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Not just Reddit. Believe it or not, I saw one of my own stories on Metaspoon, once. I had written it as an answer on Quora. I don't even have a Reddit account. So it didn't come from there. That is, unless someone who does have a Reddit account, saw my story on Quora, and copy/pasted it to Reddit, claiming it as their own. Even if, it was just a silly anecdote, and if their own life is so boring, that they have to claim my even more boring life as theirs, well, that's kinda sad, and I kinda feel sorry for them, lol. Either was, it was pretty cool, to see my words on Metaspoon.
This OP is a FANTASTIC writer! His similes are incredible and totally on point lol! And the story itself was hilarious, the "revenge" VERY well deserved!! Loved this one!!
Oh HELL no!! You were right to sleep in the lounge!! That bedroom belongs to the spiders, now!!
Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit odd that these peoples' son had a room with a lock on the *outside*?? I mean, if the SON was able to lock the BOYFRIEND in... Makes me wonder a little, if he didn't learn that "prank" from someone else... It's a(n unsettling) thought...
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