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mmm....would there be a reason you haven't reported any of this to the police? or reported him for fraud to the credit agency? You do not need to handle all these crimes by yourself. And tell the social worker to get bent.
First of all, he is a jerk. Second, snoring like that is a health problem and he should be evaluated for sleep apnea and causes of such severe snoring. I would tell him that, as you walk out the door. Do NOT put up with his bullshit.
NTJ. as long as you are within the lines, you are in "your" space. That other person could have asked politely right away if they wanted you to do something different. Waiting a year and then complaining nastily is the act of a jerk.
Well, my father used to take away my library books when I was sassy to my mother. I see where she is coming from, but studying is for school, so it is different from reading for pleasure. Perhaps assigning chores for a certain amount of time would work; It is pretty hard to ascertain whether she is or isn't studying.
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