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The revenge would be obvious. Eddie would have to re-do all the work according to the agreed plan at his own cost. If he refused, he could be taken to court by the developer, where he will most surely lose and incure costs that would likely make him go bankrupt. Also he could possible be de-registered as an electrical contractor depending on how many strikes he has against him with electrical licencing board.
A similar scenario happened to a friend of mine. He was delivering a load of alcohol to a motor cycle Grand Prix event and was refused entry at the main gate. He was told all deliveries were to go down an unsealed road, no exceptions. He was concerned that with the recent heavy rain, the road wouldn't be able to cope with the total weight of truck and load of over 20 metric tonnes. Unfortunately, this fell on deaf ears. He went to the delivery entrance and as he was driving down the road, the road started to collapse under the wheels of the heavy load threatening to tip the Prime Mover and Trailer on its side. He got out of the cab and to save the truck, he went along the trailer slashing the bindings and allowing over $100,000 worth (fully insured) of alcohol to slide of the trailer into the muddy ditch at the side of the road. Later his boss thanked him for saving the truck and the insurance paid out because he was following the instructions of the Grand Prix administration.
My mum was almost totally deaf and had an official assistance hearing dog with all the relevant Id and paperwork. She went everywhere with her dog and to save time would wear the dogs Id on a lanyard. All it would take was her to show the Id to staff of shops and they would say no more. My mum was strong willed and if anyone would challenge that they could only allow seeing eye dogs in, she would stand her ground and threaten to report them if they refused her entry. This worked everytime except once when she was on holiday. She went to a restaurant for lunch and the staff wouldn't allow the dog inside despite her argument. They finally allowed her to sit at a table on an outdoor deck, which she wasn't totally happy with as the weather was a bit cool but she accepted. She didn't bother to report the restaurant but I still think she should have.

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