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Your sister needs help....who dates their sister's Ex . That is the most trashy thing you can do . And on top of that she want you to be miserable . I hope she gets therapy soon she needs it. She in denial and do not want to admit your EX tried to use her to get to you . Smh the deserve each other.
Leave him and get child support ..... If he try to pay a reduced amount ... Tell the court how he has been taking care of ADULTS and go over a quarter million in the last t four years. And ask the courts to give you 10 thousand dollars plus .... He will learn
We only ever drove together when we hung out, and when he expressly offered, he never took me to work or university or anything. Am I stupid for thinking this is a horrible reason to end a 15ish year friendship? Is there something else I’m not picking up on that caused this?
I'm sorry this happened to you ..... But to protect yourself you will need to go NC with everyone . Ask your mother how she will have felt if she found her husband with her sister. Please block everyone that is against you and focus on yourself.
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