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It is illegal and against your medical privacy rights to have to show or tell anyone your medical history or disability. Next time ask there name and say see you in court. Also, I would write to Walmart corp and file a huge ass complaint against the staff there, threaten a lawsuit and remind them their staff needs more training.
If sister knew the rule then it is on her. Why not tell sister to just go to a hotel? I as a sibling would have never toughed that argument with a ten foot pole.
Your dad is.a pig and asshole. Sorry just being honest and this type of BS can cause sexual and mental issues for life. It is abuse. Great brother though. I was alone in a house of a lot of men with a meek mother. I was not as lucky nor blessed.
Yes, his description of what a gift is is actually odd since it is matching the candle she made. She took thought and her own time to make it which is worth the BUDGET money plus double. Artists make items and sell them in stores too. What is the difference? If anything homemade gifts are more cherished than store bought capitalistic junk anyway.
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