!
Ntj and why doesn’t she drive?? Why is your time less valuable than your brothers?? It was your day off too. Do they give you gas money when driving her around? That’s wear and tear on your car not theirs. Sounds like they don’t like that you put your foot down and rather than acting like adults she is acting like a high schooler running to social media to blast you. I wouldn’t help them either until a sincere apology is said by both!
I hope they gave you a recommendation on how to get your meds if they are dropping you as a patient!! I would of threatened to sue too!! I was d**ked around by CVS where I live with getting my suboxone script and going without which causes withdrawals. The whole reason I got on suboxone was to avoid going through withdrawals. I hope you got things sorted out and found a doctor who takes your healthcare seriously!!!
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