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If you look at who authored this and the original reddit post, it is Steve Hofstetter who posted this.
Read the last paragraph again and you will understand why.
I used to play league bowling, sometimes twice a week. I was never really good at it, I just enjoyed playing. I was happy when our annual sport afternoon was ten pin bowling instead of the usual golf. I brought my my bag with ball and shoes and everyone thought I was a serious bowler's I just talked myself down. We were divided into teams of two and the woman I was paired with was happy to have someone who knew what they were doing. After the first 7 frames I had a perfect score. I had never played so well. In the end I finished the first game with a 285. My highest ever game. It was down hill from there,barely making 200 in my third game, but it was enough for my team to win the day.. My team mate was so happy to win the prize of 3 bottle of wine each.
The revenge would be obvious. Eddie would have to re-do all the work according to the agreed plan at his own cost. If he refused, he could be taken to court by the developer, where he will most surely lose and incure costs that would likely make him go bankrupt. Also he could possible be de-registered as an electrical contractor depending on how many strikes he has against him with electrical licencing board.
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